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From: catherine yronwode (
Newsgroups: alt.lucky.w
Subject: Re: roots
Date: Jan 27, 2002

Snake2020 wrote:
> do ALL roots and herbs have a magickal aspect to them?

Roots and herbs with active medical properties and those
with distinctive shapes are most often used in magical work.
But, for example, i can think of no magical use ascribed to
Buddleia spp., to Artemisia dranunculus (Tarragon), or to
Ginkgo biloba. The first is a garden flower/shrub, the
second a culinary herb, and the third an ornamental tree
with reputed medical properties. There may be some magical
ascriptions to these plants in some cultures, but,
generally, few ornamentals have reputed magical uses (there
are exceptions, such as Violet and Iris), culinary herbs
often, but not always have reputed magical uses, and medical
herbs often do as well.
cat yronwode 

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