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in the Hoodoo and Conjure Tradition

Freezer spells are mostly used for purposes of shutting up bad witnesses in court cases, silencing gossiping co-workers, eliminating business competition, freezing out law officers, and stopping the activities of love-rivals. In other words, they are employed when you want to freeze someone's words or activities or to freeze someone completely out of your life.

How to Craft a Freezer Spell

1) Obtain and prepare a container for the spell; it may be natural or man-made. The best containers are symbolic of the work being done, such as a slit-open animal tongue (to symbolize speech) or a hollowed-out large whole sour pickle (to symbolize a man's sexuality), a sliced fig (to symbolize a woman's womb), a lemon (to sour someone's life), wetted underwear (for sexual matters). Lesser containers, such as a wetted paper or paper-towel packet, are generic in nature and embody no specific symbolism. If you ue a glass container, do not overfill it or seal it tight because water expands when it freezs and if it has nowhere to go, it will crack the glass. You can screw the lid down after the materials have frozen.

2) Place the names and personal concerns in the container. Names of the parties you want to FREEZE OUT of a specific situation or out of your life in genera lmay take a form like "Jim Brown" or "Anita Smith") or the "offices" they hold (i.e. "arresting officers," "internet women," "love rivals," or "meddling insurance claim adjustors") Their personal concerns may include a hair, fingernail clipping, botton, hat bow, handwriting, unwashed underwear. bedding, or such items. You only need a small amount to put into the prepared animal tongue, pickle, fig, lemon, or paper packet.

3) Pray over and add an appropriate selection of cursing and silencing herbs. You may select Red Pepper to make their lies burn in their mouths, Alum to silence their speech, Poppy Seeds to confuse them and make them lose their paper work or miss their appointments.

4) The item must be wet. A tongue, pickle, fig, or lemon need not be wetted further but it may be, if desired. Paper and paper-towel packets must be wetted in order to freeze solid; wetting agents can include any of the following, or a mixture of them, as appropriate to the case:

a) Vinegar. This is used to sour the words of the individual(s) and to sour their lives,

b) Alum-water. This is used to silence the speech of individuals or to stop up their normal sexuality or urinary tract,

c) War Water. This is employed to oppose and curse individuals),

d) Urine. This may be the urine of the victim, as a personal concern; the urine of a diseased person, to communicate a disease of the urinary tract; or the urine of the spell-caster, to express self-protective domination; see details below,

e) Bath crystals dissolved in water and/or vinegar and/or War Water. Popuar choices include named herb-based bath crystal products such as Court Case, Stop Gossip, Law Keep Away, Jinx, Crossing, Revenge, etc.

5) If the container is natural, sew, pin, or fold it closed. When pinning an animal tongue, fruit, or vegetable closed, it is traditional to use nine pins or nine needles, or some mutiple thereof, or fold the wetted paper packet closed.

6) Optionally, you may encase a natural container in a wrapping. To wrap a sewn or pinned tongue, vegetable, or fruit, you may use a folded and wetted paper packet or aluminum foil, shiny side inward (to form a symbolic inward-facing mirror that will entrap the individual(s) named). When wetting agents are used, it is convenient (but not necessary) to line a bowl or baking pan with the aluminum foil so that after the folding or sewing is finished, you can easily wrap everything up in the foil.

7) Optionally, burn a candle on the work before freezing it.. To further prepare a tongue, vegetable, fruit, or paper packet it is common to burn one or a series of appropriately dressed and fixed altar lights or offertory candles upon it . For example, use. a brown candle fixed with Court Case Oil , a blue candle fixed with Law Keep Away Oil, a black candle fixed with Crossing Oil, etc.), letting the wax fall onto the enclosed item.

8) Place the finished work "on ice." You may use a bucket of vinegar mixed with ice cubes, on a block of ice in a bucket, in an ice box, or in an electrical freezer, where it is to remain as long as the spell work is active and ongoing.

