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CONTENT (current 04/09) - astrologyindepth

Interactive, encyclopedic construction of astrological knowledge
NOTES: 5 users in 30 days (1 Sysop:Nate)

Astrozoom Astrology Wiki (current 11/08) -

Showing astrology as a science
NOTES: no community portal; one registered user (Sysop:Kemalmilar)

Bahaikipedia (current 8/08) -

An encyclopedia about the Baha'i Faith
NOTES: primary user/contributor in last 30 days is David Haslip (Sysop)

The Bible Base by Ron Baily (current 8/08) -

One-stop Bible resource site
NOTES: only user appears to be Ron Bailey (admin)

Buddhist Encyclopedia (current 8/08) -

Encyclopedia of Buddhism with articles, videos and audios of all Buddhist traditions including the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana
NOTES: userlist, statistics not available, 3 users in 30 days

Christian Media (12/08) -

"the history since 1867 of Canadian Christians working, volunteering and ministering in media in Canada"
NOTES: 3 users in 30 days (esp. David M.R.D. Spencer, admin)

CreationWiki (8/08) -

Encyclopedia of creation science
NOTES: 6-7 users in 30 days (esp. Chris Ashcraft, sysop/bureaucrat)

DharmaFlix (8/08) -

Buddhist & Spiritual Film Video Wiki
NOTES: 2 users in last 30 days (sysops, neither identified)

FaithfuturesWiki (8/08) -

Historical Jesus research project
NOTES: 1 user in 30 days "admin", no sysops identified

Free Encyclopedia of Thelema -

Information about the philosopy of Thelema from Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis
NOTES: no changes in last 30 days, main page dated 11/2007, main user: Aleph (admin) aka Tau Aleph

Help For Shepherds (8/08) -

A site to help supply resources for Christian pastors
NOTES: rudimentary content, no pages link to Main Page, no User List, blank About, etc.

Monstropedia -

Media library about monsters, gathering information and documents from the earliest myths onwards
NOTES: 3500 users, 3 sysadmins, 5 users in 30 days

MuslimWiki (Mw)

The open encyclopedia on Islamic Subjects and the Muslim world from the Muslim perspective
NOTES: 6 users in 30 days, many missing admin pages, admin is WikiSysOp aka Abu Safeeya

Orthodox Wiki -

An open-content encylopedia of Orthodox Christianity

Paganpedia (admin 2/2007) -

Pagan perspective wiki
NOTES: announcement page dated 2/2008

The Psychology Wiki -

aiming to give all people in the world free access to the sum total of Psychology knowledge as a discipline

Reformed Word -

The Bible (in Greek and Hebrew), Doctrine and History from a Reformed (Calvinist), Christian perspective, emphasis on linguistics
NOTES: 12 users total, 1 user in 30 days,
Aquatik aka Robert Marshall Murphy, Bureaucrat/Sysop

Sourcery Forge -

Esoteric encyclopaedia with a mixture of fact and personal experience, a resource for the dissemination of the mystical knowledge
NOTES: 6 users in 30 days, primarily Sysop Eusebia

Succuwiki --

To expand the knowledge about the Succubi in all their forms
NOTES: 1 user in 30 days, esp. Teras, Queen of the Succubi, SysAdmin; 2 other admins, 25 users total

Tarot-pedia -

Online encyclopedia of tarot
NOTES: 6 users in 30 days


The encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick [restricted editing/writing]
NOTES: no recent changes, main page updated 11/2005;
4 admins, primary: Joseph Thiebes

WikiChristian -

Encyclopedia and discussion forum of Biblical Christianity
NOTES: main admin is Prab R. Tumpati, MD, 6 users in 30 days, esp. Cleaner aka Graham grove aka Graham Llewellyn Grove (admin/bureaucrat), and Kathleen.wright5 aka Kathleen Wright

Wikible -

A comprehensive and free encyclopedia of God's Word, the Bible
NOTES: 1 user in 30 days, Tom Major, Sysop/bureaucrat/etc.

WikiNoah -

Everything worthwhile to know about the Bnei Noach movement
NOTES: no changes in 30 days, few pages made, no About, etc.

