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"Some bosses are good and some bosses are bad, but no matter who you hired you or how you are treated now, you want to get right with your boss and enjoy improved working conditions, more respect, better wages, job promotions, and other added benefits. BOSS FIX spiritual supplies are time-tested by workers in all fields of industry, agriculture, and office employment. If you have a boss, you will want BOSS FIX. lucky-mojo-curio-co-logo-255-pixels

-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue



Boss Fix is for getting your boss to do right by you. As a line of two-way condition products, Boss Fix can be used to sweeten the boss, and also to dominate him or her.

Boss Fix Oil can be wiped onto door knobs, desks, and other items your boss will touch. You can wear it on your person. Do not use it on papers, however, for it will stain. For dressing papers, use Boss Fix Sachet Powders.


To get a pay raise, paid vacation time, or extra medical benefits (all of which also amount to extra money in your pocket at the end of the year), combine Boss Fix spiritual supplies with general money-enhancing formulas like Money Drawing, Pay Me, Prosperity, or Wealthy Way.



Crown of Success is for showing yourself to best advantage on the job. King Solomon Wisdom is to show well on test-taking, if testing is part of your job. When asking for a promotion or increased job responsibilities, combine either or both with Boss Fix as you see fit.

If there is bad talk at the workplace or a poisonous culture of intrigue, add Stop Gossip products to Boss Fix spiritual supplies to to put an end to on-the-job back-biting and to stop your boss from believing the lies or listening to the liars. When things calm down, add Boss Fix to Peace Water and spray it around the job site to keep the moral tone clean, decent, and uplifting.

Another way to sweeten your boss is with a Boss Fix Honey Jar Kit. The objective of this sort of work is to bring your boss to help rather than fight you, to support rather than oppose you, to listen to you rather than others. as you work with the Honey Jar, you will pray for for harmony on the job, and ask you boss to "favour me above all others."



To get a raise more quickly than would otherwise be expected, or for special bonus money at the holidays, or extra overtime hours, make a packet from a dollar bill: Write your petition for speedy results on it, wrap it around Ginger Root Chips, Cinnamon Chips, and a lucky coin, tie it up with sewing thread, and add the packet to a regular Boss Fix Honey Jar Spell Kit. Burn small white 4" candles dressed with Boss Fix Oil plus Fast Luck Oil on it every day.

Sweetening spells may be considered adjectival, that is, they are used for sweetening reconciliation, sweetening reunion, sweetening a judge or jury, sweetening a probation or parole officer, sweetening sex, sweetening marriage, sweetening a boss, sweetening co-workers, sweetening a workplace, sweetening friendships, sweetening a loan officer, sweetening a landlord, sweetening a pet, sweetening in-laws, sweetening an ex, sweetening a spiritual entity, etc.

For more information and practical magical tips on how to use sweetening spells for both proxy work (as in a honey or sugar jar) and in direct contact work (as in touching, dressing, feeding, bathing, or drinking) please refer to the book Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells by Decon Millett.


There are elements of coercion in this double action formula, but Boss Fix spiritual supplies are different than other Lucky Mojo products like Essence of Bend Over, Influence, Domination, or Do As I Say. For dealing with a rough, unpleasant, or unliked boss, you can certainly add Boss Fix spiritual supplies to andy of the above-named articles, but so not treat Boss Fix products as coercive alone -- always remember that "fixing" has several meanings:



"Fixing" an object that is broken is a good and helpful deed, not an evil one.

"Fixing" an animal means castrating it, so that it loses certain untamed powers.

"Fixing" a mojo hand is to prepare and suit it for use in beneficial ways.

Fixing a boss includes all of these ideas and more.

However, all of that having been said, it is just fine, when dealing with a mean, ruthless, or ill-intentioned boss, to use any of the above coercive formulas in a blend with Boss Fix products. Just don't get so hot-headed that you lose control and yet fired. Remember, bending an adversary's will is better than breaking it, for in the end you will have an ally.


If rumours of layoffs, downsizing, or firing loom, add Steady Work products to Boss Fix spiritual supplies to keep your position, avoid layoffs, and remain essential to the company.


Deploying Boss Fix products on the job site or in the workplace may involve some subtlety. Here are a few common ways of working. You can use Boss Fix straight or in a custom blend in any of these tricks:




Boss Fix Bath Crystals into a tub of hot water. Pour the water over your head 9 times as you say the 23rd Psalm and name what you want. Air-dry yourself and collect a basin of the used bath water, which now has your essence in it. Dress in fresh, clean clothes, carry the basin of bath-water to your work place and throw the water where others will step into or over it.


Make the Boss Fix Incense Powders into cones (use a twist of paper or a small candle snuffer cone, pack the incense in with your finger, and turn it out of the cone) or place it loose on a brazier. Many people find that keeping a pot of Incense smoking while they work increases their ability to break through into a spiritual space or magical way of working.




Depending on the gender of the one you wish to influence, carve the boss's full name on a white Offertory Candle, gentleman candle, or lady candle, and dress the candle with Boss Fix Oil. You can mix this oil with other magical hoodoo or conjure oils according to your desires. As you dress the candle, speak aloud your petition, such as, "With the help and grace of God, may my wish [state your wish] be granted soon. I ask this in Jesus' name, amen."

Alternatively, if you have an interview scheduled to speak with your boss about anything -- whether for good, such as a promotion, or for ill, such as to deal with bad reports from fellow workers or errors that you have made on the job -- then you can prepare and light a fixed Boss Fix vigil candle the night before the meeting and keep it burning at home during the next day to back up your work.

While you have the Boss Fix vigil candle lit at night, make a paper for your shoe, on which you have written the names of the Disciples of Jesus, minus the name of Judas Iscarot, the betrayer. Dress this paper with with Boss Fix Oil or Boss Fix Sachet Powders, as you prefer, and wear it in your shoe to the meeting, and it will be a help to you in getting what you want from the boss.

If someone has reported you and gotten you written up for an infraction, or if someone will be speaking against you at the meeting, prepare a second paper with the name of Jusas Iscariot on it and wear it in your other shoe, in addition to the Disciples paper.

In the first case, when you speak to the boss about good matters and ask for favours, visualize the Boss Fix vigil candle at home, sending light to you, and occasionally tap the foot with the paper of faithful Disciples on the floor, very softly, to cause your boss to come under you and follow you. In the second case, if someone speaks against you, visualize the Boss Fix vigil candle at home flaming high, and tap the foot in which you have placed the paper bearing the name of the betrayer, Judas Iscariot, who was so filled with shame that he hung himself.

Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Oil-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Oil from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Oil-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Incense-Powders-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Incense from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Incense-Powders-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Bath-Crystals-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Bath Crystals from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Bath-Crystals-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Sachet-Powders-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Sachet Powders from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Sachet-Powders-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Glass-Encased-Vigil-Light-Candle-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Vigil Light Candle, Fixed, from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Glass-Encased-Vigil-Light-Candle-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Glass-Encased-Vigil-Light-Candle-Set-On-the-Altar-at-Missionary-Independent-Spiritual-Church Order Boss Fix Vigil Light Candle Set on the Altar at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Glass-Encased-Vigil-Light-Candle-Set-On-The-Altar-at-Missionary-Independent-Spiritual-Church
Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Empty-Painted-Bottle-Spell-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California Order Boss Fix Empty Painted Bottle Spell from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company Link-to-Order-Boss Fix-Magic-Ritual-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjure-Empty-Painted-Bottle-Spell-Now-From-the-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California
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