9) Dispose of the work in a ritually appropriate manner when the conjuration is completed. Ritual disposal may include cooking and eating the tongue, leaving it frozen "forever," defrosting it and burning it up in a fire, or placing it out at a crossroads or under a tree. If pins or needles were used in closing an animal tongue and it is placed outdoors, the pins or needles MUST BE REMOVED before disposal so as not to cause inadvertent injury to any wild or domestic animals who may happen upon and eat the tongue.

Now, if this is not clear, let me reiterate the following caveats:

1) Anyone whose name you prepare and freeze in this way will be frozen out. If you put your lover's name in the freezer, you have frozen him (or his sexuality) out of your life; if you put the names of your rivals in the freezer, you have frozen them out of your life.

2) This is a container spell and it must be fixed and prepared as such; the material must be wrapped, pinned, sewed shut, or otherwise secured.

3) Oil is not a suitable wetting agent for this type of spell as oil does not easily freeze; it just hardens to a kind of goo.

4) Alcohol and alcohol based perfumes are not a suitable wetting agent for this type of spell as alcohol does not easily freeze; it remains liquid unless subjected to very low temperatures.

Common Misconceptions About Freezer Spells

For reasons i really do not understand, ice box and freezer spells are among the most misunderstood types of hoodoo work. Of course, i never saw this kind of misunderstanding in the African American conjure community while i was growing up and learning from my elders. Rather, all of the confusion seems to have arisen on the internet, during the time that people from outside the tradition have tried to redefine it in their own novel manner, without consulting their elders.

I don't like defining conjure by what it is NOT, but in this case, it seems that i must, if only to preserve the old-school knowledge that would otherwise be lost, swamped, or overrun by people from outside the culture.

Misconception #1: Freezer spells are modern, Wiccan, not hoodoo, etc.

TRUTH: Ice box and freezer spells are old, they are hoodoo, and they have been borrowed and appropriated by folks working in other traditions

The freezer spell started in hoodoo and has always been a hoodoo spell. Taking away the herbs, and the tongue, and the vegetables, and the roots, and the personal concerns -- just freezing a name in tap water in a glass jar -- is typical of what happens when people outside the culture hear about the spell and decide to "simplify" or "streamline" it. Then they hand it back to us and tell us we can "add" hoodoo elements like roots and herbs and folding or wrapping, and personal concerns. Mighty nice of 'em, i say. NOT.

Why do you think the 1950s song "I Got My Mojo Workin'" by Ann Cole has the lyrics, "I got a whole lot of tricks, keepin' her on ice"? Well, obviously, cause folks used those spells back then in hoodoo -- and that spell was to keep a love rival frozen out of the situation.

Back in the days of rural electrification (that'd be during the 1930s-1940s), when people began to get their own refrigerator-freezers, these spells became very popular.

Back in the days of ice boxes, before rural electrification, when the iceman brought ice every few days for folks to refrigerate their food (that'd be from the 1880s through the 1920s), they used these spells.

Back before that, in the days of ice houses, when every farmer tried to harvest ice off of the ponds during the winter and kept it in large blocks packed with sawdust all summer in a cooled, half-buried building on the farm (that'd be back in the 1700s and 1800s), they used these spells.

Y'all need to study some history. Don't be guessing.

Misconception #2: Freezer spells are always worked in jars called "freezer jars"

TRUTH: A "freezer jar" is a tapered glass canning jar that can be used to freeze liquids. People generally use freezer jars for freezing left-over soup for future use. The tapered shape and thick glass construction of a freezer jar ensure that it will not crack when the things inside it expand during the freezing process. In fact, a freezer jar is made of glass tough enough that it can be taken out of the freezer and, without thawing the contents, it can be warmed in a water-bath until the contents are heated to a nice, piping hot serving temperature.

Although any container spell can be worked in a jar, it is traditional in conjure to work a freezer spell inside an animal tongue to shut people up, inside a fruit or vegetable shaped like human genitalia to freeze someone's sexuality, or inside a lemon to shut them up, or inside wetted paper towels for other purposes.

