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"Making your own Conjure Oils is easy with Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential Oils because you mix each one EQUALLY! No need to find the exact recipe, no need to figure out the math of how much carrier oil to add. Simply mix EQUAL amounts of each to make a perfect blend, then finish your new ritual oil with herbs, roots and even curios right in the bottle. With prayer and intent, your oil will be sure to satisfy your needs or the needs of your client, with out the HASSLE or MESS of dealing with pure essentials. "
-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue

The labels shown here are from 1/2 oz. bottles of Lucky Mojo Jasmine Fragrance, Lavender Essential, Patchouli Essential, and Ylang Ylang Essential oils for anointing oneself or dressing candles or a mojo bag.

Using these spiritual supplies can be as simple as wearing the perfumed oil as a personal scent for achieving a desire desire -- to dressing and setting a prepared magical candle on one's altar. When starting intensive spiritual work, some people like to get things going with a full-blown magic spell and then continue to use the oil to dress themselves, their stuff, or a physical location to which they are trying to work their will.


Essential oils are those derived from natural flowers, herbs, and roots and, in a few cases, animal scent glands. Depending on the rarity of the natural material and the yield-per-pound of raw ingredients, Essential Oils range in price from quite inexpensive, or very, very costly. World trade in these natural fragrances dates back to the earliest historic eras of human civilization, and has formed the basis for both spiritual and secular perfumery for millennia. Typical Essential Oils include Lavender, Patchouli, and Lemongrass -- and they are commonly used in the manufacture of secular and spiritual goods, including ritual oils, incense, sachet powders, and bathing and washing products.

Synthetic scents, which entered commerce at the opening of the 20th century, are aromatic chemical compounds. Many of them were developed for the use of perfumers in cases where the corresponding natural Essential Oil is either prohibitively expensive or is chemically unstable and will not retain its aroma over time -- but some Synthetics have no analogues in the natural world, and exist as purely unique aromas in their own right. Typical Synthetic scents include Methylbenzodioxepinone, Furaneol, and Pentyl pentanoate.

Fragrance Oils are proprietary blends of Synthetic scents and Essential Oils that are aromatically or chemically similar to specific natural aromas. Some Fragrance Oils are comprised entirely of blended Synthetics, but in many cases, the Fragrance Oil contains an Essential Oil scent that has been modified with the addition of a Synthetic scent to mimic the aroma of a popular natural flower, herb, or animal scent-gland from which either no chemically stable fragrance can be isolated or from which no reasonably priced Essential Oil can be manufactured. Typical Fragrance Oils include Wistaria, Lotus, and Musk.


Because the many types of conjure oils used in the practice of hoodoo were developed by local practitioners rather than by multi-national corporations, their formulas are in no way standardized. Rather, they are as individualistic as different peoples' recipes for, say, chocolate chip cookies, or chicken tacos. No matter how far back in time we look, we find that not every ritual oil or dressing oil with the same name will have the same aroma. Some makers may use only synthetic fragrances while others use natural ingredients or natural-synthetic blends -- and the ingredients that make up any given recipe will naturally vary from maker to maker.

For hoodoo practitioners who wish to create their own custom Dressing Oil blends, some manufacturers stock quality Essential and Fragrance oils. In the case of the bottles shown here, each one is a pure "single-tone" scent that has been cut with Almond Oil to a level that is safe to apply to the skin. These oils may be blended together, and appropriate magic herbs may be added to them with no further need to dilute them in carrier oil. We prepare our Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils on the premises and package them in 1/2 ounce glass bottles, with vivid graphic labels.


Finding recipes for Hoodoo oils can be difficult -- and it's even harder to find them with the correct measurements for the Essential Oils. To complicate matters further, pure Essential Oils vary greatly in strength, and some of them can be dangerous to the skin if not cut properly with a carrier oil. Finally, the prices of Essentials and Synthetics vary greatly -- from a few dollars per gallon to thousands of dollars per ounce -- making it very difficult for the non-professional to predict the cost of what is being created.

The Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils shown here have been designed to help root workers and craft-perfumers meet and overcome these difficulties:

      •  First, they are pre-cut with Almond Oil, a traditional carrier oil for Conjure oils, so they will always be highly fragrant, yet safe to use, right out of the bottle.

      •  Second, in cases where a pure Essential Oil does not exist for a given hoodoo herb, or does not have the same fragrance that we have come to expect from Hoodoo anointing oils, or is prohibitively expensive, the corresponding Fragrance Oil blend can utilized, just as it would be by today's professional perfumers.

      •  Third, you won't have to do any algebra to figure out your cost-per-bottle, because Lucky Mojo averages the cost across the line, so that no matter which oils you order, they have all been put up at the SAME cost, in glass perfume bottles, ready to use.

If you have found a recipe for a Conjure Oil that you would like to prepare for yourself, or if you wish to try your hand at creating your own formulas, Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils take the guesswork out of calculating the exact percentage for you. Instead of spending years studying books, followed by a series of expensive experiments to learn the correct proportions to use of Cinnamon versus Calamus, or trying to compound the most realistic-smelling Synthetic-Essential blend to create an affordable yet distinctive Rose fragrance, you can take advantage of the expertise of folks who DO have decades of experience in making oils and perfumes. What's more, Lucky Mojo will even throw in some great recipes, for free:


To make Conjure Oils with Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils, simply blend together equal parts of the oils mentioned in recipes you have found -- or use the proportions given to you in a book or online. Finish your ritual oil by adding herbs, roots and mineral curios to the bottle, according to the magical ascriptions of herbs you can read about in books like "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" or find online for study -- and purchase -- at our sister-site, "Herb Magic" by cat yronwode.

Finish by praying over and focussing your strong spiritual intentions into the oil, bringing it into alliance with your magical desires.

Here are some basic recipes for you to try out for starters -- and which you can confidently adapt to your own situation or condition.


MIX: Equal parts Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils: Lemongrass Oil, Hyssop Oil, and Camphor Oil.
ADD: A pinch of dried Lemongrass Leaves and a pinch of dried Hyssop Leaves.
BLEND: Shake well before using. If you let the mixture "work" together for at least one week, it will improve; a full month will bring out the best fragrance.


MIX: Equal parts Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils: Rose Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, and Musk Oil.
ADD: A pinch of dried Rose Petals and a pinch of dried Lovage Root Chips.
BLEND: Shake well before using. If you let the mixture "work" together for at least one week, it will improve; a full month will bring out the best fragrance.


MIX: Equal parts Lucky Mojo Skin Safe Essential and Fragrance Oils: Cinnamon Oil, Bayberry Oil, and Mint Oil.
ADD: A pinch of dried Cinnamon Chips, a pinch of dried Mint Leaves, and a pinch of crushed Pyrite crystals.
BLEND: Shake well before using. If you let the mixture "work" together for at least one week, it will improve; a full month will bring out the best fragrance.


I realize that this is an advertisement for my own company, but the oils shown at the top of this page were made by me, and like the rest of the Lucky Mojo line, they contain genuine reputed lucky and magical essential oils and fragrance oils.

By using our Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils to make your own recipes, you are repeating an authentic practice among root doctors, particularly those who work for themselves, their families, and friends, and are known as "small time workers." These oils can be added to commercially blended oils to "customize" them as you prefer, and you can be assured that your magical intentions will add to those of the maker of the commercial oils -- and, if you enjoy the experience of blending your own scents, you may in time develop your own unique conjure oils.

Order Dressing Oils and Anointing Oils from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.


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