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Subj: Georgia Stone Monument
Date: Sat, Aug 5, 1995 12:01 PM PDT
To: (Sustag Principles)

Here's a clipping from TheMMList that may be of interest...

Fred Burke


Date:  Sun, Jul 30, 1995 9:29 AM EST
Subj:  Georgia Guidestones 
To:    TheMMList

Hi all, after 14 years of saying "Gotta get over to Elberton
and actually see the Guidestones, my husband and I and our
four Basenji dogs finally got there last Thursday.

The problem for us was that Elberton lies just far enough
off I-85 to be a major detour at the end of any trip, and
it's a poky three hours cross lots on back roads to get to
from Jasper, GA, where we live. It was the famous "You can't
get there from here" problem.

We stopped first at a little museum maintained by the
Elberton Granite Association (? -- hmmm, think that's it)
where they have a big room devoted to various aspects of the
granite operation in the area, plus information on the
Guidestones, examples of local sculptures made from Elberton
Granite, etc. They also have a VCR setup with a short tape
discussing the Guidestones.

This tape takes about 20 minutes, and the first part is the
most interesting. In this, the bank president and the
president of the granite company chosen to do the work
discuss the mysterious stranger and their reaction to the
project. Here's some of what I recall from the tape. Wish
I'd taken notes! I think I'm being pretty accurate in my
recollections, however.

Joe Fendley, President of the Elberton Granite Finishing
Company, Inc., was approached first by the mysterious
stranger. One afternoon, a man identifying himself only as
"Mr. Christian"  appeared in his office and outlined a
project he had in mind that involved building a large
monument to "conservation."

Mr. Fendley said he explained to the man that their company
normally only did wholesale work, and didn't take on direct
commissions like this. But as Mr. "Christian" further
explained his concept, Mr. Findley says, he became quite
intrigued with the unique project.

Enough so that he put Mr. Christian in touch with both local
banks. Mr. Christian selected Wyatt C. Martin, President of
the Granite City Bank to be the intermediary for the

Mr. Martin said he insisted that Mr. R.C. Christian, as he
now introduced himself, reveal his real identity to Mr.
Martin so he could check him out for validity. This was
done, Mr. Martin was satisfied the project was on the level,
and agreed to carry it out. Mr. Martin pledged never to
reveal the true identity of the Mr. R.C. Christian, and has
never done so. The sponsors of the Guidestone remain unknown
to this day.

Mr. Martin said that Mr. Christian wanted the stones erected
in a remote area away from the main tourist centers.He also
said Georgia was selected because it had high quality
granite, a mild climate, and the fact that Mr. Christian's
great grandmother was a native Georgian.

Because of the cost of transporting the massive stones, Mr.
Martin suggested that to work within the funds available, a
local site should be selected if at all possible. After a
day spent touring various options, one was selected, on top
of the highest hill in the county.

Mr. Christian appeared one more time (can't remember which
person he visited, sorry) and had with him a shoebox
containing a model of the monument he wanted put up. The
speaker on the video here opens a shoebox and sets up the
pieces of the model.

The rest of the video is devoted to news broadcasts and
special feature broadcasts about the Guidestones. A segment
of one broadcast had the pastor of a local church being
interviewed. This gentleman was not at all happy about the
entire thing, and darkly predicted that there would be
"blood sacrifices" made at the site of the Guides, etc. and
appeared to believe that the entire concept of the
Guidestones was evil and pagan etc. etc. etc.

The museum has a two page brochure about the stones, and
free picture postcards available also. The pleasantly
helpful lady at the desk said she didn't know anything
really about the Guidestones, but that we couldn't miss them
because they were close to the highway.

We thanked the folks at the Museum, and headed out state
highway 77 the 7.2 miles to the Mullenix farm. Sure enough,
there on the right side of the road was the monument,
clearly visible. A small sign marked the turn-off onto a
paved road leading to the site.

