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good luck horseshoe
The Lucky W Amulet Archive is a folkloric resource that contains hundreds of interlinked pages describing and illustrating amulets, talismans, lucky charms, and good luck pieces from all around the world and from all eras of history. It is a book in progress, and new pages are added on a regular basis.

The publication of The Lucky W Amulet Archive on the web is sponsored by The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Occult Shop, but although some of the good luck charms and amulets in the Archive are available at the shop, the Archive is not a catalogue of goods for sale and, indeed, many of the objects shown are antiques and museum pieces of great rarity.

There are four ways to navigate the Lucky W Amulet Archive:

good luck coins, lucky rabbit feet, four-leaf clovers, mojo bags, lucky swastikas, money spiders, holy cards and medals, lucky wishbones, white elephant amulets, charm bracelets, hoodoo "curio" powders, lucky horseshoes, rattlesnake rattles, floor washes and baths for good luck, magnetic scotty dogs, buckeye nuts talismans, black-eyed peas for luck at New Year's, scarab beetle talismans, penis amulets, vulva amulets, milagros and ex-votos, munachi amulets, munaiwarmi amulets, High John the Conqueror root, the Seven African Powers, the Lucky Buddha, elephant-headed Ganesha, lucky charm vials, candle magic , the abracadabra talisman, the cross of Caravaca amulet, Latin American package amulets, the penis bones of various mammals, lodestones for money spells and love spells, magnetic sand for magic spells, all-seeing eyes, eye-in-hand talismans, hamsa hand talismans, the Hand of Power, and the Powerful Hand of God.

Lucky W speaks to me of Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book and Pow-Wows or The Long Lost Friend; of the Lucky 7 Grocery Store in Nevada City, California; of childhood Westerns set on ranches known by letter-brands, like the Flying A and the B-Bar-B; of radio station "KDIA Lucky 13," playing R&B music out of Oakland, California (and its remarkable, musically unresolved theme jingle); of Clover brand valve grinding compound with its four-leaf clover logo; of the cosmetics called Lucky Brown; of early 20th century "Good Luck" postcards; of fresh fruit from California's Central Valley packed in wooden crates with beautiful figurative labels and brand names like Lucky Celery; of musicians like Lucky Millinder and Lucky Otis and Lucky Wilbury; of Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason mystery, "The Case of the Lucky Legs," set in 1930s southern California; of canned vegetables from California sold under the Double Luck and Lucky Trail brand names; of the 1920s British cigarette trading cards called Wills's Lucky Charms; of Jelke Good Luck Oleomargarine, which in the 1920s offered "Good Luck and Good Health to Millions of Happy Little American Boys and Girls"; of Lucky Luke cowboy comics (in French) and Lady Luck comics (In English); of the seventh son of a seventh son; of air-conditioned motels like the Flying W Lodge in Ozona, Texas; of the garden roses "Lucky Piece" and "Lucky Lady"; and of all manner of hoodoo potions, like Sonny Boy's Lucky Hand Alleged Indian Grandma oil and Double Fast Luck Soap, which i used to buy in Oakland, and magnetic sand, which i bought on Maxwell Street in Chicago way back in 1964, and High John the Conqueror root, which i saw for sale in New Orleans -- and, of course, my own Lucky Mojo brand Spiritual Supplies.

Why the name "Lucky W"?

That, friends, is a strange tale.

This web site grew out of alt.lucky.w, a usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion of the metaphysics of beneficent synchronicity and descriptions of, experiences with, and rationales for the operation of artifacts, tokens, and devices intended to increase beneficent synchronicity and decrease malevolent synchronicity. Alt.lucky.w was an "abandoned" newsgroup, adrift without a hierarchy, empty of any posts, its original purpose unknown even to The Cabal when i learned of its existence in 1994, through Froggy's Usenet Salvage Company. At that time, propagation of the group was so low that only two service providers were known to carry it. For some reason the name haunted me, though, and i campaigned to get America Online and other ISPs to pick it up. (You can do the same with your ISP -- just read and follow my directions for getting your ISP to carry alt.lucky.w.) As soon as i gained admission to the group, i decided to write an alt.lucky.w FAQ (although no one but me had any questions, frequently-asked or otherwise). In answering my own questions, i found a purpose for the group, and from that purpose has grown this web archive. Then, as if from the void, the creator of alt.lucky.w appeared and told the story of how the newsgroup came to be!

His name (his given, birth name) is Lucky Wayne Donegan, and here is his story:

A long time ago back in college I was trying to set up a new group for computer science; this goes back about 7+ years ago, to 1988-9, when I had the IQ of plant life. I made a real big goof and the area was accidentally created, unintentionally, for whatever it's worth.

You can add this information to the web site if you wish. I have no problems with it. I am rather open minded. Being named Lucky cannot be as bad as being named the Boy named Sue (Johnny Cash's song). Believe me that name has darn near cost me my life on occasions and at other times a tremendous amount of embarrassment. However, I have learned if I cannot laugh at myself or at life it's not worth living, so HAVE FUN. Just keep me posted, ok?

Lucky W. Donegan
Montana Computer Nut Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 1647
Polson, Montana 59860

P.S.: I live on the Flathead Indian Reservation; it's a Confederation of the Salish & Kootenai Tribes and is one of richest Indian Reservations in Montana.


Because of his name and a mistake he made while messing around with computers, i

I am completely in awe of the complexity of the universe and the arbitrary nature of many of its little wrinkles and fractal permutations.

I hereby declare Lucky W. Donegan the Creator of alt.lucky.w and nominate him to the post of Ascended Master.


Art Credit: The images on this page are a combination of scans from my collection of lucky talismans, candles, and paper goods, and labels that i have designed for the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. The lovely border artwork was composited by an unknown web designer who stole the images of objects from my Lucky W Amulet Archive and lifted my retro-deco label art from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Occult Shop catalogue without credit to me. To paraphrase the words of the great blues singer Robert Johnson, "Somebody got lucky and stole them back again."


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