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The African-American folk-magic tradition known as hoodoo, root work, and conjure is replete with spells for female domination. While European-derived Wicca and neo-paganism postulate a "three-fold law of return" that promises bad karma to any woman who holds a man captive, dominates him, or subjugates him to her will, hoodoo root workers consider such female domination normal, common, and even necessary to ensure a satisfactory relationship. Among the most famous of the hoodoo spells used o capture and enslave men are the Nation Sack, the Compelling bath, and the Follow me Boy ritual. In addition, Essence of Bend-Over dressing oil is used by those who wish to degrade and humiliate another.


This is a very old-style of mojo hand -- a red flannel bag containing roots and curios. Unlike other mojos, the Nation Sack is used only by women, specifically to control the sex of a man. The name originated in the area around Memphis, Tennessee, in the 19th century. It is a cumulative charm -- that is, you will be adding things to it as long as you want to dominate the man you started it for -- and you must keep it tied and never let him look inside it, ever.

Get a red candle, a dime from each of your birth-years, a High John the Conqueror Root, a Queen Elizabeth root, a saucer, and some personal, biological concerns of the man's: his hair, his sweat on a scrap of cloth, or, best of all, his semen. (This is explained below.) Write his name 9 times on a piece of paper. You also need a dressing oil, such as Follow me Boy.


Start on the day you get your monthly period. (If you are past the change or do not have periods for medical reasons, use your vaginal fluids and do this at the full moon.) Put his name paper under the overturned saucer. Carve his name on the candle 9 times, going around and around in a spiral. Dress the candle with your menstrual blood and Follow me Boy Oil. Place the candle on top of the overturned saucer, saying, "[Name of lover], come under my command" and light the candle. Dress the dimes with your monthly period and with Follow me Boy Oil. As you do so, call them by his and your names, saying "This is [his name]" and "This is [your name]." Set them before the burning candle. Dress the High John the Conqueror Root and the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and with Follow me Boy Oil. As you do so, call them by his and your names, saying "This is [his name]" and "This is {your name]." Set his root on his dime and your root on yours.

Place the personal items of his in the mojo bag. Dress the bag with Follow me Boy Oil, stroking it 9 times and saying, "[Name of lover], follow me." Pass the bag through the candle smoke 9 times saying, "[Name of lover], come to me." Place the dimes and roots in the bag saying, "[Name of lover], stay with me." When the candle is done burning, take the name paper from under the saucer and fold it toward you, saying "[Name of lover], follow me." Turn it and fold it toward you again saying, "[Name of lover], come to me." Place it in the Nation Sack saying, "[Name of lover], stay with me." Dispose of any left over candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it to the East (toward sunrise) over your left shoulder and walking away without looking back. From this time onward, carry the Nation Sack on you when you are with him or keep it in your bedroom where he will not see or touch it. Add more personal items to it when you can. Here is the best one of all:


Get a piece of soft cotton string. Measure off a length as long as his erect penis. Tie the beginning of a knot in the center of the string -- that is, make the knot but leave it loose and untied. Hide the string under your pillow or in the bathroom. Make love with him but do not come (you want only HIS nature in this charm). Wipe yourself with the string to get his come on it. Now wait until he falls asleep. When he has drifted off, hold the string by the two ends. Call his name, and just as he answers, pull the knot tight. Some women will put 9 knots in a string this way to really hoodoo their man's nature, but one knot is sufficient. Place this in your Nation Sack and he will always be yours.



Follow me Boy is a conjure formula for dressing oil, incense , sachet powders, and bath products that enable a woman to dominate and control a man. The ingredients include Catnip, Damiana, and Calamus Root, plus other herbs and essences. Here is a typical Follow me Boy bath ritual.

Empty half a packet of Follow me Boy Bath Crystals into a basin of hot water to dissolve them. Pour the water over your head as you say, "[Name of lover], follow me," and bathe thoroughly, but only by rubbing your body upward (not downward). Dry yourself and collect the used bath water, which now has your essence in it. Dress in fresh, clean red clothes, with red and golden jewelry. Float red flower-petals in the bath water.

Make some Follow me Boy Incense up into cones or place it loose on a brazier. Lay down lines of the Follow me Boy Sachet Powder on your altar in the form of a six-pointed star made of two triangles. Put the man's photo in the center of the star. Place candle holders at the six points. Carve the full name of the man on each of six red candles and dress them withFollow me Boy Oil, rubbing them in the palm of your hand to anoint them in exactly the same way and with the same attention you would stroke your lover. As each candle is dressed, place it at one of the six points of the star, setting out one triangle first, and then the other. Concentrate on your desires and say out loud "[Name of lover], follow me. [Name of lover], come under my command." Let the candles burn until they go out.

