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An Introduction to African-American Rootwork

by Catherine Yronwode

This is a book in progress. It is protected by copyright and it is not to be mirrored in whole or in part at other web sites, nor reprinted for distribution in printed, electronic, or broadcast formats.

Below is a rough outline of the table of contents. Sections which are highlighted have been uploaded. Sections that are not highlighted have not yet been uploaded.


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How i became interested in hoodoo.
The people who taught me hoodoo and the books i have consulted
Harry M. Hyatt deserves major credit for documenting hoodoo, but note:
His refusal to interview mail order hoodoo suppliers of the 1930s,
His problems with regional African-American dialects,
His "forcing" folks like the Unkus Man to comply with his pre-conceptions about hoodoo
Why pre-WWII rural blues lyrics,
unmediated by white folklorists' expectations,
are used throughout this book for reference on hoodoo practices.
Parallels between "down home" blues and "down home" hoodoo
as contrasted to "urban" Chicago-style blues
and "urban" Chicago-style mail-order hoodoo companies of the 20th century,
like the makers of Lucky Brown cosmetics.


The Community

Hoodoo in African American culture
A Brief History of Hoodoo
Definition of terms
What Hoodoo Is: An African-American Folk-Magic Tradition
What Hoodoo Is Not: Voodoo, Santeria, etc.
Admixtures: European, Spiritist, and Kabbalist Influences
Admixtures: Asian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist Influences
Cherokee and other Native American inclusions in hoodoo

The Rural Southern Tradition as documented in the 19th century by Grimes, Bown, Bibb, Randolph, Norris, Hearn, Culin, Park, Owen, Bacon et al.

The Rural Southern Tradition as documented in the 20th century by Puckett, Hyatt, Hurston, Johnson, Haskins, et al.

Protestant Christian Folk-Magic

Hoodoo and Religion
Is Hoodoo a Religion?
What Religion Do Hoodoo Practitioners Follow
Who Are the "Saints" in Hoodoo?
Baptist Exhortational Sermons as Curses in God's Name
"Hitler and Hell" by Rev. J. M. Gates
"Will You Spend Your Eternity in Hell?" by "Black Billy Sunday" -- Reverend Dr. J. Gordon McPherson
Rootwork for Hire: Two-Headed Doctors and Fortune-Telling Women
Dr. Buzzard
Uncle George Jackson Dennis
Aunt Caroline Dye
Dr. Jim Jordan
The Seven Sisters of New Orleans
Readers, Root Workers, and Black Gypsies
From Rural to Urban: Evolving Trends in 20th Century pre-WWII Hoodoo
Urban deployment issues, ecological disposal issues,
Urban rejection of animal body parts and personal concerns due to social, political, and health issues
Jews and Jewish Magic in Hoodoo:
Jewish Suppliers to the African-American Hoodoo and Conjure Community
Lucky Brown cosmetics: Morton G. Neumann
Clover Horn Company: Marcus Menke
Hoyt's Cologne: LeRue Marx
Joe Kay, Lewis de Claremont, Henri Gamache, and the Enduring Mystery of Mr. Young
Mikhail Strabo: A Pseudonym of Sydney J. R. Steiner
The elaboration of spells under Mail Order European grimoire and spell book influence
Albertus Magnus' Egyptian Secrets
"Pow Wows or The Long Lost Friend" by John George Hohman
"Secrets of the Psalms" by Godfrey Selig
"The Ancient Book of Formulas" by Lewis de Claremont
"The Ancient's Book of Magic" by Lewis de Claremont
"Legends of Incense, Herb, and Oil Magic" by Lewis de Claremont
"The 7 Keys to Power" by Lewis de Claremont
"7 Steps to Power" by Lewis de Claremont
"The Master Book of Candle Burning" by Henri Gamache
"Master Key to Occult Secrets" by Henri Gamache
"The Magic of Herbs" by Henri Gamache
"The 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses" by Henri Gamache
"Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed" / "Protection Against Evil" by Henri Gamache
"How to Hold a Candle Light Service" by Mikhail Strabo
"Guiding Light to Power and Success" by Mikhail Strabo
Abramelin (a Kabbalistic formula in hoodoo)
Urban Hoodoo: Popular oil blends offered as discounted specials
Urban Hoodoo: the post-WWII development of spell kits
Urban Hoodoo: the discovery of hoodoo by Afro-Caribbean religious adherents
Internet Hoodoo: the discovery of hoodoo by Neo-Pagan religious adherents
Internet Hoodoo: the discovery of hoodoo by Occultists

