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Just Judge or Justo Juez is the unexpected name often applied to an image that depicts in a symbolic manner the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. His aid is sought in legal matters and court cases.

The Just Judge is the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the ultimate judge who is fair in all matters of justice, because he himself was unfairly judged. He is often called upon in Latin American Catholic folk magical practices. When situations are dire it is believed that Just Judge can be called upon to turn things around. Just as Jesus conquered death and rises to be the judge of all mankind so too does the Just Judge conquer all unjust situations and judge fairly those who petition him. Additionally, as Jesus judged the thieves who were crucified alongside Himself, he can judge the true hearts of all, and may pardon those who are techniically guilty of law-breaking but whose hearts are good.



The iconography of the Just Judge includes the rooster which crowed three times as Saint Peter denied his affiliation with Jesus, the sun which darkened at his death, the cloth with which Saint Veronica wiped the face of Jesus as he carried the cross to Golgotha "the place of skulls." Also visible are the bag of 30 silver shekels paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal, and the tools of the crucifixion or instruments of the Passion, including the scourge, ladder, pitcher of vinegar and gall, vinegar sop, lance, sword, hammer, and the gaming lots cast for Jesus' clothing after his death. The snake and apple on the ground refer to the Christian belief that Golgotha, where Jesus died to save mankind from sin was also the burial place of Adam, the first man, who, according to Jewish theology, committed mankind's first sin when he ate a forbidden apple proffered to him by a serpent.

The Just Judge is petitioned by those seeking victory against an unfair enemy, those seeking justice, and to help people in legal matters and getting someone out of prison. One Spanish prayer to him is as follows: "Oh Divino y Justo Juez, a quien adoro rendido, hoy postrado aqui a tus pies, el perdon Senor te pido." ("Oh Divine and Just Judge, whom I adore and worship, I am prostrate here at your feet today. Lord, I beg you for pardon.")

Hoodoo doctors who work within the Catholic folk magic traditions call upon the Just Judge to help in court cases and for protection.



The Just and Holy Judge Prayer

In December, 2009, Mama Micki posted this to the Lucky Mojo Form:

This prayer is from the book "New Revised Helping Yourself With Selected Prayers":

Oh Just and Holy Judge, Blessed Son of the Virgin Mary, let my body be calm and my blood be washed so that wherever I may go, the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ be in front of me. That of St. Andrew before and after me. St. Peter's in the back and the middle. Those of the Virgin Mary, that my enemies may come and go with eyes but without seeing me, with arms but without hurting me, and that justice may not apprehend me. That my body be covered with the cloth that covered Jesus Christ's body, that I may not be hurt, or dead, or incarcerated. Oh Virgin Mary, this prayer I say for good or evil that my enemies hold against me. If any sentence be in this day against me, let it be revoked by the blessings of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.



The Complete Just Judge Prayer in English

In August of 2011, a member of the Lucky Mojo Forum names "Luis Alberto 72" posted this:

Many blessings to all, I just finished translating it from the Spanish:

Oh, Divine and Righteous Judge, creator of the skies and earth. King of Kings without equal, Judge of such supreme virtue that you nurture our souls, with your paternal power.



Oh, my Lord and Redeemer, Rescuer of the Universe, via your infinite love defend my interests from that of all adversaries, guide me, you are my light, my protector and my glory, via your infinite love defend me at all times.

Oh, all powerful and most Holy Jesus, bestow upon me a worthy death for all the torment, pain and suffering of your own death nailed upon the Holy Cross. Holy Father prepare me as was done with your beloved Apostles Saint Thomas and Saint Peter, liberate us as you did Saint Mary Magdalene and several other virgins, make my life fulfilling and righteous without rash and reckless decisions, protect me from dangerous paths, cruel prisons, treacherous rivers, all enemies, demonic possessions, thieves, being referred to negatively, being the victim of false testimony. Liberate me Oh Supreme Being from falling into mortal sin - for that is the worst that a Christian can commit on this earth, strip all powers from my enemies whether visible or invisible, never allow my conquering or that of my soul, never may I be within the reach of their eyes (be seen), feet (be located), hands (be apprehended).

And as my Judge, protect me from their words, their spears, swords, knives, firearms or any means by which to mortally injure me, only you my Lord, because your you are my Judge, my Father, my Redeemer. Conceal me in that sacred sore at the Divine's side, and cover me with the Sacred Cloth that covered our most Holy Savior Jesus Christ's body. My beloved Father that my covered body be protected from injury, death, imprisonment, captivity, and never within reach of the hands of any enemies, may my enemies be overcome/conquered.

May the Father free me, the Son keep me, the Holy Spirit accompany and speak for me.

Jesus, Amen.

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