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Hello, This is cat ... 

I have been asked how one goes about getting a book published by Lucky
Mojo and what the pay rate is for writing such books. Here are the
bare-bones basics, in a nutshell. Please pardon my terseness -- this
is simply a quick download of the information:


We publish and are looking for books on specific areas of folk magic:

A) Folk magic by condition 
(e.g. Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation spells, Cash Box Conjure,
Cursing and Crossing, Deliverance!)

B) Folk magic by form of use 
(e.g. The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic, Spiritual Baths, The Art of
Making Mojos, Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells)

C) Folk magic by region or culture
(e.g. North Asian Magic, Trolldom) <-- NOTE: these books are published
by YIPPIE, not LMCCo, but the same terms apply.

D) Folk magic by form of divination, or divination combined with spellcraft
(e.g. Throwing the Bones, Crystal Magic, A Deck of Spells, Lithomancy)

We publish books about folk magic, metaphysics, the occult, and
fortune telling, but within that broad heading, we do not publish
books about personal spiritual journeys, religious hierarchies, or
about drug use or violence as adjuncts to spirituality.

For a complete list of all books we have published to date, please see
this Lucky Mojo Publishing and Distribution web page:


A) Initial consultation
Because our book production is scheduled up to one year in advance,
and we do not wish to duplicate subject matter or waste our time or an
author's time, we suggest that the initial proposal for a book be
accomplished via telephone call at a convenient time for both parties.
Generally, authors will be known to, and be able to speak with the
editor of the line, catherine yronwode. If we believe that we are not
the right publisher for an author's book, we will suggest other

B) Formal submission
After initial consultation and agreement to proceed to the submission
stage, we request a Table of Contents and one sample chapter as a
formal submission. The sample chapter may not be the Introduction, the
glossary, or the historical background to the subject; it should
consist of a full interior chapter. Depending on the structure and
topic of the book, a full interior chapter may be as follows:

* For books on a Condition, a sample chapter of spells by Form of Work: 
     (e.g. in a book on Blessing: blessing candles, blessing mojos, or blessing baths), 
* For books on a Form of Work, a sample chapter of spells by Condition:
     (e.g. in a book on Powders: love powders, money powders, or cursing powders)
* For books on a single Culture, a sample chapter of spells by Condition:
     (e.g. Mexican love spells, Mexican protection spells, or Mexican money spells). 

C) House style
Because we have an in-house style, we require that prospective authors
become familiar with that style before submitting manuscripts. For
example, all of our books, unless agreed to beforehand, are 96 pages
in length. Their format is very closely controlled by in-house
editorial guidelines and typesetting standards. If you wish to see a
copy of our in-house editorial guidelines, we can post them.

D) Non-authorial matter
As publishers, we supply illustrations, cover art, and cover copy
through our production department, and these matters are not the
responsibility of the author unless a special arrangement for such
material is entered into at the time of signing our general agreement
to publish.


A) Royalty rate
We pay 10% royalty. For our standard $9.00 books, this is 90 cents per
copy. This payment is given regardless of whether the copies are sold
at retail price, wholesale price, or given away by us during a
promotional event. This rate applies to reprints as well as initial
print runs.

B) Print run
We print 2,000 copies of the initial edition of each book. This
results in a $1,800.00 royalty for the first printing of a 96 page
book. All subsequent printings will be at least 2,000 copies, and may
be larger, at our discretion, and royalties will be paid at the same
rate per copy, perpetually, with each reprinting.
C) Advance royalties
Authors are paid all projected royalties for each print run as an
advance against sales. In other words, shortly after the first print
run of a title goes on sale, the author will receive a lump sum
royalty payment for the initial print run, and each time the book is
reprinted, the author will again be paid advance royalties for that
subsequent print run. We will report all royalty payments to the IRS
as part of our bookkeeping.

D) Book signing incentives
For the first print run of each title, authors are sent a full case of
printed books as a signing bonus. The number of copies in the case
varies at the discretion of the printer but is never less than 96
copies nor more than 112 copies for a 96 page book. The retail value
of this bonus case will never be less than $864.00 and the royalties
will be paid on the case as well (never less than $86.4o), so this
case of books represents a signing bonus of approximately $900.00 in
money and goods. Authors are responsible for shipping costs of their
bonus case, but, if requested, we will subtract books from the bonus
case at our case-price per book and use the "funds" thus generated to
pay for the shipping. On all subsequent editions, the author will
receive only a royalty check plus two copies of that edition.

E) Author purchases
Authors may purchase copies of their books by the case at our
wholesale case price at any time, F.O.B. Forestville, California.
Payment may be made by credit card, with shipping costs calculated and
charged at the time of shipping and added as an extra charge.