The Core beliefs

The Doctrine of Signatures or Natural Magic
(general outline of how to use Natural Curios)
Herbs and Roots
Zoological Curios
Personal Concerns
Fluids: Menstrual Blood, Urine, Semen
Solids: Feces, Hair, Skin
Touched by the Body: Dishrag, Socks, Shoes, Underwear, Foot Track
Symbolic: Photos, Name Papers
Laying Tricks and Disposing of Ritual Remnants
Burial in Earth in the Home Yard
Deployment in Food or Drink
Deployment in Clothing or on Objects
Deployment or Disposal at a Crossroads
Interment in a Quincunx Pattern in a Building
Burial in a Graveyard
Deployment in a Tree
Deployment or Disposal in Running Water
Disposal in Fire
Tying, Wrapping, and Folding
Folding Toward and Folding Away
Wrapping and Tying
Altar Cloths
Sewing or Placing in a Bag
Red Flannel Lucky Mojo Bag
Brocade "Chinese Fortune Bag"
Fringed Leather "Medicine Bag" Pouch
Velvet Bags and Pouches
Nation Sack
Jomo Charms
Doll Babies Bottle and Box Spells
Bottle Spells (Vinegar, Honey, and Ammonia jars)
Honey Jar Spells (and Red Apple or Onion spells)
Ice Box and Freezer Spells (tongue, pickle, paper packet)

Foot-Track Magic

Spoken Charms (contrast chants (very few!) and relative lack of spoken charms w/ Euro-magic)
Invocations (Father, Son, Holy Ghost; J the C; King Solomon)
Recitation of Psalms
"Hitler and Hell" by Rev. J. M. Gates, a call-and-response sermon-curse
Written Charms, Petition Papers, and Inscribed Wishes
Seals and Sigils
Chalk Marks
Inscribed Papers and Marked Money
Feather Quill Pens for Magical Writing
Magical Scented Inks
Talismanic Objects
Silver Mercury Dimes
Indian Head Cents
Lucky Tokens
Throwing the Bones
Jack Balls and Queen Elizabeth Root pendulums
Cartomancy, Reading the Cards
Lucky Numbers given to one:
Hyatt's informant, numbers given out in commercial incense and candles
Dreaming Lucky, Dreaming True, Dream Books
"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" and others
"Billy Bing's Dream Book"
"Kansas City Kitty Dream Book"
"Madam Fu-Fu's Lucky Number Dream Book"
"Pick'Em Dream Book" by Rajah Rabo (Carl Z. Talbot)
Professor Konje, Professor De Herbert (Herbert G. Parris)
"Rajah Rabo's 5-Star Mutuel Dream Book" by Rajah Rabo (Carl Z. Talbot)
"Rajah's Lucky Number Dream Book" by Rajah Stanley
"Stella's Lucky Seven Star Dream Book"
"Stella's Success From Dreams: Number Interpretations"
"True Fortune Teller" by The Gypsy King (Ralph Anderson)
Lottery, Policy, and the Numbers Game Rundowns and Work-Outs
"Billy Bing's Red Book of Relative Numbers"
"Billy Bing's Work-Out Book: Work-Outs That 'Work'"

