Jackie Payne and Johnny Otis


Jackie's first recording was the 45 rpm single "Go-Go Train"/ "I'll Be Home" released in 1965 on Jet Stream Records produced by Huey P. Meaux. He was credited as "Jackie Paine" on his Jet Stream singles.

Jackie Paine: Go-Go Train (Jet Stream 725) (1965)

Jackie Paine: I'll Be Home (Jet Stream 725) (1965)

Jackie Paine: No Puppy Love (Jet Stream 729) (1966)

From 1987 -- 2000, Jackie appeared and sang live on the Johnny Otis Saturday morning radio show
broadcast live on KPFA-FM, Berkeley and KFCF, Fresno, California. The University of Indiana
has entered 700 of these tapes into their musical library where they are available for listening.
Good Lovin' Blues
The Johnny Otis Show
1990, Ace Records
Spirit of the Black Territory Bands
Johnny Otis and His Orchestra
1992, Arhoolie Productions
1993 Grammy Award Nominee
Big Guitar
Anthony Paule
1995, Blue Dot Records
Johnny Otis R&B Dance Party! Volume 1
The Johnny Otis Show
1997, J&T Records
In All of My Life
Kenny "Blue" Ray
1997, JSP Records
Day In The Life of a Bluesman
Jackie Payne
1997, JSP Records
You can order a copy directly from SHADES OF BLUES
I'm Here and I'm Gone
Kirk "Eli" Fletcher
1999, JSP Records
Ain't Nothin' But a Party (Live at Bluesville)
Jackie Payne
2001, Shades of Blues Records
Soulful Blues
Kenny "Blue" Ray, featuring Jackie Payne
2001, Tone King Records

Partners in the Blues
The Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band
2003, Burnside Records

Master of the Game
The Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band
2005, Delta Groove Records

Overnight Sensation
The Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band
2007, Delta Groove Records

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