Kirk "Eli" Fletcher
JSP Records
CD #2119

  1. I Ain't Doing Nothin Wrong (Morello) (vocals, John Marxe)
  2. What Is Going On (Morello) (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  3. Church Street Boogie (Fletcher)
  4. I'm Not Your Fool (Livingston) (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  5. What Happened to You (Morello) (vocals, John Marxe)
  6. School Street Shuffle (Fletcher)
  7. Silver Spoon (Morello) (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  8. You Went Back on Your Word (Morrello) (vocals, Jackie Payne)
  9. Mr. Mann (Fletcher)
10. Bye Bye So Long (Morello) (vocals, John Marxe)
11. Watsonized (Fletcher)
12. I Ain't Doing Nothin Wrong (Morello) (alternate take in mono)
13. What Is Going On (Morello) (alternate take in mono)
11. What Happened to You (Morello) (alternate take in mono)

Vocals: Jackie Payne, John Marxe
Electric Guitar: Kirk "Eli" Fletcher, Alex Schultz (track 11)
Acoustic Guitar: Rick Reed
Rhythm Guitar: Alex Schultz (tracks 2,7,10)
Electric Bass: Rick Reed
Tenor Sax: Johnny Viau
Baritone Sax: Troy Jennings
Piano: Tom Mahon
Drums: Paul Fasulo

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