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Subject: 'Becoming Enlightened'
Date: 20 Jan 1999 12:13:06 -0800

Jason Zavoda :
| Do you, one day, awaken to enlightenment or are you already
| enlightened and just stop telling yourself lies about being 
| unenlightened.

nirvana is extinction of dissatisfaction. waking to 
 impermanence, nirvana is apprehended. some suggest
 sudden achievement, some gradual -- no mind preparation

misperception does not result in lying, just in error,
 ignorance. apprehension of nirvana does not dissolve
 impermanence, but provides an end to dissatisfied
 wandering (samsara). being impermanent, there is no
 consistent entity which may 'enter' into this
 apprehension, though the Mysterious Gate may be
 passed; mountain changes to is

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