A glass jar is just a simple container; to work a seriously incapacitating curse against an enemy or a rival, it helps to place the materials in a container that is symbolic in its own right. That's why really old-school honey jar spells are worked inside of red Apples or red Onions.

However, that having been said, it is quite useful to work certain types of freezer spells inside of glass jars. One of my favourites is a Run Devil Run freezer spell to remove slanderous, gossiping, evil-minded social enemies and spiritual attackers from your life. Another good freezer spell in a jar appears at the bottom of this page under the title "To Freeze a Person Out of Your Life While Causing Great Sorrow."

Misconception #3: Freezer spells will break up lovers

TRUTH: Freezer spells are not break-up spells at all. They do not operate in the least like Crossing, Break-Up, and Vinegar Jar Spells. Rather, they are used to stop someone by freezing them in their tracks, freezing them out of a situation, freezing their tongue, freezing their sexuality, and so forth. They put the person or people named "on ice." That is, they stop them from doing anything bad on the physical or magical level to hurt you.

For instance, in the song "Got My Mojo Working," Ann Cole sings, "I got a Gypsy woman giving me advice; got a whole lot of tricks, keeping her on ice" -- and the "her" in the song is her boyfriend's other girlfriend. You see? The Gypsy woman put the man's other girlfriend "on ice."

The same goes for Court Case spells. You put the names of witnesses who could harm you or your client or friend "on ice" to keep their tongue's "frozen." You put their names in a beef tongue and then freeze the tongue containing their names. That keeps them "on ice."

So if you freeze the names of your lover and his other girlfriend, you have literally frozen both of them out of your life ... together. That is not a break-up spell.

By the way, vintage-style glass refrigerator storage boxes, which can also do double-duty as oven-proof casserole bakers and freezer storage containers, come in many sizes. The ones shown here are square, but the long narrow ones are perfect for holding a frozen beef tongue for a Court Case spell.

Urine in Freezer Spells? When -- and when NOT --to add it

To understand the controversial opinions about whether urine -- and, most importantly WHOSE urine -- should go into a freezer spell, we need to look first at the use of urine (and WHOSE urine) in bottle spells -- and then see how this does or does not relate to its use in freezer spells.

Modern hoodoo bottle spells arose from earlier witch-bottles or protection spells, usually hidden up the fireplace chimney to protect the home from evil magic. The spell-caster's urine in the witch-bottle may mark the spell for the protected person and it places the location inhabited by that person under protection as well. These witch bottles derive from traditions of urination to mark one's territory and the handling of excreta in general.

Even when bottle spells begin to extend from protection to works of contemptuous domination and control, the spell-caster's urine may still mark the spell-bottle for the one who rules the spell. Again, this derives from traditions of handling excreta, as in the common phrase, "I'll piss on your grave" makes clear.

However, just as common as such protective bottles are fireplace corner "boiling" urine bottle spells in which the urine of the VICTIM, not the spell-caster, is subjected to magical transformation, with the intent to give the victim strangury or result in the victim's death. In these instances, the urine of the victim is their personal concern, and what is done to their urine is done to them, and in the best of these spells, the victim's urine is bottled up and hidden in or under their own fireplace, not the fireplace of the spell-caster.

Freezer spells come out of a different paradigm. They are spells of slowing down and preservation rather than protection, as, for instance, when slowing down and delaying a court case with a beef tongue. The earliest ones use brine (vinegar) for preservation and they may (but need not exclusively) be finished by consumption of the preserved tongue. They derive from culinary traditions.

With the delivery of ice to private homes in the 19th century by professional icemen, and then, later, with the development of electrical refrigeration, the freezer became more common than brining as a form of preservation -- but the embedded principles remain much the same. They still derive from culinary traditions, although they are no longer exclusively made in ways that are edible.

Urine was not part of brine or freezer spells in the first place, but when people approach a freezer spell from the perspective of a witch-bottle, they may add it. It is not common, but it may be done. However, WHOSE URINE is used may vary by the maker's intent.

These are all possibilities, but note that they would not be used in combination in one freezer spell.

