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The picture above is taken from a circa 1890 packet of COMFREY root,
packaged by Allaire, Woodward & Co., Peoria, Ill.

The text below is from "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" by catherine yronwode.
copyright © 2002 catherine yronwode. All rights reserved.

COMFREY Boraginaceae
Symphytum officinale

COMFREY leaves bring in money, COMFREY root is a guardian of travellers, and blue COMFREY flowers may substitute for those of its close relative Borage.

Preparing Money for Gambling: Dress a fresh COMFREY leaf with Money-Drawing Oil and wrap it around your money, folding the leaf toward you. Keep the money this way overnight, or, better yet, for three days, or until the day you take it out to gamble. Use dried COMFREY leaves the same way, or keep them in your wallet with your money.

For Safety While Travelling: COMFREY root wards off the evil of unknown strangers and brings good luck in making travel arrangements. Place the root in a red bag, dress it with Van Van Oil, and keep it on you while on the road.

For Peace at Home While You Travel: Dressing a whole COMFREY root with Peaceful Home Oil and carrying it while abroad will ensure that you return to find peace in the home and faithfulness in the marriage.

Additional magical uses at: Feverfew, Five-Finger Grass, Mugwort, Rue, Yew

Medical uses: COMFREY juice is used in salves and for healing wounds.

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