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To: alt.lucky.w,,alt.emagick.tantra
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: spell for breast and penis enlargement?
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 13:52:51 -0800

a query from e-mail: 
> Do you have a spell, potion, oil that would increase the
> size of a woman's breast?  I am asking because of the John
> root how a man uses it to annoint himself.  Couldn't one be
> made that would work for a woman's breast?  Thank you in
> advance for your much needed help.

First, John the Conqueor root, as far as i know, does not
increase the ultimate erect size of a man's penis. That is
more or less genetically determined and is a family trait.
Also, John the Conqueror root is not a drug or medicine for
impotence. It has medical uses (it is a laxative), but we
were discussing its magical uses, which are different.

Magically, carrying the root or anointing oneself with an
oil made from it has the reputed power to make men "ready"
and to "restore nature," that is, to magically improve cases
of psychological impotence or slow erection. If the cause of
erectile dysfunction is medical (for instance, a side-effect
of taking high-blood-pressure medicine or of having
diabetes), it is unlikely that the root or the oil made from
it will have an effect in more than about 25% of the cases
(this is called The Placebo Effect or "the mind cure," and
it is an interesting aspect of medicine that is usually
dismissed by doctors but bears thorough investigation, in my
opinion.) And, as i said before, it will not change the
size, colour, or texture of the penis.

Similar things can be said about women's breasts. Their
size is partially determined by genetics, but since they are
comprised in large part of fat, a diet low in fats will
"starve" the body of the ingredients needed to build breast
tissue, which is why extremely thin women often have breasts
that are small for their size and obese women often have
proportionately larger breasts for their size. However,
unlike the penis, the breast is an organ designed to change
sizes over the course of a woman's life. Most women
experience swelling of the breasts in the days leading up to
their menstrual poeriod and a great deal of engorement and
increase in size during lactation. To a certain extent, the
breasts are used to store body fat, so a healthy diet that
is not abnormally low in fats is your best guarantee that
your breasts will achieve the full size they were
genetically programmed to reach.

In China, in ancient times, the daily "stimulation of chi
(energy) in the breasts" was recommended to women by
practioners of Taoist sex-alchemy. This stimulation consists
of an exercise in which the hands are cupped on the bare
breasts and gently rotated clockwise and counterclockwise
over the skin of the breast under friction, 36 times each
way, for a total of 72 "turns" to each breast. I have
practiced this myself on a daily basis for a while now and i
find that it is very pleasant and i think it does increase
the blood flow to the breasts, leaving them with a "glowing"
feeling that persists for a long while afterward.

As for the occult use of oils, herbs, roots, potions, or
spells to influence breast size, i can't offhand think of
such a tradition in any culture. Most people -- excluding
modern American television-viewers -- are not that
interested in large breast size per se, preferring a
well-formed breast that is functional and a source of
pleasurable sensation. 

However, that having been said, in American folk-magic, Queen
Elizabeth root is used by women to charm men and Angelica
root is used to strengthen women's power -- so anointing the
breasts with an oil made from those roots while performing
your daily Chinese sex-alchemy "stimulation of chi"
exercises might produce some of the results you desire.
Invoking the bounteous powers of a large-breasted lactating
mother-goddess such as Mary or Parvati might also be

Make the oil by steeping Queen Elizabeth root and
Angelica root in almond oil for at least a month; starting
on the new moon setting the jar out under the moon every
night for the whole time as the moon grows. After two weeks,
blend in a bit of essential oil of rose, rose-geranium,
lavender or other reputed "love" flower. Leave the roots in
the oil and take what you need to use each time. When you
have used all the oil, discard the roots by burying them in
your yard.

Good luck. 

catherine yronwode

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