After weeks of unbearably hot weather and clear skies, we
were now having overcast skies, showers in the distance, and
muggy humid conditions. The Guides themselves are on a
concrete foundation surrounded by gravel. There is a small
parking area for maybe four cars, and a small area is fenced
off around the stones to keep the cows and the tourists

No real attempt seems to have been made to maintain the area
as an attraction because we were greated by a discarded
dirty rag, a pile of dog poop, and further on by the base of
the Guides, a smashed beer bottle. Numerous cigarette butts
were strewn around, and we suspected this spot was used by
underage teens for private personal parties.

While this may be the highest spot in the county, don't
picture anything more than a very small gentle rise in the
surrounding landscape. There was a clear view of the horizen
in all directions, and evidently this was a factor in the
choice of the site. The clear view also includes,
inevitably, chicken houses, private homes, cows in the
field, a barn, etc. etc.

There is a granite slab set into the ground near the
Guidestones that says it covers a time capsule, but nobody
has gotten around to engraving the dates on it -- the date
it was filled, and projected opening date remain blank
spaces. This slab also gives information about the
capstones, and seems to indicate that the words "Let these
be Guidestones For An Age Of Reason" (or something very
similiar, again, I wish I'd taken notes) are engraved on the
very top of the monument, visible only from the air. The
same words, in the four dead languages, are on the four
sides of the main capstone.

The monument itself has a very commanding presence. Looking
upward, the words tower over the viewer, yet can be clearly
read. The center capstone (The Gnomen stone), appears as a T
shape in between the four angled slabs containing the
Guides. The general effect is serene, yet powerful. The
stones are dramatic, and while they obviously don't cover
the same area as Stonehenge, the comparison is valid. I felt
as though I was standing at the beginning of a corridor of
time stretching forward. At Stonehenge, of course, that
feeling is also there, but reversed.

We proceeded to snap pictures of ourselves with the Basenjis
and the monument. Since the Basenji is such an ancient breed
we felt it was appropriate to include them in the photos,
and in fact, that is one reason we were traveling with all
four of ours. With one last tour around the base of the
Guidestones, we packed up the dogs and headed off with a
satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

We suspect that the local folks don't make much of a big
deal or tourist attraction out of the stones because they
don't want to be flooded with bunches of air-headed space
cadets with both feet firmly planted in midair -- the so
called "Ozone Rangers" of the New Age fringe.

Also, since rural Georgia is predominantly fundamentlist
Christian in its beliefs, some of the more rigid
philosophies preached locally may well reflect the
statements made by the local minister in the VCR interview.

And, I have seen in small news reports in the Atlanta press
that the Atlanta pagans, especially the local Druids, hold
ceremonies there at certain important dates, and that
weddings have been held at the site, etc. etc. This would
not be encouraged by the local folks. Evidently this sort of
thing occured to Mr. Christian also since he wanted people
to seek out the stones, rather than have them become tourist

"There Hank, we've had our picture made with them thar stone
thingies, hurry on now, or we'll miss feeding time at the
rattlesnake ranch....."

Should you be in the Athens, Georgia area and have some
time, the Guidestones are not that far away (around an hour)
and the drive is through pretty little old towns, some with
antebellum homes.

The museum is open from and is located on state
highway 72 coming into town from the west. 

Sally Ann Smith,



The following is taken from the flyer on the Guidestones
available at the Granite Museum in Elberton, Georgia.


Astronomical Aspects

"The four large upright blocks pointing outward are oriented
to the limits of the migration of the moon during the course
of a year.

"An eye-level, oblique hole is drilled from the south to the
north side of the center Gnomen stone so that the North Star
is always visible, symbolizing constancy and orientation
with the forces of nature.

"A slot is cut in the middle of the Gnomon stone to form a
window which aligns with the positions of the rising sun at
the Summer and WInter Solstices and at the Equinox so that
the noon sun shines to indicate noon on a curved line.

"The capstone includes a calendar of sorts where sunlight
beams through a 7/8in. hole at noon and shines on the south
face of the center stone. As the sun makes its travel cycle,
the spot beamed through the hole can tell the day of the
year at noon each day. Allowances are made because of
variations between standard time and sun time to set the
beam of sunlight at an equation of time."


