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D.U.M.E. (Death Unto My Enemies)




D.U.M.E. (Death Unto My Enemies Oil) is a serious cursing formula that is used in the same manner as Crossing, Jinx, Destruction, Damnation, Revenge, Goofer Dust, and other products of that kind. D.U.M.E. products can be used to dress black candles, to anoint doll-babies, to smear on door handles that a person touches, to sprinkle on someone's vehicle tires, to mix with dirt and sprinkle in a person's path, and to seal and anoint a mirror box in which a doll-baby (stuffed with personal concerns and D.U.M.E. incense powders) is placed when the box is going to be buried at a policeman's or soldier's grave.

D.U.M.E. products are always applied with curses, of course.



This spell is alleged to cause trouble, pain, and even death to an enemy. It is not guaranteed to work, and it is recommended that you think very seriously about your needs and desires before undertaking this type of work. It is best to work this spell in justified revenge, not out of anger. The oil that is used to dress the candle is called D.U.M.E. -- which is pronounced DOOM and actually stands for Death Unto My Enemies.


1 Black figural Candle:
     Black nude figure (Adam or Eve) or
     Black genitalia (penis or vulva) or
     Black Devil or
     Black Skull or
     Black Sabbatic Goat
1 bottle D.U.M.E. oil




This candle spell can be used by itself or, if you prefer, it can be used in conjunction with a bottle spell to harm the enemy. A simple bottle spell can be made by putting the enemy's name in Vinegar or War Water (or a mix of the two, which is called War Vinegar), closing up the jar, and standing your candle on top of the jar. You may burn this mess in the bathroom rather than on your altar.

With or without a bottle beneath it, you will now prepare a petition paper for the candle. Write the enemy's full name on the paper nine times. Use black ink. If you don't know the name, use a descriptive phrase, like:

My Enemy
My Woman's Other Man
That Romanian Whore
The God Damned Thief

Write your command nine times criss-cross across the name, such as:

Die A Miserable, Painful Death, You God Forsaken Mother Fucker

If you have something personal from the enemy, such as their hair, footprint-dirt, menstrual blood, semen, photo, business card, or the like -- the more intimate the better -- the spell will have stronger links to the person you wish to affect. In my experience, any kind of spell works less often without personal items as a link, and a death spell, which the target will strongly resist, for obvious reasons, is far less likely to work without personal concerns. You can try it, anyway, but that's just how it is: If you have their stuff, you've really got them.

Whatever personal item you use, wrap it up in the name-paper. Fold the paper away from you, because you want the party named to go away.

Work during the waning of the moon, if you wish to see the enemy wane in strength and sicken or die.




On the black figural candle of your choice, carve the enemy's full name with the word DEATH between the first and last names -- like this:

Joe DEATH Brown

Dress the candle with D.U.M.E. Oil. Place the packet beneath the candle. For each of the next 7 days you will be burning a section of the candle. Pinch the candle out between times, never blow it out. Pour more dressing oil on it each day. During these 7 days, you may also work any other revenge or death spell against this particular enemy that you wish.

As the candle burns, you may heat sewing needles or pins red hot in the light of the flame. Hold them with a piece of leather, cloth, or tweezers so that you don't burn your hand. As each pin or needle is heated, stick it into some part of the figural candle's body, starting with the head and working your way down, and as you do this, call out curses of affliction on each body part. It is traditional to use a total of 13 pins on a human figure and to use many more pins on a skull candle. You may choose to use more or less as it pleases you to do so.

If you use a human figure candle with 13 pins, it is a good idea to and decide in advance which areas to hit, based upon my consideration of the case. Plan and think about this portion of the work.


As to the curse you call on the enemy, you may say it in your own way, but i recommend that you follow the form of making it a "justified" curse, and not one performed out of evil spirit or mean heart.

"John Brown, for all the wickedness and for all the evil you have done to me [or to another, whom you should name], i call upon you the curse of sorrow, pain, and death, if my case is justified.

"Lord, you know what evil [Name} has committed. I now demand that he face Divine justice and retribution, if my case is justified.

"May his mind soften and his memory fail, if my case is justified [pin in head].

"May his eyesight become dim and dark, if my case is justified [pins in eyes].

"May his mouth be unable to speak and his lying words burn on his tongue, if my case is justified [pin in mouth].

"May his lungs develop cancer and his breath come hard, if my case is justified [pin in chest].

"May his heart first break and then suffer complete failure, if my case is justified [pin in heart].

"May his stomach pain him and his food bring him no nourishment, if my case is justified [pin in stomach].

"May his guts be tied in knots and stopped up, if my case is justified [pin in abdomen]."

Continue downward, cursing the enemy's genitals, knees, legs, and feet.

Leave the pins in the candle and they will fall one by one as it burns, Leave them where they fall. Before the candle goes out on its own, take the name packet out from under it and burn it in the candle's flame, then put the candle out by tipping it over into a saucer of Goofer Dust or Graveyard Dirt, cursing as you so so,

"May your days be shortened, if it God's will."




You don't want to keep any remnants from work like this in your house. Wrap the remnant candle wax in black cloth. Tie up or secure it with black thread. Collect all the pins or needles and put them in a bottle of Vinegar or War Water. Throw the into mess out at a crossroads, a river, or bury it in a graveyard.


Because harming or killing folks is not very nice, you may wish to cleanse yourself and aks God for forgiveness from sin if you have transgressed. This is optional, but many people find it a good idea to perform this additional spell after the seven days of D.U.M.E. work.

It is also possible that the person whom you have attacked will seek to mount a magical counter-attack. For this reason, it is customary to place protective elements around the home after doing harmful work. Again, it is not necessary to do it, but many people find it helpful to their peace of mind.


1 packet Hyssop Herb
2 White Offertory Candles
1 packet Devil's Shoe Strings Curio
1 packet Devil Pod Curio
1 packet Red Pepper Powder
1 packet Graveyard Dirt

To take off your sin, prepare a bath by steeping the Hyssop Herb in a pot of boiling rain water or spring water.

Light the two white candles, stand between them, and pour the Hyssop bath over your head while reciting the 51st Psalm ("Cleanse me with Hyssop; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow").

Alternatively, pour the Hyssop bath over you in the tub or shower and step out of the bathroom between the two white candles, which you should have lit and burning before you begin the bath.

For protection from the enemy, who may try to come back at you with a spell of his or her own, drive the 9 Devil's Shoe Strings into the dirt across the path to your door-step to tangle up anyone who may try to retaliate and cross you. Sprinkle Red Cayenne Pepper powder mixed with Graveyard Dirt across all the paths that lead to your door. Put the Devil Pod outside or behind your front door to repel any evil work that may be directed toward you.

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