Silly Internet Freezer Spells

One spell that made the rounds of the internet circa 2009 consisted of writing your lover's name on a piece of paper, placing it in a glass jar of tap water, and freezing it to make someone "open to suggestions." Another silly freezer spell involved placing Poppy Seeds in Controlling Oil with a name written on paper and freezing it in a jar to make someone "open to suggestions." A third freezer spell that gained internet traction for a while specified freezing a cucumber to "soften" your lover toward you and make him "faithful."

These are poorly conceived spells.

Tap Water? Really?

Tap water is simply inactive, magically speaking, so this internet freezer spell seems fairly useless to make someone "open to suggestions."

It is a container spell, like a vinegar jar, honey jar, red apple spell, mojo bag, or other spell of the container type, and like ALL container spells, it can be attempted with just a name written on paper. But also, like ALL spells of EVERY type, it more likely to work if you have the personal concerns or a magical link to the targeted person.

I think that without a true personal link to the person, putting a name in plain tap water (!) will not affect them anywhere near as strongly as you might wish, unless you add something personal of the person. But then, even if you do add something personal and make a strong link, despite the tap water -- all you will have accomplished is freezing your lover out of your life, not to making him "open to suggestions."

Poppy Seeds in Controlling Oil

Poppy seeds cause confusion. Think of opium poppies, of opium, of heroin, of junkies in the street: Poppies cause confusion. They are NOT for "controlling," so why combine them with Controlling Oil? How will this make someone "open to suggestions"?

Regardless of the intentions, this is not a very good FREEZER spell, and i can tell you that the real problem i see here is that oil does not freeze. It just turns to goo.

A real freezer spell freezes solid because it contains a water-based liquid. I think someone has mixed up the idea of Poppy Seeds from a real old-style Court Case freezer spell (in which the Poppy Seeds are used to confuse the minds of the bad witnesses and the ice is used to freeze their tongues) with some sort of controlling spell. But freezer spells are not controlling spells. They freeze people's activities. And, like i said, oil doesn't freeze well anyway.

Remember, a REAL freezer spell does not consist of something solid or loose in a jar in a freezer -- it is a packet made with a name-paper (and personal concerns if available) placed inside an animal's tongue, or inside a moist fruit or vegetable, or inside a substitute like moistened brown paper towels, and it is then frozen solid.

Freezing Poppy Seeds in Controlling Oil in a jar to influence someone's mind does not connect historically, energetically, or traditionally to old-time freezer spells. The spell seems to be seeking to confuse someone and then control them and then freeze their controlled confusion. What the heck is that supposed to do?

And remember, OIL DOES NOT FREEZE SOLID. You need a watery liquid -- and NO JAR -- to freeze the person's name-paper and personal concerns solid. You also need a clear intention and roots or herbs that will back up that intention. Put the name in a slit-open Lemon, dust the Lemon with Alum Powder and Poppy Seeds, and pin it shut with nine sewing pins. That's the way to do it.

The Case of the Frozen Cucumber

Some internet sources claim that you can freeze a cucumber with your boyfriend's name carved into it to keep him faithful to you. These sources assert that the cucumber represents his penis, and hence his sexuality, and freezing it will "soften it" and stop him running around.

TRUTH: In no way does freezing a cucumber "soften" it. It will freeze rock hard. I hate this trend of taking good old spells and removing everything from them except tap water or what can be found at a supermarket, and then getting even the simple science wrong. Remember too that traditional freezer spells are container spells, so carving a man's name on the surface of a cucumber (an idea probably borrowed from the practice of carving names on candles before burning them) is not going to make for an effective freezer spell.

Internet ignorance aside, this is actually an old spell, and not silly at all, but when it is done right, the goal is not to "soften" the man or "keep him faithful" -- it is to freeze out his sex drive and mess up his ability to urinate. It can be accomplished with a cucumber, a zucchini, or a dill pickle.

