This is dedicated to The One-Eyed Love,

and to the memory of the late, great Reverend Blind Willie Little Son King Junior,

whose "Garden of the Tuileries Blues" kept me jumping for twenty-six years and whose departure from the Holy Lands was much lamented,

who let many precious books in his library be eaten by giant cockroaches and kept his reseach papers out on his back porch in boxes where they decayed,

whose down-spiralling fall was marked by a cenotaph made from a 1 : 1 marble slab laid horizontally, conjoined to a 1 : square root of 5 marble slab erected perpendicularly, upon which was carved the words, "Et In Arcadia Tu, Brute?"

who briefly returned from the outer darkness with the mud of dinosaur tracks on his boots but in the thirtieth year of his reign succumbed at last to what ailed him, and softly and suddenly faded away.

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