Unique Occult Discovery by Frater Nigris


there are certain questions which appear to be rarely asked, since i collect them and mark their frequency in realms occult or mystic particularly. discovering these has been a thrill and a joy, regardless of the answers. asking them forever changed the universe, and made my mark as a magician.

one of the first i can remember asking was what the relation of the sequence of the Planets was to the days of the week. I had to ask this in precisely the right way and at the right time, else i'd never have come up with an answer that yielded the Nigris Sequence.

during the 1990s i had been reading "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie and constructing a MUD called 'Divination Web' for occultists which featured a radial septagrammatic wheel whose design was determined by exit series. in contemplating whether to use the weekday or 'Chaldean' series and seeing them in a graphic constellation on a septagram itself in the Golden Dawn data, i analyzed and derived its singular third alternative which i dubbed The Nigris (Planetary) Sequence ('nigris' being a name i have used for decades as a Satanic goad to my occult kin). I got to name the planetary sequence because as far as i can determine this has never been pointed out before or named before i came along. details below.


=====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====
ANCIENTS : M-2-3-1-5-6-7 (mean terracentric motion order)
NIGRIS  : 2-1-6-M-3-5-7 (a mysterious, hidden sequence!)
WEEKDAYS : 1-M-5-2-6-3-7 (weekdays in the solar calendar)
PLAN-KEY : 1-2-3-M-5-6-7 (Sun-Merc-Ven-Moon-Mars-Jup-Sat)
========== (Rotating Wisdom From The Ancients!) ===========



7216M35 / 35M6127
216M357 / 753M612
16M3572 / 2753M61
6M35721 / 12753M6
M357216 / 612753M
357216M / M612753
57216M3 / 3M61275


Primary Manifestation


	may be derived from
	the Chaldean (M2321567)
	as by interruption
	Weekdays (1M52637) derive
	from Nigris by interruption
reversed primary: 753M612


Secondary Manifestation

reversed ordinal: 6M35721


       KEY (ASTRONOMICAL : and 4 = EARTH)
          1  -2      -3    -M   -5   -6      -7 

there seem to be *2* predominant arrangements (out of
the possible 14) for each sequence which have been 
emphasized by traditional sources (notes include: 
* -- primary emphasis; ** secondary emphasis, if any):

           *1-M-5-2-6-3-7  7-3-6-2-5-M-1    *SUN      (Sunday)
                                             MOON     (Monday)
                                             MARS     (Tuesday)
                                             MERCURY  (Wednesday)
                                             JUPITER  (Thursday)
                                             VENUS    (Friday)
                                             SATURN   (Saturday)
                                             mean           terracentric
ANCIENTS/'CHALDEAN' ARRANGEMENTS             motion (out)   spheres (in)
          **M-2-3-1-5-6-7  7-6-5-1-3-2-M*  **MOON          *SATURN
                                             MERCURY        JUPITER
                                             VENUS          MARS
                                             SUN            SUN
                                             MARS           VENUS
                                             JUPITER        MERCURY
                                             SATURN         MOON
           *2-1-6-M-3-5-7  7-5-3-M-6-1-2**?

        (A)   *MERCURY         SATURN   (B)
                   SUN         MARS
               JUPITER         VENUS
                  MOON         MOON
                 VENUS         JUPITER
                  MARS         SUN
                SATURN         MERCURY

Analysis (A)

       its commencement with Mercury is in part my choice (because
       it implies *magic*, communication, and Tahutian flavours)


To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.tarot,alt.divination,alt.astrology,alt.pagan.magick
Subject: Planetary Sequences in History and Occultism
From: nagasiva 
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 22:08:04 GMT

50031008 viii om -- responding to myself cuz nobody kept playing with me :>

Joseph Littleshoes :
#> 0=whatever
#> 1=mercury
#> 2=venus
#> 3=earth
#> etc.  etc.

this is what was done, apparently, by Greeks or Chaldeans,
(minus the 0) and based on terracentric (what I like to 
call 4-centered) mean motion (apparent motility as seen 
from Terra/Earth).