Subj:  Georgia Guidestones: Statistics/History
Date:  Mon, Aug 7, 1995 10:10 PM PDT

Follow-up #1 on the Georgia Guidestones, forwarded with
permission from e-mail -- and, folks, this is AMAZING!!!

catherine yronwode

-----begin forwarded message from ENCORE9016@AOL.COM-------

Date:    Mon, Aug 7, 1995 6:39 PM PDT
From:    ENCORE9016@AOL.COM
Subj:    Re: Georgia Guidestones

Glad you found the post interesting. Yes indeed, there is
more, which I'm sending along to you.


From the "official" handout--

The Guides were commissioned in 1979 and erected in 1980.

Overall Height: 
     19 feet 3 inches

Amount of Granite: 
     951 cubic feet

Weight (grand total): 
     237,746 pounds, or approx. 119 tons

Four Upright Stones: 
     6ft 6in wide; 16ft 4in high; 1ft 7in thick 
     Weight 42,437 lbs each on average

One Center Stone (Gnomon Stone): 
     3 ft 3in.wide; 16ft 4in high; 1ft 7in thick. 
     Weight 20,957 lbs

One Cap Stone: 
     6ft 6in wide, 9ft 8in long; 1ft 7in thick,
     Weight 24, 832 lbs

Four Support Stones (bases): 
     7ft 4in long; 2ft 0in wide; 1ft 4in thick 
     Weight 4,875 lbs each (average)

One Support Stone (base):  
     4ft 21/2in long; 2ft 2in wide; 1ft;7in thick 
     Weight 2,707 lbs

Description of lettering:  
     Over 4,000 sandblasted letters,
     each approximately 4 inches high.


The following copyrighted material is from an unpublished
manuscript, "The Journey Home," by Ben Osborne and Sally Ann

NOTE: I (Sally Ann Smith) rewrote this book for Ben, who
died before the contract with the publisher was signed.
Because of problems with his estate, I seriously doubt if
the book will get into print. But who knows ... Hence I
don't have the hard references for the assertions he makes
about the Native American prophecies, etc.
------begin Ben Osborne and Sally Ann Smith material -------

The Hopi Indians and their ancient shamans say "signs" will
foretell the time when the fifth world, a new age, will
begin.  Many believe we now stand on the threshold of
changing events which will bring about the end of one world
period and the beginning of another.  Ancient prophecies
state that when stone tablets are returned to the center of
the world the new age will begin. There are varied
interpretations in many different cultures regarding what
"the center of the world" means and where it is.

Northeast Georgia was an assembly ground for the great
Cherokee Indian Nation before the white man's greed for gold
brought about the Trail of Tears.  Cherokee Indian trails
radiated in all directions from what is now Elberton,
Georgia, and the Cherokee Indians held their Councils, their
dances and their worship services of the Great Spirit there.
They called the area Al-yeh-li-A-lo-Hee, the Center of the

On a June afternoon in 1979 a stranger arrived in Elberton,
Georgia and visited Wyatt Martin, president of the Granite
City Bank, and Joe Fendley, president of the Elberton
Granite Finishing Company.  The stranger introduced himself
as "R. C. Christian" but quickly explained that "Christian"
wasn't his real name and the name "R. C. Christian" was only
symbolic.  He deposited a large sum (rumored to be in excess
of $50,000) in an escrow account at the bank to be used to
construct a monument of stone monoliths engraved with
guidelines for humanity.  The stranger left precise details
as to the constuction of the monument and its engravings. 
Before he left that same afternoon "Mr. R. C. Christian"
said he followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and that he
represented a small group of Americans who believed as he
did, in God and country, and they wished to leave a message
for future generations. He also told the bank and granite
company presidents that he would never see them again.

Following the detailed plans this mysterious man left
behind, work on the monuments was begun. The completed one
hundred nineteen ton monument, seven miles north of
Elberton, containing the largest granite blocks ever
quarried, is topped with a twelve ton capstone.  Written on
each of the capstone's four sides in Egyptian Hieroglyphs,
in ancient Babylonian Cuniform, in Sanskrit and in ancient
classical Greek is the inscription:  Let these be
Guidestones of An Age of Reason."

