Today's ftp might as well be cancelled, as chaotic conditions have broken out here at Eclipse Central!

circa January 1992

Our set of 110 foil-packed TRUE CRIME trading cards, just barely announced to the public (text by Max Allan Collins, George Hagenauer, Valarie Jones and Peggy Collier; art by Jon Bright and Paul Lee -- all of whom would probably kill me if i didn't mention their names!) is in the news in a big, big, big way.

There have been three film crews here today, twenty radio interviewers, ten newspaper journalists and one wire service. Yesterday was just as bad. Tomorrow, Eclipse Chairman Jan Mullaney will be on the Today Show with Jane Pauley.

All the hoopla is over the fact that some of the people in the TRUE CRIME set are murderers. To be more specific, some of them are murderers whose motive was not profit or power.

I mean, look, when we published the FRIENDLY DICTATOR trading cards, nobody flipped out because we had cards on mass murderers like Hitler and Pinochet. When we published DRUG WARS trading cards, nobody got steamed that we had cards on Meyer Lansky and Jorge Ochoa, killers both. Or when we sent out press releases about THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION, no one objected to mass murderer Josef Stalin getting a card.

And since i wrote that paragraph i've been on three more radio interviews, one with Max Collins (it was airing in Wilmington, Delaware); Dean has been on three (he's on the air with Chicago now), and Val has done at least five.

I give up, folks. It is ten to four and Fed-Ex will be here to pick up the package NOW and i am just going to blow this type up big, using Quark Express, and you'll get half the words, but all my love, as always.

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