The Basic Tricks

Drawing: How to Enhance Luck and Draw What you Want in Love, Money, and Work
Mojo Bags and Conjure Hands
Nation Sacks
Jomo Charms
Honey Jar Spells
Hurting: How to Harm Others, Drive Them Away, or Give Them an Unnatural Illness
Negative or Harmful Foot-Track Magic
Jomo Work as a term for Negative Foot-Track Magic
"Live Things In You"
Tying the Nature
Dominating: How to Get Your Way, To Rule, and Succeed
Female Spells of Domination
Protecting: How to Protect Your Self and Your Home from Tricks
Protection Spells
Cleansing: How to Free Your Self and Your Home from Crossed Conditions
Bathing and Cleansing the Self, Home, and Business
Chinese Wash
Van Van Spiritual Supplies
Uncrossing Spiritual Supplies
Contacting Supernatural Entities:
The Dead (Ancestors and Others)
Who Are the "Saints" in Hoodoo?
Crossroads Rituals


How to Make a Mojo hand ("What's In a Mojo" section only)
How to Make and Use a Doll-Baby
Going Down to the Crossroads ("Oral History" section only)
How to Use Dressing Oils
How to Use Sachet Powders
How to Use Baths and Floor Washes
How to Use Incense
How to Burn Candles How to Use Spell Kits Candle Magic
The History of Candle Burning in the Hoodoo Rootwork Tradition
Colour Symbolism in Candle Magic
The Symbolism of Figural Candles
Dressing, Marking, Measuring, Lighting, and Extinguishing Candles
How to Read Divination Signs from Candle-Burning
How to Burn Candles in Secret
How to Ritually Dispose of Used Candle Wax
Simple Candle Spells for You to Try
Practical Hoodoo Spells for Various Conditions
Opening the Way
Love Spells
Reconciliation Spells
Tying the Nature
Break-up and anti-love
Money-drawing and Drawing Customers to a Business
Gambler's Luck
Success in Career or School
Domination and Bend-Over
Protection Spells
Law Keep Away
Hot Foot and Drive-Away
Jinxing and Crossing
Jinx-Breaking and Uncrossing
Blessing, Purification, and Healing
Improvisation within an Oral Tradition: Playing the Riffs
(an upbeat, encouraging "release" that allows beginners to feel free from the constraints of "cookbook" magic, but stresses the tradition and its integrity)
Some Aspects of the Material Culture of Hoodoo in the 20th Century
Blues Lyrics and Hoodoo supplementary transcriptions
Hoodoo Candle Manufacturers
The Clover Horn Company, Baltimore, Maryland Double Fast Luck brand soap
The lucky aspects of commercial hair care preparations
Hoyt's Cologne, a lucky perfume
Harry M. Hyatt's African-American informants
Lucky Brown beauty products
Lucky Heart hoodoo products
Lucky MonGol brand curios
lucky room sprays
Egypt Candle Store, Oakland, California


Materia Magica: Roots, Minerals, and Herbs

Intro to Natural Herbs, Roots, Minerals, and Zoological Curios Around the Home and Farm
Pins, Needles, Nails
Railroad Spikes
Ants and Termites
Black Cats
Black Dogs
Black Hens, Hen Eggs, and Frizzled Fowl
Cow dung
Snake Sheds
In Trade and Commerce
Alligator Foot
Alligator Tooth
Angelica Root
Badger Tooth
Bat-Nut (Devil Pod, Chinese Horn Nut)
Buckeye Nut
Devil's Shoe String Root
Dragon's Blood
Five Finger Grass
Goofer Dust
Graveyard Dirt
Job's Tears
John the Conqueror Root
Lucky Hand Root
Magnetic Sand
Queen Elizabeth Root
Rabbit Foot
Raccoon Penis Bone
Rattlesnake Skin and Rattles
Red Pepper