WikiYoga -

Wikiyoga is dedicated to all forms of yoga
NOTES: no registered users in 30 days, no About, 6-10 IPs constructing pages; Main Page had a bunch of suspicious URLs


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"Pseudomonarchia Daemonum" (Book)


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SLEEPING (last observed admin notes or significant editing)

The Magic User Group -
	Knowledge Base for the MagicUsergroup ( )
		NOTES: recent changes 7/10/08, main user is NorbertGutscher from Germany
DEAD (formerly relevant, no longer locatable)

Magic Sanctum - Magical Wiki encyclopedia project (defunct)
    Devoted to the complete indexing and central archive of
    magic, magicians, illusions, and everything magical arts

GENERAL (unknown viability)

(sub) LoveToKnow - [restricted editing/writing]
	A wealth of information on various topics - every field has its own wikipage
		NOTES: subcats are Demons and Paranormal, Navajor Witchcraft, Witchcraft History,

Scholarpedia - [restricted approval on editing/writing]
	Peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world
		NOTES: recent changes are subject-based, no user data
WikiFAQ - 
	Informative FAQs on all imaginable topics
    		NOTES: Lucid Dreaming FAQ, main user seems to be WikiFAQ Admin
WikiHow -
	The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

WikiKnowledge -
	The free information database that anyone can edit
		NOTES: last new page 8/9/08, Gerald Foley is the SysAdmin

WikiMedia Commons -

Wikipedia - See above

WikiSource -
	Source texts which are in the public domain or legally
	available for free redistribution; a sister project of Wikipedia

WikiSummaries -
	Summaries of Academic Books and Articles
		NOTES: 3 users in 30 days, Ambell, no admin list

HONORABLE MENTION (unknown viability, not investigated in-depth)

Ancestor Notes - AncestorNotes 
    A wiki where people can post history and other
    information about their ancestors. Posts about ordinary
    people are allowed. They do not have to be famous,
    though posts about famous people are welcome too.
Chains of Reason - 
    Provides a unique way for anyone to follow, and
    contribute to, arguments for and against particular

Cinepedi - 
    The Movie Encyclopedia

D&D Wiki - 
    A collection of Dungeons and Dragons material both homebrewed and SRD.

Discworld and (Terry) Pratchett Wiki -
	A Terry Pratchett-oriented wiki environment

Doom Wiki -
	Gaming wiki for Doom and other games
EncyclopediaFantastica - EncyclopediaFantastica 
    The fantasy encyclopedia - covers any aspect of the fantasy genre.
Folktunes Archive - 
    Archive of folk tunes for teaching and learning

FraternityManuals - 
    Manuals and resources for all fraternal organizations

HexWiki - 
    General information about the board game of Hex. Includes many strategy topics.

Horological Wiki - 
    Encyclopedia of all thats horological - 
    (en,fr,es) Howtopedia is a library for practical
    knowledge and simple technologies. It focuses on
    development tools.

Indopedia -
	Indological knowledge base and classicification index
		NOTES: last new page 12/2007, 448 total changes, all by Indian names,
			  sysadmin is Imagi aka Plamen Gradinarov
Invertebrate Wiki -
    Catalogue and Discussion of Invertebrates in Nature & Care in Captivity.

Jgene Wiki -
    Jewish Genealogy Site

KisikewNews - KisikewNews 
    Indigenous News wiki

MansonWiki - 
    A wiki devoted to industrial rocker Marilyn Manson and his eponymous band.

MarvelDatabase - 
    Marvel Comics information and image database

MTG Archive - 
    A library of information related to the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game

PlasticsWiki - Plastics Wiki 
    The wiki about plastics & polymers

Showiki - 
    Hollywood information for the current day artists.

Simulism - 
    Wiki about Simulism

Super-Wiki -
	Records the details of the CW TV series, Supernatural,
	and of the fan community that has grown around it

Tolkien Gateway - 
    Currently the largest encyclopedia about J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.

The Ultimate Comment - 
    Postmodern investigation of the Secret of the Universe

Uncyclopedia -
	an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies.
	You might say it puts the "psych!" in "encyclopedia".
	It's sort of like Congress or Parliament, but unlike
	Congress or Parliament, we do have a sense of humor

Vindemi - 
    A wiki dedicated to Antiques and Vintage Items.

WeRelate - 
    The world's largest genealogy wiki

WikiSpecies -
WikiTruth -
WikiVerde - 
    A Wiki about sustainability and Green Living.
XFamily - Children of God - 
    a collaboratively edited encyclopedia about The Family/Children of God cult.