basic buddhism of the Avidyana

	"the Buddha" is an unknown being-becomingness which those of 
	the Avidyana approach and encounter in our own particular 
	fashion.  the Four Noble Truths given to some of the faithful 
	contain the essence of preliminary buddhist instruction and 
	consist of the following:

		1) *dukkha*
		   evaluation: there is dissatisfaction or 'suffering'

		2) *tanha*
		   analysis: this dukkha arises from craving after 
			     permanence in a changing world

		3) *nirvana*
		   remedy: there exists a remedy whereby tanha is
		  	   extinguished and dukkha ceases

		4) *magga*
		   prescription: the 8-fold Path to Nirvana yields
		   		 the rectification of this human
				 condition (consisting of the
				 perfection of understanding, 
				 thought, speech, action, liveli-
				 hood, effort, mindfulness, and

in the Avidyana tradition we hold no interpretation of these teachings
to be sacrosanct.  countless Buddhists have prescribed and proscribed
behavior-schemes with the implication that their choices will facilitate 
awakening.  yet there is no assurance and little evidence that this is 
true (quite the opposite in fact).  that some magic formula, fitted 
into this beautiful mystical prescription, will suffice for any number 
of individuals is not demonstrated.  Avidyanists experiment and explore, 
discovering the perfect combination for our awakening with the aid of 
our sangha and any instructors we may accept.

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