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From: catherine yronwode 
Organization: Lucky Mojo Curio Company
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Subject: Re: ..the eye of the malicious person does really infect..
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 04:04:00 GMT

Turcoman wrote:
> Evil Eyes
> Background to the most widespread superstition in the world.
> "The glances of envy and malice do shoot also subtly;
> the eye of the malicious person does really infect and make sick the
> spirit of the other."

What a cool web page! Thanks for posting the URL. I really enjoyed
reading that. 

I too have written a web page on the Evil Eye, looking at it primarily
from a European (Jewish and Christian) point of view, rather than Muslim
because i know relatively little about Islamic cultures. I was very glad
to see your page because it added a lot of information to my
understanding of the Evil Eye belief world-wide. The parallels beween
different cultures are obvious, of course, because, as you noted, the
belief goes back to ancient Sumer. 
My evil eye web pages are part of the Lucky W Amulet Archive and are
online at 

Evil Eye:
Horseshoe Amulet (Europe and America):
Blue Beads and Horseshoe Amulet (Lebanon):
Horseshoe and Eyes Amulets (Turkey):
All-Seeing Eye Amulet (Turkey):
Eyes-All-Over Amulet (Turkey)
Eye-In-Hand Amulets (Europe, Israel, India, Turkey):
Hamsa / Hamesh Hand Amulets (hand of Fatima / Miriam):
Hands of Power Statuary (ancient Roman):
Mano Fico (fig hand) Amulets (Italy):
Mano Cornuta (horned hand) Amulets (Italy):
Corno and Cornicello (coral horn) Amulets (Italy):
"Your Name on Rice" Amulet (Turkey): 

cat yronwode 

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