The mysterious monument, of quality blue granite and
excellent workmanship and design, is an astronomical
observatory with a sundial, a diagonal hole aligned to
Polaris, the North Star, and a slit that marks the sunrise
and the sunset at the winter and summer solstices.

The mammoth upright granite slabs of the Georgia Guidestones
list, in eight languages (Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese,
Classican Hebrew, Swahili, Russian, Hindi, and English)
...the guidelines for humanity in the coming Age of Reason:

[see next post (Georgia Guidestones Text) for complete text
of the ten guidelines]

This Stonehenge of the New World in North Georgia with its
updated Ten Commandments is surrounded by a powerful eerie
energy. The message of these Guidestones offers beautiful,
peaceful, hopeful advice and guidelines to all of our
earth's inhabitants who have the ears to hear and the
courage to act with loving reason.

------end Ben Osborne and Sally Ann Smith material------

-----end forwarded message from ENCORE9016@AOL.COM-------

Subj:  Georgia Guidestones: Text
Date:  Mon, Aug 7, 1995 10:37 PM PDT

Follow-up #2 on the Georgia Guidestones: Text of the
messages on the Guidestones, forwarded with permission from
e-mail. My comments follow.

-----begin forwarded message from ENCORE9016@AOL.COM-------

Date:  Mon, Aug 7, 1995 6:39 PM PDT
Subj:  The 10 Guides

From the printed handout provided by the Elberton Granite Museum:

The guides, followed by explanatory precepts, are as
follows. The words here are exactly as the Sponsors provided
them. (Note: The 10th guide repeats the phrase twice for
emphasis. It is engraved that way on the monument):

* Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. *

(Means the entire human race at its climax level for
permanent balance with nature.)

* Guide reproduction wisely-improving fitness and diversity. *

(Without going into details as yet undiscovered, this means
humanity should apply reason and knowledge to guiding its
own reproduction. "Fitness" could be translated as "health."
"Diversity" could be translated as "variety.")

* Unite humanity with a living new language. *

(A "living" language grows and changes with advancing
knowledge.  A "new" language will be developed "de nevo"-and
need not necessarily be adapted from any languages now in

* Rule Passion-Faith-Tradition-and all things with tempered reason. *

("Faith" here may be used in a religious sense. Too often
people are ruled by blind faith even when it may be contrary
to reason. Reason must be tempered with compassion here--but
must prevail.)

* Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. *

(Courts must consider justice as well as law.)

* Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. *

(Individual nations must be free to develop their own
destinies at home as their own people wish--but cannot abuse
their neighbors.)

* Avoid petty laws and useless officials. *


* Balance personal rights with social duties. *

(Individuals have a natural concern for their personal
welfare, but man is a social animal and must also be
concerned for the group.  Failure of society means failure
for its individual citizens.)

* Prize truth-beauty-love-seeking harmony with the infinite. *

(The infinite here means the supreme being -- whose will is
manifest in the workings of the cosmos -- if we will seek for

* Be not a cancer on the earth-Leave room for nature-Leave room for nature. *

(In our time, the growth of humanity is destroying the
natural conditions of the earth which have fostered all
existing life.  We must restore reasoned balance.)

-----end forwarded message from ENCORE9016@AOL.COM-------

To which all i can add is that the author of the Guidestones
text seems to have been influenced by the textual style of
Dr. Emanuel H. Bronner.

Multiple-hyphenated admonitions like "Prize
truth-beauty-love-seeking harmony with the infinite" and
"Rule Passion-Faith-Tradition-and all things with tempered
reason" are eerily reminiscent of Dr, Bronner's famed
injunction, "Enjoy mint body rub to stimulate
body-mind-soul-spirit & teach Hillel's Essene Moral ABC
uniting all free in the African Shepherd Israel's great
All-One-God-Faith!" or his equally notable "With full-truth
our only God, we rally-raise-unite All-One! All-One!
Exceptions eternally? None!!"

(Note: for more on Dr. Bronner, his soap, and his Moral ABC,
check out the usenet newsgroup Complete
Dr. Bronner label transcriptions are available from the
group by request and are periodically reposted there to
aquaint newcomers with the Bronnerian philosophy.)

catherine yronwode

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