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To: Internet
From: tyagi mordred nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Authority and the Christian Magician
Date: Kali Yuga 49941109

Rules are very important things.  They are ladders to some of us,
allowing us to move from one level to another (up or down depending on
our needs).  At some point, however, we may outgrow the rules, they cease
to be helpful and are more of an obstacle to us.  At this point they
become our cage, which we must leave behind in order to move on.

To me vows are more like targets, places to aim.  Why am I aiming there?  
Because I have found that that target yields a considerable degree of 
lasting satisfaction.  I have looked at some mystical teachings, accepted 
elements of these, and am making of my life a living experiment.  I'm 
playing with directions toward which I wish to live.  Poverty, riches, 
debauch, asceticism, etc., etc.  

As I do this I try to watch myself carefully and where I go.  I try to 
be fully in the experience of the result of my movement in results of 
these aims.  So far I see that these which God has given unto me are very 

This is quite similar to magical oaths.  A good example of one of these is
in dedicating myself to the attainment of the Great Work.  Now of course 
this aim is very lofty and therefore ambiguous.  It is possible to use this 
aim as an excuse to do all sorts of nasty things in the name of 'the Great 

And yet if I am sincere in my quest, if I actually know the value of the 
goal, then there is no need of reigns, no need of cattle-prods, no need
of barbed-wire fences to keep me from moving too far to the left or too far
to the right.  No, I will notice that I am drifting off-course (sometimes
after a period of delusion at which I must reorient/repent).  Such is the 
danger of the solitary course.  The Holy Spirit blows in varying 
directions and I must listen to the mouth of God as She whispers which 
currents to follow, raising and lowering my sail, altering the position of
the rudder.

I did not say that I can always *feel* these murmurings (the shouts are
fairly easy to hear :>).  I am conditioned to disregard my emotions and
these are a prime indicator of my role and route.  I don't think that
we need introduce any sort of mystical cosmology in order to understand
the magical Quest.  Becoming more human, I feel more deeply, love more
consistently as a matter of course, and therefore my spirituality
unfolds.  'Intuitive knowledge' is gained through Grace and so my 
actions, aside from being as humane and human as I am able, are of
little consequence, as I see it.


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