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                      ceremonial ("dress-up"; European- or Judaic-based)
                                            see also religion: thelema
                                            see also occultism: hermeticism
                                 golden dawn
                                            see also occultism: hermeticism: neo-hermeticism
                                            see also religion: wicca
                                            see also magic: spells and spell-casting
                      folk (no "dress-up"; world folk-culture based)
                                 amulets and charms
                                 evil eye
                                 herbal magic: the magical properties of herbs
                                 latin american folk magic
                                            see also occultism: magic: spells and spell-casting
                      mage's guide to the internet
                      magical books (grimoires, magical records, books of shadows)
                      spells and spell-casting
                                 general information about spells (tools, recipes, methods)
                                 black (cursing, hexing, evil)
                                            see also religion: satanism
                                 green (monetary, prosperity, and gambling magic)
                                 purple (wizardry, pact-making, and invocatory magic)
                                            see also occultism: magic: ceremonial magic
                                 red (romance, love, and sex magic)
                                            see also religion: hinduism: yoga: tantra
                                            see also mysticism: sex
                                 white (healing, blessing, and curse-removal magic)

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