        7-6-5-1-3-2-M not by spatial location but motility


scientific materialists and heliocentrics revised it to

        10-9-8-7-6-5-4-M-3-2-1 (or 10-9-8-7-6-5-M-4-3-2-1)  
by spatial location and demoting M to a satellie and promoting 
1 to a star. I leave 1 a number because it is the center around
which all these numbers are revolving, whereas M is actually
revolving around 4, and if we were going to include other M's
around the other #s we'd be in for a slough of them! :>


#> or leave earth out and give either the moon or mars the 
#> 3rd number, though im more comftorble giverning the 
#> moon 3, earth 4 and mars 5.

I still like 1=Sun, 2=Merc, 3=Venus, 4=Earth, M=Moon, 5=Mars, etc.

# ...I haven't found any justification for the Sequence of 
# the Ancients....

if this is the 'Chaldean Order of the Planets', then there
appears to be a rationale in the motility of the planets
as compared with Terra as described above. here's the
scientific chart I found online that has its details:

  Planets, houses, and signs by Pam Ciampi

#      Moon takes 28-30 days to orbit the Earth
#      Mercury - 88 days
#      Venus - 225 days
#      Sun - 365 days "apparent motion"
#      Mars - 1.88 years
#      Jupiter - 11.86 years
#      Saturn - 29.46 years
#      Uranus - 84.08 years
#      Neptune - 164.8 years
#      Pluto - 248.4 years

so this justifies the order from a scientific basis,
empirical even. there has been some conjecture in
cyberspace I've run across that says that this is not
"Chaldean" at all but is instead Greek, Hellenistic.

magic squares in Agrippa:
# 	3x3=Saturn
# 	4x4=Jupiter
# 	5x5=Mars
# 	6x6=Sun
# 	7x7=Venus
# 	8x8=Mercury
# 	9x9=Moon

same as Neoplatanic sphere sequence and kamea sequence,
the latter presumably based on the others.

#      Ancients Sequence (usually starts with Moon)
# 	Sun / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Moon / Mercury / Venus

the Moon-start seems to be a sphero-centric convention (see below)

revised/reversed for traditional outward-to-terracentric order:

	'Chaldean Order of the Planets' (usually starts with Saturn)
        Saturn / Jupiter / Mars / Sun / Venus / Mercury / Moon        

compare the pre-Copernican sphere-cosmos:

        Primum Mobile, Zodiac,
then    Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon,
then    Elemental

and this all looks pretty related.

#      Weekday Sequence (usually starts with Sun)
# 	Sun / Moon / Mars / Mercury / Jupiter / Venus / Saturn

this seems consistent and may derive from *tables* rather than
a strict septagram.

#      Nigris Sequence (usually starts with Mercury)
# 	Sun / Mercury / Saturn / Mars / Venus / Moon / Jupiter

this could be revised to:

	Nigris Sequence (starts with Mercury cuz I say so :>)  
	 Mercury / Saturn / Mars / Venus / Moon / Jupiter / Sun

or should it go like this?
	 Mercury / Sun / Jupiter / Moon / Venus / Mars / Saturn

anyone seen this somewhere before other than on Divination Web? :>
I still think I get to claim it since I named it! that said, I do
think I may have found it in one of the Agrippan tables (this may
have been Tyson or I may be misremembering, I'll look and followup!).

# are there any other logical *or* traditional Planetary Sequences
# that occultists use or have used? 

this is what I've been looking up lately while examining decans
and faces in astrology as it derives from Agrippa and integrates
to Tarotic tradition. the 'decans' apparently derive from various
contexts and some (e.g. Egyptian?) are called 'faces' elsewhere.
the whole is apparently a somewhat confused and confusing history
in astrology!

# these could be mapped to sephiroth (as traditional, or novelly) 
# straight through to the false Da'ath, and they can be applied 
# in some series to the tarotic Trumps.

here's a quote which pertains and may inspire substantive-chat:

quoting from
john.wallace writes:
#    Otto Neugebauer's The Exact Sciences in Antiquity
#    (I highly recommend it). All kinds of good info but
#    pertinent to your search for planetary orders I refer
#    you to Neugebauer's chapter entitled "Origin and
#    Transmission of Hellenistic Science", especially p. 169.
#    He states that the earliest horoscopes in Egypt date
#    to the time of Augustus and says the spread of astrology
#    in general dates from this time period (p. 168).
#    As for the planetary orders the standard sequence in
#    the Seleucid cuneiform texts is:
#               Jupiter-Venus-Mercury-Saturn-Mars

and I respond here:
as Jupiter-Venus-Mercury I don't see how it can compare with
the Triple-Set I outlined above ('Chaldean'/Weekday/'Nigris')      
and I'm still looking for some evidence that I wasn' the first
to identify the third sequence in derivation from the first 2.

