My name is Liselotte Erlanger Glozer, my first name abbreviated to Lilo.

I was born in Munich, Germany, and immigrated to the United States in 1938. I am a retired rare book dealer and librarian who worked with ephemera and special collections. I have published a bibliography of California cookbooks (mainly those put out by small community groups and churches) which has long been out of print. I have written and published short stories and poetry -- much of which has appeared in "little magazines" and local publications.

Through some as yet unexplained genetic trait, I inherited a streak of collecting mania from both my parents and passed it on to both my daughters. This collecting mania manifests itself partially in piling up knowledge -- a desire to "know more" about given subjects -- and partially in accumulating objects.

Which brings me to my hobby of postcard collecting:

My major card interests are opera, Northern California (where I live), and cards embellished with textiles. I also like to have specimens of unusual styles, such as hold-to-light and metamorphosis cards. In addition, I collect cards of places I have lived in Germany and Italy, places I have travelled to, and historical events that fell during my lifetime -- which spans a good many years. At present I write little articles on postcards, publish some poetry, and revise some of my short stories.

    My postcard collection, plus links to other postcard sites on the web.

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    Links to opera and classical music web sites, plus operas on vintage postcards.

    Some of my previously publshed writing.

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