DEEP LEVELS (Immutable)

These are aspects of my personality that cannot be changed and will not be changed for anyone.

My Abilities:
High-level verbal skills, logical thinker
Strong visual and mapping skills
Excellent memory, fount of obscure knowledge
Comfortable with my own body
Good health, no diseases or phobias
Steady roller, willing to give sexual pleasure
Occasional lucid and precognitive dreamer
Compassion for others' deficits
Helpful to those in need
Willing to be introspective and to learn therefrom
Willing to apologize for wrongdoing
Willing to forgive those who apologize
Truly trying to live by the Golden Rule

My Deficits:
Eyesight too poor to drive a car
Fear of abandonment (abandoned by father, age 5)
Fear of victimization (incest survivor, age 9-13)
Sometimes use anger to cover fears and tears
Sometimes engage in pre-emptive self-pity
Sometimes hold grudges against non-apologizers
Some PMS-related outbursts (not every month)
Cannot take much teasing
Cry very easily, especially when hungry
Sharply critical of illogic in others

My Quirks:
Believe in magic, astrology, synchronicity
Collect aesthetic objects and old books
Talkative (was an only child among adults)
Enjoy rural country/blues/cajun/r'n'b music
Enjoy most pre-WW II popular music
Enjoy dancing
Enjoy old movies
Won't wear makeup

My Needs:
Resident lover/partner/husband/spouse
Slow, sacred sex
Mutual sexual fidelity
Rural/garden environment
Close relationship with my daughter
Aesthetic architecture in home
Frequent travel for adventure

My Hopes for a Partner:
A logical thinker
Willing to talk about our emotions
Compassionate about my deficits
Not on drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
Not a batterer or sexual abuser
Not secretive or deceitful
Not racist or sexist
Cleanly without being phobic about dirt/disease

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