#    (the reason is "unknown"); the standard Greek horoscope
#    order is:
#           Sun-Moon-Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Venus-Mercury
#    (this follows the planets perceived depth per their
#    periods of sidereal rotation); 

this is almost the same as the 'Chaldean Planetary Order',
transposing Sun/Moon to the front for some reason.

        Saturn / Jupiter / Mars / Sun / Venus / Mercury / Moon        

does this commentary of "perceived depth" make any sense?
or is this confusion on top of motility-astronomy?

#                                   and finally points out
#    that our current seven day week is a modification of
#    this plan based on a scheme that assigns the planets
#    to the 24 hours of the day:
#             Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn
#     (p. 169).                 

this seems to imply that Neugebauer *really* means the 
'Chaldean Order of the Planets' / 'Order of the Ancients', 
by which the Weekday Sequence might be derived, but with
the passage of centuries, many variations may have been

#    ...Neugebauer does make this interesting comment regarding
#    the Hellenistic planetary orders:
#               "Here we have a system which is obviously
#                Greek in origin and not only because it
#                is based on the arrangement of the celestial
#                bodies according to their distances from the
#                earth but also it supposes a division of the
#                day into 24 hours, a form of reckoning which
#                is not Babylonian but a Hellenistic product
#                of ultimately Egyptian origin. It is totally
#                misleading when this origin is called
#                'Chaldean' in modern literature" (pp 169-170).

here's why I have now called 'Chaldean' rather than knowing
for sure that this is true. how does this compare with the
'Chaldean Oracles' which are supposed to be the Oracles of
Zoroaster? is any of this really related to the people who
are being described? or is it a later paste-over by Greeks
or others in order to give them a semblance of age/authority?
#    But didn't the Graeco-Romans themselves *assume* this
#    information was "Chaldean"...? I do find it interesting
#    that astrology takes off in earnest following the Julian
#    Calendar reforms and that both the person behind the
#    reforms (Sosogines) and the planetary order of the
#    seven day week have Egyptian origins....

the fact that there are 3 different astrological modes in
which we may explain "decans/faces" (Egyptian/Chaldean/Greek)
makes this all the more confusing and interesting!

does anyone have a clear explanation? thanks!



To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.astrology,alt.magick,alt.tarot,alt.divination,alt.pagan.magick
Subject: Re: Planetary Sequences in Occultism
From: nagasiva 
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 20:22:20 GMT

50031010 viii om lunatix!  Althaeamas!

Joseph Littleshoes :
#># ...I have recently been playing around with 
#># "Chiro"s" numeralogical attributions for the 
#># planets.  As it applys to palmestry, yes, but 
#># also as i find him to have at least in his own 
#># mind created  a coherent system of correspindencies 
#># that he seems to be satisfied with.
#># I am uncomftorble in his system with the lack of 
#># a "0" however im working on rectifying that.

#> what is it about a 0 that intrigues or inspires?

Joseph Littleshoes :
# As it exists as a number it seems to me it should 
# somehow be incorporated in any symbolic representation 
# of the solar system (or universe). 

something from nothing? a centerpoint (0,0,0)?

# Though im leaning more and more twords some sort of  
# Taoistic "prime cause" or tottality of the universe 
# as it is expressed in our solar system and ourselves.  

-1, 1?

# Possibly evven "0" as symbolic of the awarness or 
# consciousness that percieves but is not the 
# intelligance of "1' mercury or the emotions of 
# "2" venus.

interesting. so far I'm using 1 2 3 M 5 6 7 and this
seems to work very well for Planetary sequence
(astronomical:actual as compared with the Ancients'
Order, which is astronomical:mean-motion).

# the planets, signs, elements can all be given numbers 
# (whether one agrees with any particular assignment or 
# not) so hopefully a process of elimination will produce 
# somesort of  corespondance for "0"

0 only makes sense to me if the thing is a centerpoint in
a grid/map or if it lies outside the object-set somehow
(as does the Fool or Excuse in older Tarot).

