Introductions Are In Order

circa February, 1992

We have a new Production Manager, Rich Powers, and as i promised a while ago -- but regretably overlooked in the rush of current events -- here, for those who follow these things, are some facts about him:

Rich was born in Massachusetts in 1960 and trained at the Art Institute in Chicago, from which he graduated in 1983. His first job in comics was colouring for Now Comics, which he did for two years. He then moved on to the production department at First Publishing, where he met editor Valarie Jones. When we hired Val, she recommended Rich for our open production department slot, and that's how he came to move to northern California.

Rich is 5'9" tall, weighs 155 lbs, was born in the astrological sign of Pisces, and exhibits typical signs of male pattern baldness. He dresses conservatively, often in grey, and wears glasses to correct his myopia. His shoe size is 9.

Rich's comic book reading list includes Eightball, Tintin, and "anything by Moebius." His favourite drafting tool is a #11 X-acto blade. His sex life is "sporadic," he has no pets, and he drives a 1972 Pontiac Ventura formerly owned by a woman who rarely drove it. He enjoys oil painting and bicycling, and he listens to reggae, ska, and pop music from New Zealand. His favourite animals are "marine mammals, especially orcas," and he dreams about them often. In one memorable dream he was swallowed by an orca and woke up immediately. He says that this dream led to "about five years' worth of drawings" on the subject of orcas, the drawings accompanied by text about aggression in human beings.

He prefers Thai food to that of other ethnicities, but he does not know how to make Thai iced tea.

HERE COME THE B-GIRLS: As i write this, Rich and Ellen are working on the paste ups for Jewel Shepard's book, Invasion of the B-Girls, which i just proofread. Boy, is it wild! I never knew there were so many types of actresses willing to play bimbos in low-budget schlock flicks -- some do it to help their careers, some simply to pay the rent, and some because, in the words of Becky LaBeau, they are "good at playing bimbos." The interviews in B-Girls are amazing -- and i have to tell you, one of my favourite stories was the one about the producer who asked the starlet into his private office and . . . ah, i can't write about it in a family paper like this, darn it! But it's a great story, and it sure gives new meaning to the term "agent's commisssion."

ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT DAWN: Another newsworthy event around these parts concerns the promotion of Dawn Searcy to the post of Warehouse Manager. Dawn has been working in the warehouse for quite a while now, going way back to the days of the Teen Squad -- of which she was an honorary member, despite the fact that she was all grown up, with a child in school, when she joined us.

Anyway, things being what they are, Dawn has assumed the role of leader of the Back Issue Department, with Hoytus Rolen and Dave Molina working under her direction. We know she's in charge because there's this big old Yvette Vickers poster, recaptioned "Attack of the 50-Foot Dawn," hanging in the warehouse.

Dawn reminds me to tell all you credit-card holders that she and the crew can be reached at 1-800-468-6828 for those must-have orders. Or you can write for a price list of Eclipse back issues in care of P. O. Box 1099, Forestville, California 95436. But, says Dawn, if you are a retailer or distributor, don't call her, call Sales Puppy Beau Smith at the Radio Ranch: (304) 453-2008.

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