Because the Esoteric Archive contains more than 4,000 captured internet 
text files, it is impractical to list the URL for each indiviidual page here. 
The complete directory structure is in tree form and can be found 
-- and followed -- from the top-level URL at (Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive)
or via our onsite search engine by using keywords to search by topic or author.  
The most-often accessed pages in the Esoteric archve are (how to get ISPs to carry arcane usenet newsgroups) (Free Magic Spells Archive) (Aleister Crowley Books and Texts Archive) (FAQ and REF files for usenet occult and magic newsgroups) RETURN TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE

There are thousands of pages at the LUCKY MOJO site and they are heavily interlinked so that once you begin to read about a topic, you will easily find all the other pages on related subjects. However, you also have two other options:

(1) You can use ATOMZ.COM to search this site for a single word (like archaeoastronomy, hoodoo, or clitoris), an exact phrase (like love spells, gambling luck, or guardian angel), or a name (like Blind WIllie McTell or Frank Stokes):

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(2) You can go to the sub-site directories below, which list all the pages on each topic in ALPHABETICAL ORDER (by URL) and then select an essay on a subject of interest to you within that directory.

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