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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Evil Eye
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 10:29:50 -0800
Organization: Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

This query came in via e-mail and i am posting it without the sender's
name in the interest of promoting discussion. 

> I sure my son has somehow been given the evil eye.  Do you have a 
> cure for that ?

There are many traditional cures, each one popular in a different
culture. I will tell you a few of them, briefly: 

In Italy one cure is to drip olive oil into a basin of water, drop by
drop, while reciting a prayer. If the drops run together, you must wash
the basin and start again. 

In Greece and Turkey, the child is spat upon to take off the curse and
in Greece, it may also be washed on the face with holy water.

In Mexico and Italy as well, a raw whole egg in its shell may be placed
beneath the child's bed while it sleeps to draw out the evil. The next
morning the egg is thrown into a crossroads and broken, to dispell the

In Roumania, a ceremony similar to the Italian one with water in a basin
is used, except that lumps of coal or burnt match-heads are dropped into
the water while the prayers are recited. 

In England, a whole raw egg is stroked over the child's body to draw off
the curse and then thrown against an oak tree to break and dispell the

This should give you plenty of ideas for how to proceed. 

Protection against the Evil Eye (also known as the invidious eye or eye
of envy) consists of various amulets and charms, many of them
illustrated on the Lucky W Amulet Archive. Just go to the top level page
and type the words "evil eye" into the search engine there, and you will
get lots of pages that explain the protective amulets. 

Good luck, 

catherine yronwode

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