Condition Oils, Powders, Incenses, and Washes

History of Mail Order Spiritual Supplies of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries
How to Use Dressing Oils ("History" section only)
How to Use Sachet Powders ("History" section only)
How to Use Baths and Floor Washes ("History" section only)
How to Use Incense ("History" section only)
How to Burn Candles ("History" section only)
How to Use Spell Kits ("History" section only)
Descriptive Selection of Commercial Spiritual Supplies (Condition Formulas)
Abramelin (an Old Testament formula for Heavenly blessings)
Adam and Eve (for primal, unmediated, sensual love)
African Ju Ju (an old African formula for luck and power)
Algiers (a Louisiana formula for good luck)
Attraction (to bring in what you want; also used to bring in money)
Aunt Sally's Lucky Dream (to bring lucky numbers through dreams)
Banishing (to bar or ban unwanted persons)
Bat's Blood (for pacts, for gambling, for dark arts)
Bewitching (adds mystery, fascination, and sexual allure to love spells)
Black Arts (to aid in destructive spells and pact-making rituals)
Black Cat (to bring back a lost love, for gambling, for dark arts)
Blessing (for purification, blessing, healing, and comfort)
Block Buster (for blasting apart obstacles)
Boss Fix (to fix things with your boss or supervisor)
Break Up (for splitting up a couple, for divorce or separation)
Buffalo Ammonia (for purification, spiritual cleansing, and protection)
Cast Off Evil (to break bad habits or drive away evil companions)
Chinese Wash (to clean away crossed conditions in a home)
Chuparrosa (Hummingbird) (for luck in a sincere and lasting love)
Clarity (put an end to confusion and unknowing; for insight and true vision)
Cleo May (a favourite with those who want monetary tips from men)
Come To Me (to draw a lover of the opposite sex closer)
Commanding (to rule, control, dominate and lead others)
Compelling (to make someone do as promised or pay what's owed)
Confusion (to drive someone into a state of mental disarray)
Controlling (to drive someone into a state of mental disarray)
Court Case (to influence judge and jury to decide in your favour)
Crossing (to mess someone's life up by jinxing their luck in all ways)
Crown of Success (for success in school, career, or on stage)
Crucible of Courage (to increase personal determination, courage, and bravery)
Cut and Clear (to Fall Out of Love and Open the Way for New Love)
Damnation (for cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes)
Destruction (to destroy, take down, and obliterate enemies)
Devil's (used by those who wish to harm others or to do mischief to them)
Devil's Shoe String (to tie down and restrain the devil and also human enemies)
Dixie John Root in Oil (used for help in family, love, and luck. Contains genuine Dixie John Root.)
Dixie Love (an old Southern Love formula for men or women)
Do As I Say (to give one the power to command others to obey)
Domination (for those who wish to rule others and control them)
Dove's Blood (for love spells directly from the heart)
Double Cross (a sneaky twist to wreck and enemy's love and money)
Double Luck (for love and money, for luck with a person of another race)
Dragon's Blood (for power, luck, protection, and magic)
D.U.M.E. ("Death Unto My Enemies" -- burned on black candles to harm others)
Essence of Bend-Over (to subjugate someone to your will)
Fan Laundry Soap (for Uncrossing and Jinx-breaking)
Fan Medicated Soap (for Purification and Protection)
Fast Luck (for immediate sexual and money luck)
Fear Not to Walk Over Evil (for protection from tricks and crossing)
Fiery Wall of Protection (for protection from enemies and bad people)
Fire of Love (to engender passionate desire)
Five Finger Grass (for success in all the things that your five fingers can do)
Florida Water and Kananga Water (for purification and spiritism)
Follow Me Boy (to dominate and control a man with sexual allure)
Follow Me Girl (to dominate and control a woman with sexual allure)
Four Thieves Vinegar (to protect yourself and drive off enemies)
Good Luck (for general good fortune in love, money, and games of chance)
Goofer Dust (to wreck someone's life up or kill them)
