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Well, not exactly indescribable, but...

Okay, picture if you will a copper casting of a naked man seated in profile on a very low chair, a chair with legs so short it almost resembles the "L" in "Lucky W." Imagine that this man himself roughly conforms to the L-shape of the L-shaped low chair, but that at the juncture of his thighs and torso, his rather long, erect penis pokes its head outward at a 45 degree angle.

Now imagine a three-part copper casting of a naked woman in profile (naked but for high heels, that is), her head slightly tipped back, her arm and leg able to pivot from the torso at the shoulder and buttocks -- and imagine that casting of her leg also contains the forearm of the man, her knee crooked in his elbow joint, his hand holding her buttocks.

Affix the three-part woman casting to the casting of the top back of the chair. As the woman pivots, she sinks down upon the male's member, or rising, presses first her nipples and then her crotch against the man's face.

The woman and the man have late-1970s hairdos -- hers long and wavy, his longish but trimmed and styled, like Bill Clinton used to wear his hair when he was Governor of Arkansas. However, there is something about the piece (something in the way it moves) that evokes the 1940s. I get the strong psychometric impression that there exists an earlier version, with older-styled hairdos -- but perhaps i am merely indulging in wishful thinking.

This pop culture equivalent of the Quechua munachi coitus charm, was "purchased a bunch of years ago at a truck stop somewhere in America, probably late at night" by anonymous benefactor Barry Carroll of Austin, Texas, who has donated it to the Lucky W Amulet Archives. The date, as far as he can recall was in the 1970s; the location could have been "almost anywhere."

When i showed this lucky charm to Ron Graham of Forestville, California, in 1996, he remembered having seen another key chain sex charm that displayed similar "action," but done "doggy style." It too was for sale at a truck stop somewhere in the Midwest, probably during the 1970s, as far as he could recall.

Imagine my surprise and delight, then, when less than four months after he saw the charm, Ron returned from a trip to Tijuana, Mexico, bearing THREE of these puppies -- one very close to the original 1970s charm and two more featuring other sexual positions -- and all marked "Made in Taiwan."

The three Taiwan-made charms all depict the same slim and athletic couple, naked except for the woman's incongruous high heel shoes, the woman with long, wavy hair and the man with a 1970s long-but-styled haircut. None of these charms show the sex act being done "doggy style," as prophesied by Ron, but what we have now is a copy of the original Indescribable charm, which shows the woman seated in the man's lap; one in which the man reclines on a chaise lounge with the woman seated atop him; and one in which the man lies on his back with the woman crouched over him in the sixty-nine position, vulva against his face, sucking his cock. All three charms feature the darling "action motions" that make these key chains so...lucky.

Since one of the three Taiwan key charms is almost identical to the original Indescribable charm, i compared the two closely -- and discovered that the new batch are obvious copies of the older ones. They seem to have been made by taking wax or plaster castings or the 1970s charms and then re-engraving the fine anatomical details. The re-engraver was a good carver (the hair strands are particularly nice, for instance, and now have a slightly "classical Oriental" appearance), but he or she was not quite the engineer that the original designer was, for the action on the Taiwan figures is sloppy and not as "sexual" as in the original Indescribable Lucky Charm. For instance, in the American original, the man and woman face each other in a truly tantra yoga or karezza way, gazing into each other's eyes, as if engaged in a rite of sacred sex or sex magick, but in the Taiwan copy, the woman's head and torso are arched back (due to misplacement of the pivoting rivets) so that she does not see her partner's face -- and when she rises off his penis for her nipples to be kissed, she misses his mouth by a good sixteenth of an inch!

The copper plating on the knock-offs is a little skimpy, too. Instead of the rich "biker-antiqued look" finish of the American original (which polishes up to a copper penny luster with Simichrome or Brasso), the Taiwan copies are so thinly layered in the sacred metal of Venus that they cannot be polished without risking a break-through to the underlying stratum of steel, making them rather more dedicated to Mars than to Venus. (Still, for those with Venus conjunct Mars, like myself, that is not much of a problem, and they do attract nicely to any stray hoodoo style lodestones one may have laying around.)

I am tremendously glad to know that these key chain sex charms continue to be manufactured, even in slightly debased form. My thanks again to Ron Graham for thinking of me when he saw them.

May we all be so lucky.

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