We require that all parties who publish with us abide by a series of
contractual obligations that are not payment-oriented. These
contractual matters, included in our official Letter of Intent,
specify considerations of originality, copyright, reprint rights,
perpetuality, lapses, reversions, and the naming of heirs and assigns
to the contract, which are conditions familiar, well-known, and common
to most book publishing contracts. We can supply further details upon


As a relatively small and understaffed book publishing company, we
believe that authors who self-promote make the best partners for us,
because they help spread the word about not only their own books, but
also us, their publisher, and we appreciate the lift they give to us.
Here are some of the ways we will promote your book:

A) On-site web promotions
We promote authors' books online at our Lucky Mojo web site. Each book
is listed on our books page and at our publishing company page, and
each book has its own web page. On that page we dispaly the cover, a
description of the book and brief author biography (taken from the
back over ofthe book) and the full table of contents for the book, as
well as a "Buy It Now" button for purchase of the book. All $9.00
books are also promoted on-site in bundled retail discount packes, sch
as our popular "Baker's Dozen" (13 books for the price of 12) -- and
royalties on those discount packages are, of course, already pre-paid
at full retail value to the author, so we support the cost of
discounting the books.

B) Newsletter promotions
We promote authors' books via our monthly email newsletter, which is
sent, at our cost, to our large list of newsletter subscribers and is
also archived at our site.

C) Radio show / podcast promotions
We invite authors to promote their books by appearing as guests on our
radio shows on the LMC Radio Network. These shows are archived as
podcasts and reach a large audience unlimited by date of publication.

D) Lucky Mojo Forum promotions
We create a named thread at the Lucky Mojo Forum for each book. The
thread contains comments, questions, and reviews generated by the
public, by our Forum Moderators, and by the author, if the author is
so inclined. In addition, each book is also shown and listed numerous
times at our Lucky Mojo Forum under relevant topic headings, and also
at this forum master-page: 

and every time a topic comes up in a general area of the forum which
relates to the book, we will insert an image of the book's cover and a
"Buy It Now" button to generate sales. These forum posts are
searchable by Google and are very widely read. Author participation is
encouraged in these threads.

E) Social media promotions
We promote authors' books via social media at Facebook. These
promotions are ongoing and extend far past the initial introductory
phase of the book's publication. Specifically, we offer books as
prizes in our weekly Facebook Fridays! giveaway program. We encourage
authors to share these posts. If an author wishes to create a Facebook
page for a book, we encourage this, although we do not create such
pages ourselves.

F) Amazon promotions
We promote authors' books at Amazon and they will be listed for sale
there. Additionally, we encourage authors to create an "Author" page
at Amazon and to tend to and oversee their own Amazon review listings.
Becoming known as an author, asking colleagues to review books, and
reporting abusive reviews are important factors in career management
when working through the Amazon sales interface.

G) Promotional partnerships
We encourage promotional partnerships with our authors. For example,
in the past we have worked with organizations like the AISC to invite
each author to attend a book debut party at the AISC Hoodoo Heritage
Festival or other event to launch their books. We cannot guarantee to
always have such venues available, but we will do our best. We
recommend that authors make use of their own first edition bonus case
of books and arrange their own local book debut parties as well.
Authors are not obligated to engage in any promotional partnerships
with us, but those who refuse to self-promote, refuse to cross-promote
our publishing ventures, or refuse to appear at our sponsored venues
or on our sponsored radio shows may find us reluctant to team up with
them for subsequent book proposals.

Here are some more tips for prospective authors:

If i like the subject matter you are proposing, and if no one else has "dibs" on
writing a book on that topic for us, i would like to send you a letter of intent,
but i cannot do so until i have a table of contents and a sample chapter. 

The sample chapter should consist of spells or divination techniques
from the "meat" or center of the book.

In planning your Table of Contents, i would like you to look over
these suggestions:


We release four types of books from three publishers: 

Spells by Form (mojo hands, candles, baths, altars) - LMBCo, MISC
Spells by Condition (love, curses, protection) - LMBCo, MISC
Divination by Form (bone reading, stone-throwing)  - LMBCo, MISC
Magic of Specific Cultures (North Asian Magic, Trolldom) - YIPPIE

Study our books, formally, with respect to both structure and layout. 37 lines
per page / 310 words per page. Each page a stand-alone. This is a precise form
of writing.  


Our books generally contain these 6 - 8 standard pages of obligatory
front-matter and end-matter:

Title page - page 1
Indicia - page 2
Table of Contents - page 3
Dedication and Acknowledgements - page 4
Introduction - optional, page 5 (and may run for more pages) 
Illustration - 1 page minimum, at the break between front-matter and
spells; optimally on page 11, 13, 15, or 17.
Conclusion - optional, page 95
Bibliography - page 96 

However, before taking up the spell-craft portion of the book, you
will need some additional substantive front-matter. Here are some
forms of front-matter we use in our line of books. Not every book has
all of these, but i have provided some samples of how various books
handle the inclusion and layout of substantive front-matter.


