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I'm just getting started with the archiving here, but eventually there will be hundreds of old Fit to Prints online. In the meantime, this is far.

FTP 400: Unsealing the JFK Assassination Files: a public service message
FTP 401: Gallery Scenes I and II; Migraine Auras: current shows; aspartame
FTP 402: Anti-War and Pro-Education Rant: damn it, i was right!
FTP 403: Chaotic Conditions Have Broken Out!: True Crime hits the media
FTP 404: The Jugglers and the Clowns: their chuckles and frowns
FTP 405: Rating the Reporters: an interview subject tells all
FTP 406: Crime Cards Not the First Victims: tales of government stupidity
FTP 407: Rosemead Joins the Big Leagues: more True Crime condemnation
FTP 408: Introductions: Rich Powers; B-Girls; Dawn Searcy
FTP 409: Jones-Schiller Nuptials: long companionship, sudden wedding
FTP 410: Banned Books, Oregon Style: Gene Stratton Porter & Clive Barker

FTP 560: Industry Rumours; Gerber's Cybernary: catastrophism; a review
FTP 561: The Breaking Wave of the Past: Rick Griffin, Larry Marder
FTP 562: WWW; Wanted to Buy: htmlizing and seeking paper ephemera


In 1995, i testified as the plaintiff in a trial regarding the banning of the sale of True Crime and other trading cards that i edited while working for Eclipse Enterprises. Nassau County New York had passed a law that imposed a one year jail term and a one thousand dollar fine on anyone who distributed, sold, or gave such cards to children. The ACLU represented the plaintiffs. Here is the judge's decision. (The county appealed and lost again; as of October 1996, they have filed a 2nd appeal. The case goes on...)

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