Graveyard Dirt (to kill someone or bring them under your control)
Healing (for relief of sickness and sorrow; to mend emotional and physical problems)
Hot Foot (to drive someone out of your life or cause them to leave town)
House Blessing (to cleanse, bless, and protect your home)
Hoyt's Cologne (for gambling luck and luck in love)
Indian Spirit Guide (for contact with Indian Spirit Guides in the Spiritual Church)
Inflammatory Confusion (to cause confusion with fussing and miscommunications)
Intranquility (to force a wandering lover to return)
Jezebel (for working women and for female renegades)
Jinx (to steal someone's luck in love or money)
Jinx Killer (to kill a jinxing spell that was laid fown)
John the Conqueror (for strength, mastery, love, and money)
King Solomon Wisdom (for intelligence, wise decisions, and occultism)
Kiss Me Now (to rapidly bring about a sexual affair)
Lady Luck (for dice-play and risk-taking ventures)
Lavender Love Drops (for drawing gay and lesbian love and sex)
Law Keep Away (to keep off the police, IRS, DEA, and other agencies)
Lodestone (to attract and draw luck, money, and love)
Look Me Over (to attract admiring attention to one's physical body)
Love Me (to attract a new lover or turn an old friend into a new lover)
Lucky Buddha (for good luck in wealth, health, money, and gambling)
Lucky Hand (for a "helping hand" in money matters and gambling)
Lucky Mojo (for all around good luck in love, money, and gambling)
Lucky Number (for betting in any game that involved Numerology or Numbers)
Lucky 13 (to "dress the house" and fix one's money when gambling)
Magnetic Sands (to feed the lodestone for love or money matters)
Marriage (to get married, to bless a new marriage, for wedded bliss)
Master (for skill, self-discipline, and leadership ability)
Master Key (for occult power, strength of will, and insight)
Money Drawing (to bring in money through business or general good luck)
Money House Blessing (to bring in money through business or general good luck)
Money Stay With Me (to bring in money through business or general good luck)
Moses (to honour or petition the great Prophet, Law-Giver, and Leader.)
Peaceful Home (for a happy marriage or domestic relationship)
Peace Water (to ensure that only good people and spirits enter the home)
Power (to increase your personal strength and spiritual power)
Prosperity (for better business and financial ease)
Psychic Vision (to enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams)
Reconciliation (to repair lovers' spats)
Return To Me (to bring a lover or friend back from a distance)
Road Opener (to break blockages and open the way)
Safe Travel (for a happy journey and a safe return)
Special Oil No. 20 (an all-purpose candle-dressing oil)
Stay At Home (to cause a partner to stay home and not wander)
Stay With Me (for conjugal fidelity and marital faithfulness)
Steady Work (to get a good job and hold it)
Stop Gossip (to stop back-biting and slander)
Three Jacks and a King (for luck at gambling and card games)
Uncrossing (to break jinxes and remove crossed conditions)
Van Van (to open the way, drive off evil, and anoint amulets)
Victory (to win aganst others in athletic events and contests)
Wealthy Way (for a life of ease and luxury)
War Water (to declare occult war on enemies and cause trouble for them)


Popular Candles in Conjure
Seven-Day and Seven-Knob Candles
Votive Candles, Lux Perpetua Candles, and Tea Lights
Glass Encased Religious Novena Candles
Glass Encased Vigil Candles
Unlabelled Plain Glass Encased Vigil Candles
Pull-Out Candles (Vigil And Novena Candle Refills)
Double Action and Reversing Jumbo Candles

Formulary Databases

Herbs, Curios, and Spiritual Supplies Grouped by Use or Purpose
Herbal Quick-List (180 Herbs)
Popular Types of Figural Candles (second part of web page)
Inventory of 7-Day Vigil Candles


("portions of this book were first presented as a series of short, topical essays in the Lucky W Amulet Archive..." hence a list of all pages at same that deal with hoodoo)


See: Bibliography of Source Writings on Hoodoo by catherine yronwode


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