Giddyap, giddyap, giddyap, 409

circa March, 1992

NUPTIALS IN COMICS LAND: We are pleased to announce that the wedding of Eclipse staff editor and writer Valarie Jones and DC production staffer and freelance script writer Fred Schiller were celebrated here at the Eclipse Comics Homestead in Forestville, California, on March 8th, 1992.

It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, with thousands of flowering daffodils, primroses, crocus, hyacinths, anemones, purple iris, siberian wallflowers, candytufts, and a host of lesser plant species too numerous to mention providing a colourful backdrop to the festivities.

To the strains of a haunting old fiddle tune beautifully performed by Eclipse back issue department packer Hoytus Rolen and former Eclipse warehouse manager Marilee Horde, the couple proceeded to the lawn adjoining the Eclipse offices, as a large group of family, friends, and fellow comics professionals looked on in dewey-eyed approval.

The bride, who wore an elaborately embroidered white bridal gown, and the groom, attired in a black tuxedo, were conjoined in a simple double-ring ceremony by True Crime Trading Cards co-author and minister Peggy Collier, who led them in vows to love, honour, and respect each other for the duration of their lives.

Following a protracted nuptial kiss and the stately reception of congratulations from the guests, a bounteous feast was served, buffet style, to the assembled throng, and everyone partook of a lavish two-tiered chocolate and vanilla wedding cake provided by Eclipse production department staffer Ellen Sheerin Brinkley.

There was much champagne in evidence, and several rounds of enthusiastic toasts were offered, each one greeted with mingled applause and cheers from the revellers.

To the amusement of all present, the wedded couple then flung the traditional bridal bouquet and bridal garter into the party and endured a genial pelting with organically-grown bird seed before departing, to the accompanying clatter of tin cans, upon their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the wedding of Jones and Schiller was sudden and the betrothal period much abbreviated, to those who know them, it was not altogether unexpected, for they have long been companions.

Their previous employment at a series of comic book publishing concerns -- Now, First, and Eclipse -- had always coincided and, until Schiller removed to New York City to take a staff position with DC in 1991, they had habitually shared a single dwelling. In fact, from all appearances, it was the occasion of their temporary separation that led the pair to fully realize and at last acknowledge the extent to which they had come to love and depend upon one another, thus giving credence to the old proverb, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

After the honeymoon, Schiller plans to return briefly to New York to conclude his business there and terminate his staff employment with DC Comics, but as a freelance author, he, like others of his ilk, is not bound by the need to locate near his publishers, and so will reside with Jones in Forestville.

The couple has three rabbits and one cat, who wish them well in their union -- as do their many friends and family, both in and out of the comic book publishing industry.

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