The Sacred Landscape Bibliography has been set up using certain selected keywords to define the contents of books. These keywords may not describe the entire contents of any given work, but they have been appended as a list below so that you can easily use our ATOMZ.COM onsite search engine to search this site for a series of books on thematically related topics.

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The keywords for topics fall into several categories. Most are commonly understood terms, but those that have been given further definition or explanation are highlighted. Keywords invariably appear in the following order in any given book title entry:

natural proportion, patterns, ratio, golden section, spirals, polygons, polyhedra, Pythagoras, Fibonacci, links between geometry-music-architecture

natural sacred sites, megaliths, mounds, petroglyphs, houses of worship, funerary-cemetery-burial sites, vernacular architecture, archaeoastronomical observatories, astro-calendrical devices, labyrinths, symbolic landscaping, ley lines, feng shui, metrology

religion, myth, folklore, cosmology, religious iconography, freemasonic symbolism, number symbolism, magic squares, astrology, occultism, UFOs, Atlantis, sacred site tourism

prehistoric, ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern

Africa, Asia, Australia, Crete, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Meso-America, Middle East, North America, Pacific Islands, Rome, South America, world survey

To peruse the definitions and further explanations of the highlighted keywords, go to
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