This bibliography began as a listing of books in my own library; its size has been multiplied with the help of friendly electronic contributors. I want to thank all who have contributed in the past and whose continuing help has made this project useful to those who toil in the field of interdisciplinary studies. Keep sending in those corrections, updates, reviews, and new entries, folks.

Because i am interested in the relationships between ideas and the history of ideas almost as much as i am interested in ideas themselves, the titles listed cover a wide array of topics, including latent geometrical order in the biological world; sacred geometry; archaeoastronomy; symbolic and religious considerations in agriculture (e.g. astro-calendrical beliefs about planting times); temple and shrine architecure of all ages and places; geometric principles underlying formal garden design and sacred architecture; religious and Freemasonic iconography in architecture and garden design; labyrinths, garden follies, garden grottoes, and other forms of symbolic landscaping; relationships between architecture and music; the relationships between music and presumed patterns of planetary movement; ancient celestial observatory sites; sundials and astro-calendrical devices; geomancy; feng shui; ley lines; and sacred site tourism.

Yours for more sacred spaces in our everyday, vernacular lives,

catherine yronwode,
keeper of the keys

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