# The obvious include, the tao, the ain soph aur, basis 
# of possible or even probable vibration, Pan (as all) 
# the lineal figure of zero and the tendencay for 
# everything in the universe to move in a circular pattern,
# and, according to 777, dragons, roses, lotuses, 
# star saphire, black diamond, Aum, Harpocrates, Amun, Nuit,

yeah I think there's more than one Tao (seen/unseen) and
there's more than one level of the Unlimited Light
(often 0, 00, and 000).

#> Planetary sequence in occult data is something that I've
#> been fascinated with for years, but I haven't found any
#> justification for the Sequence of the Ancients, or the
#> Weekday Sequence

# The early western mystics being unfamiliar with the 
# "arabic" numerals, to say nothing of zero (no pun 
# intended) inclines me to queston and try to revise 
# the traditonal  attributions.

mostly I haven't seen number-associations with Planets,
excepting the 'tables' (magic squares) from Agrippa,
which sets them as 3x3-Saturn, 4x4-Jupiter... 9x9-Moon.

#> in such a case, the question immediately becomes: why
#> 6=sun? 

oh I figured this one out.

	in 7 6 5 1 3 2 M ('Chaldean Order')

the magic square attributes add 2 because there *are* no
magic squares of less than 3x3 (unless you like to think

2 2                          1
2 2

magic square order 2?        magic square order 1? )

and since Sun is mean-motion #4, +2 for magic square = 6!

# 0.   sun
# 1.   mercury
# 2.   venus
# 3.   earth
# 4.   moon
# 5.   mars
# 6.   jupitar
# 7.   saturn
# 8.   uranus
# 9.   neptune
# 10.  pluto

yeah, this has definite appeals. for this same reason 
I started with 0 in the first sefira position in the
Tetraktys I was working with for sefirotic Tarot 
studies and did really enjoy the subsequent layout

         6   7   8   9
           3   4   5
             1   2

with its 1/Force/Yang + 2/Form/Yin implications. but
there were problems without a 10, and I eventually
settled on something more traditionally Pythagorean.

#> and I've considered whether or not to include the Asteroid
#> Belt (which I like to called Oceanids :>) between 6 and 7.
# one could include decimals,  6.1 to whatever unt of 
# astroids one wish to include?

or moons (4.1 being our M :>).

#> are there any other logical *or* traditional Planetary Sequences
#> that occultists use or have used? these could be mapped to
#> sephiroth (as traditional, or novelly) straight through to the
#> false Da'ath, and they can be applied in some series to the
#> tarotic Trumps.

I'm cataloguing all I can find online and in text. there are a
few amusing variations on the Ancients and some novel sequences.
I'll repost them here once I get a good batch of them together.

# In so far as our conception  of the above arise out of our 
# evolution on this earth perhaps earth should be "0"  thus 
# making
# 0-earth
# 1-sun
# 2-mercury
# 3-venus
# 4-moon
# 5-mars
# 6-jupitar
# 7-satrun
# 8-uranus
# 9-neptune
# 10-pluto

*there*'s the real issue. if you start from 0=Earth, *then*
how do you proceed? will you just switch it for where it
would be astronomically? or will you do like the Ancients
and identify them relative to our terra-life by their
mean motions (7 6 5 1 3 2 M)? or will you attempt a pretty
ugly kludge by virtue of their changing distances from 
Terra and cement them by proximate distance (as some 
amusingly proclaim about the Order of the Ancients!):

        0 earth
        1 moon?
        2 venus?
        3 mars?
        4 mercury?
        5 sun?
        6 jupiter
        7 saturn
        8 uranus
        9 neptune
       10 pluto

is there some absolute sequence of proximateness to Earth
granted being on the same side of Sol? one problem is that
all of these vary in proximity as Terra moves about Sol. 
after Merc/Mars, however, I'm not sure they change much.

# even then, and if a sequence can be established that 
# incorporates "0" it would only be symbolic of some 
# actuality yet to be defined.

the argument I find convincing is that only *orbiting*
bodies are positively numbered, whereas sun could get
a 0 if looking at this series astronomically.



note the modern astronomical cipher: 

          1=sun,  2=merc, 3=venus,   4=earth, 

          M=moon, 5=mars, 6=jupiter, 7=saturn.

note also that this can be expanded to include *11* (or even
          *12* if one includes the Oceanids between 5 and 6! 
          to make a 1-to-1 mapping between Planets and Signs!

Goddess of Groundhogs :
# Could you take a minute and explain this, lorax? Thanx

explained and elaborated upon here for the interested.