Go to the man's house and throw your bath water and some of the flower petals on his door-step or in his yard, saving some to mark the path back to your house, sprinkling water and flowers at the crossroads you pass along the way back to your place and on your own door-step. At each stop, say out loud "[Name of lover], follow me. [Name of lover], come under my command." If stopping on the way is inconvenient for you, sprinkle all the remaining water and flowers on your own door-step. If he lives too far to go to his house, write him a letter on paper sprinkled with your bath water and dried, then sprinkled with some saved sachet powder . Enclose one of the red flower petals. He will come to you and follow you like a dog.




Compelling spiritual supplies are designed to force a man to do your bidding. There are many ways to use these products. Some women throw Compelling Sachet Powder in a recalcitrant man's yard; others make up a mojo hand filled with curios such as five-finger grass and High John the Conqueror Root, dress it with Compelling Oil, and wear it when they demand their due.

If the man lives in your home, you can do as many others have done and draw him a nice bath , into which you have secretly dissolved a half-packet of Compelling Bath Crystals. While he is bathing, go into another room in the house and write your desire for his complete submission on a piece of paper. Place the paper beneath a purple candle dressed with Compelling Oil and burn it. When he comes out of the bath, command him to obey you in a firm, even tone of voice. He will do so without question.



This is the strongest of all the domination curios used in root work and conjure practice. It not only forces your man to submit to your will, but if you wish it, his submission can include humiliation and corporal punishment as well. Under its influence, he is forced to "bend over" and take whatever treatment you see fit to administer to him.

A woman who uses Essence of Bend-Over on a man should burn the incense of this name regularly; in addition, she may wear Essence of Bend-Over Oil as a perfume so that the man must smell it whenever he is near and will be forced to please her. Anointing the four corners of your bed with Essence of Bend-Over Oil is said to accustom your man to the idea of anal sex, with you wielding the tools of penetration.

It is important to also note that Essence of Bend-Over is not a formula devised exclusively for sexual or relationship domination. It has a long and traditional history of use in employee-employer relationship cases as well as in work of an intimate nature.



My experiences in life and with root work have led me to believe that personality is basically genetic at its root, modified by environment and events.

I think that you cannot make a submissive into a dominant, you cannot make an equalitarian into a submissive or a dominant, you cannot make a gay man into a straight man, you cannot make a straight man gay, etc. ad infinitum. Therefore, in love situations, i advise my students, clients, and customers that it is always best if you start by picking someone to love who wants the same tonality of love that you want.

Some women like to rule, but to do so effectively, they need to hook up with men who like being pussy-whipped a little or a lot to begin with. After they find a suitable mate they can work them, and even work them hard -- but if they pick men who resist female domination from the get-go, they'll just waste their loving time in fighting and the men will quit on them.

Vice versa -- submissive women who like strong, ruling men need to hook up with men of that type and then work the situation, because they can't make "sensitive" men into "tough" men through magic, and if they try, the relationship just turns into a disappointment.

However, when it comes to co-workers on the job, we are dealing with a fluid population that is subject to turnover and we can let out all stops and just flat-out try to get our way.



After having published the above, i was asked if there are "any spells of male domination over women" and even if there is "any true form of hoodoo for men." The answer to both questions is yes.

Thousands of hoodoo spells have been documented, from the 1860s through now, and a large part of them are for love.

Now, when it comes to love, although both men and women do cheat, it is more common for men to cheat on women than it is for women to cheat on men. So there are more spells written for women to win back a cheating man than for men to win back a cheating woman. But both types of spells exist.

Also, if a marriage breaks up and there are children, the woman and her children generally suffer a lot more financial deprivation than the man does, so it is in the woman's best interests to save the marriage. So there are more spells written for women to save a marriage than for men to save a marriage. But both types of spells exist.

However, when it comes to looking for new love, there are plenty of formulas for oils for straight males (John the Conqueror, Nature, Follow Me Girl), straight females (Queen Elizabeth Root in Oil, Follow Me Boy), gay males (Q., Lavender Love Drops, Follow Me Boy), lesbian females (Q., Lavender Love Drops, Follow Me Girl) and for EVERYONE -- Kiss Me Now, Love Me, Attraction, Fire of Love, Come to Me, Look Me Over, Dixie Love -- and there is no preponderance of one gender over another.

Directly after love, the next most common types of spells are for money, in business and through games of chance.


These money spells almost NEVER have a gender component. Both men and women use them.

Then, after money, the next most common types of spells are for protection from jinxes, enemy work, bad luck spells, or gossip on the job.

These protection spells almost NEVER have a gender component. Both men and women use them.

So, in my opinion, by falsely thinking of hoodoo as being mostly about love spells and at love spells being mostly about holding a mate, one would miss the wider history and structure of the work: In actuality, we practice conjure for anything from safe travel to killing an enemy to getting a job or finding a mate. In all of these spells, except for love spells of fidelity, the gender of the people involved is not of great importance. Only in that one love spell area will you see a lot more spells used by women than by men, for the reasons stated.

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