Because our books deal with specific cultures, regions, and historical
traditions, many of them contain a brief overview of the culture from
which the spells have arisen.

Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells - page 5
Hoodoo Shrines and Altars - page 5
North Asian Magic - pages 5 - 17
Paper In My Shoe - pages 6 - 7
The Sporting Life - page 7
Hoodoo Return and Reconciliation Spells - page 12
Trolldom - pages 21 - 32

For instance, in writing a book on Jewish Spells and Magic, you would
need a page or two about Judaism, Jewish History, and Jewish folk
magic. In this section you would explain the regional and linguistic
differences between Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi traditions. You
would mention that not all Jews are Orthodox -- a common
misunderstanding among newbies -- and you would substantiate this with
a brief list of Jewish denominations. You would mention that folk
magic is not the Kabbalah -- another common mistake.


We find technical glossaries useful in books that employ either
specialized terminology or foreign language wording.

The Art of Making Mojos - pages 5 - 8
Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells - page 7
Women's Work - pages 7 - 8
Hoodoo Spiritual Baths - page 8
Destroying Relationships - page 8 
Cursing and Crossing - pages 8 - 9
Deliverance! - pages 8 - 9
Paper In My Shoe - page 9
Trolldom - pages 11 - 20
This Amazing Book - pages 13 - 17

Again, using a proposal on Jewish Spells and Magic as an example,
every Jewish term to be employed  -- from rabbi to shmaltz -- will be
defined here, once, but ONLY if it does appear later in the book. (No
"blind" entries allowed.) If you wish to split the names of Jewish
demons and angels off into a separate "dictionary of Jewish spiritual
entities," that is fine -- and it will form a second glossary.


These lists are particularly useful in books that deal with a
structural method of working. They tell the practitioner what tools to
have on hand, from a pair of scissors to a candle stand. Every item
listed must appear later in the book. (No "blind" entries allowed.)

Hoodoo Spiritual Baths - pages 6 - 7, 12, 31, 35, 36
Hoodoo Honey and Sugar Spells - page 7
The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic - pages 9 - 32 
Cursing and Crossing - pages 10 - 21
The Art of Making Mojos - pages 12 - 19
Destroying Relationships - pages 14 - 21
Hoodoo Shrines and Altars - pages 29 - 38
Hoodoo Bible Magic - pages 30, 38 - 41
Paper In My Shoe - pages 41 - 42


On these pages, we provide information about authors who have
collected oral and written traditions before us, and whose work we
have built upon. Several of our 96 page books have such pages.These
are not bibliographies -- they consist of short biographical
shout-outs to our literary predecessors.

The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic - pages 5 - 8
Hoodoo Shrines and Altars - pages 6 - 7
Paper In My Shoe - page 8
The Art of Making Mojos - pages 10 - 11

Again, using a proposal on Jewish Spells and Magic as an example, i
know that much of our information about older terminology and spells
comes via Joshua Trachtenberg and other academics, and that leads us
to the need for a page titled "How We Know About These Things" (or
something similar).

3) PROVIDE 100 SPELLS, BY CONDITION (if the book is culture-based or
form-based ) or by FORM (if the book is condition-based)

A grimoire consists of spells. Our books sell because they contain
spells. In order to send out a letter of intent or a contract, i need
to see a sample chapter of spells for a given condition or employing a
given form. Note that you cannot break by condition and then by form
-- choose one or the other, depending on the book.

In formatting a sample spells chapter, you may find it helpful to
begin with a list of appropriate herbs or spiritual supplies for that
condition or form of work.


The Art of Making Mojos - pages 21 - 24, 43 - 46, 55 - 58, 71 - 74
Hoodoo Spiritual Baths -45-47, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60


Hoodoo Spiritual Baths - pages 16, 18, 34-38

To a limited extent, you are encouraged to pick up and copy spells
from other books that we publish, with credit. For instance, if you
included something from Hoodoo Bible Magic, you would include a credit
to Michaele and Charles and their book.

You may also credit deceased authors. For instance, you may say,
"According to Joshua Trachtenberg, 'Something or other'" or "in
October 1936, Harry Hyatt interviewed a woman he called 'Mrs. Someone'
in Waycross, Georgia, and she gave him this love spell: "Something or
other." You do not need to repeatedly explain who your authorial
source is because you will have already covered him or her in the
"Shout-Outs" section.

I hope this is of help to prospective authors. 

catherine (cat) yronwode
Lucky Mojo Book Company


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