#>      ===========================================================
#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====
#>       ANCIENTS : M-2-3-1-5-6-7 (mean terracentric motion order)

'Ancients' above (aka 'The Ancient Order of the Planets' or
                       The Chaldean Order of the Planets') -- 

the 'Chaldean Order of the Planets' (the 7 visible Planets)
is an old magical symbol-structure keyed to the astronomical
observation of the night sky whose sequence is derived from
the apparent motion of the various celestial 'movers' (i.e.
'planets'), from our satellite Moon and stellar Sun to 
Saturn and others orbiting Sol).

this sequence is identical to the 'spheres' presumed to 
be surrounding Terra in a geocentric and pre-Copernican 
cosmos and was the basis for most Middle-Eastern and hence 
European magical systems reflected in such classic texts
as Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" from which
so many ceremonial (and Neopagan) religious get our ideas
about symbolism, especially astrological but also alchemical
and within other applications. Agrippa and others often
proceed inward from Saturn in this sequence when relating it
(i.e. Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon).

#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====

the "Skip-1 Formula!" which I am pointing out is a means of
deriving the Weekday Sequence (see below) from this quite
traditional cosmologic symbol-set, PLUS revealing a hidden
order concealed within this age-old symbol-set!

in brief, start with the Ancient Order of the Planets 
(esp. as presented from M(oon) to 7(Saturn)) and successively 
skip one in order to derive the intermediary ('Nigris') 
sequence. this is called the Nigris Sequence because of the 
Magus who has pointed it out to the world as the *only other 
possible configuration of these 7 Planets derivable from the 
Order of the Ancients in a septagram -- something that
ceremonialists and magicians of the past enjoyed doing,
but they did not, as far as I can determine, identify 
this sequence in their primary works in any direct way.

thus skipping M we obtain 2, skipping 3 we get 1, etc.
in a circular return, until the Nigris Sequence is 
obtained thus:

                ANCIENTS   =>    NIGRIS
                   M               2
                   2               1
                   3               6
                   1               M
                   5               3
                   6               5
                   7               7 

#>        NIGRIS  : 2-1-6-M-3-5-7 (a mysterious, hidden sequence!)

the implication of the Nigris Sequence is as yet undetermined.
it is the only other sequence derivable (along with their
reverses) from the Chaldean Order of the Planets of old. that it 
begins with Mercury rather than Sun (Weekday) or Moon ('Chaldean') 
is indicative of its potential magical value (Mercury is the god
of magic, and this hidden sequence may yield greater power).

#>       WEEKDAYS : 1-M-5-2-6-3-7 (weekdays in the solar calendar)

applying the same Skip-1 formula, the Nigris Sequence may be
used to derive the Weekday Sequence. skipping 2 we obtain 1,
skipping 6 we get 6, etc. in a circular return, until the
Weekday Sequence is obtained thus:

                 NIGRIS    =>   WEEKDAYS
                   2               1
                   1               M
                   6               5
                   M               2
                   3               6
                   5               3
                   7               7 

#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====

#>      ========== (Rotating Wisdom From The Ancients!) ===========

I constructed the Planetary Order Talisman as a .signature file in
order to publicize this esoteric secret to the magicoreligious
communities online. it is keyed to both esoteric (e.g. Agrippan)
and mundane (solar calendar, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday=>Saturday)
contexts. the method of derivation may be simplified by mapping
these to a septagram/heptagram (7-pointed star), and the Nigris
Sequence is a unique discovery (along with its reverse) which I'd
like to make available to the esoteric community of modern times.

it is very easy to start with any of these sequences and derive
the rest in a variety of skipping methods. I have presented here
what I think will be the easiest to apprehend without septagraphic
stars (which I may later compose for explanation purposes). thanks
for your interest! pass it on!



 ============  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =============
  MODERNS  : M-2-3-1-5-6-7-8-9-10 (mean terracentric motion order)
   NIGRIS  : 2-M-10-9-8-7-6-5-1-3 (a new mysterious sequence!)
  WEEKDAYS : 1-M-8-5-2-9-6-3-10-7 (fantasy weekdays like a solar calendar)
       PLAN-KEY : 
    1-2-3-M-5-6-7-8-9-10 (Sun-Merc-Ven-Moon-Mars-Jup-Sat-Ura-Nep-Eri)
 ================== (Rotating Wisdom From The Moderns!) ===================


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