To really mess up a man's sexuality with this old-style spell, i think that a large dill pickle is better than a mild cucumber or zucchini, because it is sour and thus it will sour his sex life. In any case, slit the cucumber, zucchini, or pickle, then insert his semen or his urine on a name paper, and add Alum powder to stop him from coming or from peeing, Red Pepper to give him a burning inflammation of the penis, and Black Mustard Seeds to harm his sexuality and his urinary tract. These are traditional minerals, roots, and barks from our long past history and give real power to the work.

Why alum powder? Try it on your tongue and be convinced as to why it shuts things up.

Also be fully aware that if you do this, the man won't be having sex with you either, and he may get seriously ill from urinary blockage. You will have frozen his penis, not "softened" it. This is a grievous spell, and the intention is harmful, so the work must be carefully performed and you'd better be prepared to tell God why you did it.

A similar freezer spell on a woman employs a ripe fig or a pear, as these fruits resemble the uterus or womb. The effect is to freeze the woman's sex drive, give her an infection, and stop her ability to bear children.

Slit open the fig or pear, and insert into it her menstrual blood or her urine on a name paper, and add Alum powder to stop her periods, Red Pepper to give her a burning inflammation of the genitals, and Black Mustard Seeds to harm her sexuality and her urinary tract.

Either of these sexually damaging freezer spells can be wrapped up in aluminum foil, but for serious impact, first wrap them in the target's dirty underpants, wetted with urine, then encase them in aluminum foil, shiny side in.

To Freeze an Enemy Out of a Job

To cause job loss to a workplace enemy, begin by preparing a paper on the enemy. Write the person's name 9 times, and across the 9 repeated names, write this Biblical command, also 9 times:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office. -- Psalms 109:8

Slit open a Lemon and insert the paper. You may add Poppy Seeds to confuse the person, vinegar (yes, adding vinegar to a Lemon!) to sour the person's life, and Red Pepper to cause burning pain until the person leaves the job. Also insert a razor blade, to make sure that the person is "cut" from the workforce.

Tie the Lemon back up with string, saying aloud, "So-And-So, you are bound, you are tied, you are bound, you are tied," with each wrapping of string and with each knot you make.

If there are other people on the job whom you wish to influence to be cold to this hated person, you may freeze a little personal concern of each one, with a small name paper, into an ice cube tray and then wrap the prepared Lemon up with all the frozen ice cubes around it, in aluminum foil, shiny side inward, quoting each one in by name as you prepare the packet, saying, "You, Joe Doe, shall be cold as ice to my enemy So-And-So, and never offer a token of warmth or esteem." Then quote the portion of scripture aloud (changing the gender, if necessary, of course) with each ice cube you add.

When the person leaves the job, take the work out of the freezer, still in its foil, and bake it in an oven until it is completely dried out, with not even the slightest trace of moisture remaining. Then toss it away at a garbage dump.

To Freeze a Person Out of Your Life While Causing Great Sorrow

You will need the heart of an animal, from the butcher market, a glass jar that the heart will fit into, a red chili pepper pod, three needles, and some red wine vinegar. The species of animal is less important than you might think, as long as it fits in the jar. I have done this spell in miniature in a chicken heart with a tiny paper and a tiny fresh hot red pepper and it worked well. I have also seen it done with a pig's heart.

Begin by writing the person's name on a small piece of paper. You may use a photo of her if you wish and write the name, plus the birthdate if you have it, on the picture.

Roll her name into a tube and insert it into the red hot chili pod.

Place her rolled name in the chili pepper pod inside the animal heart and pierce the heart with three needles through it all and place it in the glass jar, then top it up with red wine vinegar.

Make a print-out of the Three of Swords tarot card shown here and tape the picture of the card around the outside of the jar, facing inward, to echo what you did to her in the jar.

Finally, wrap the jar in aluminum foil, shiny side inward, to trap her in it, and freeze it.

As with all freezer spells, be careful not to overfill the jar with liquids, because the water in the vinegar will expand as it freezes and it may crack the glass or pop the lid. Experienced freezer workers fill the jar to the shoulder and leave the lid on loose, then return, check the contents -- adding a bit more vinegar or scraping some away -- then screw the lid down tightly, and wrap the jar in the tin foil.


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