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From: catherine yronwode 
Newsgroups: alt.lucky.w,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.magick
Subject: Re: Talisman Questions
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 19:57:42 -0700

Solarshadow wrote:

> All right, I have a few questions-
> Can I just copy a talisman on to a piece of paper,
> "charge" it by pouring chi-energy into it, and
> have it be effective?

This is basically one way to do it. You might also recite an incantation
over it. You might dress it with oil or sachet powders. You might want
to fix it up with sexual fluids. You might combine all of the above in a
ritualistic working which might or might not include your going into an
altered state of consciousness through the use of moonlight, music,
dance, incense, psychoactive substances, sexual arousal and/or chanting. 

> Is it necessary to "purify" the paper, and how
> would it be done?

Traditions about paper and parchment vary from school to school of
magic. A little bit of my personal opinion about papers used for magical
writings can be found on a web page about "magical tools" which you can
access through a link at the Lucky Mojo Spells Archive at
Basically, i use unlined paper that has been torn by hand on all four
sides -- because that's what i was taught to do in the African-American
hoodoo tradition.

> What is a good talismanic symbol for sexual
> attraction (for a male to draw a female)?

Check out some of the many books on talismans for examples of
love-drawing or sex-attracting talismans -- there are any number of such
books and such talismans. Some of these works may be online, too, but
expect some very graphics-intensive pages if you do find them.

> I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

A final thought: Following in a traditional path has power, but creating
your OWN talismanic or sigilized symbol for the occassion may be as
effective -- or more effective -- for you. To learn a little bit about
how personal sigil magick differs from traditional Medieval talismanic
magic, read this page on the magical workings of Austin Osman Spare:

Good luck! 

catherine yronwode 
Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
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