(Jackie Payne Live at Bluesville)

Jackie Payne
Shades of Blues Records
CD #1

  1. Flyin' High (J. Copeland)
  2. Six Million Dollar Man (Jackie Payne)
  3. Hey Miss Bessie (uknown)
  4. Sittin' On Top Of The World / Come On In My Kitchen
        (Armentier & Lonnie Chatmon / Robert Johnson)
  5. Shaky Ground (J. Bowen / E. Hazel)
  6. I'll Drink Your Bathwater Baby (J. Ward / S. Bailey)
  7. Down Home Blues Medley (G. Jackson)
        a. Someone Else is Steppin' In (D. LaSalle)
        b. Ruinin' My Bad Reputation (D. LaSalle)
        c. Blues All Over Me (J. McCain)

Vocals: Jackie Payne
Keyboards: Lorenzo Hawkins
Guitar: Adam Gabriel, Steve Edmonson
Bass: Willy Riser
Tenor Sax: Micahel "The Mighty Quinn" Peloquin
Drums: Harold "Pockets" Logwood

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