MIDDLE LEVELS (Negotiable)

These are aspects of my personality which i strongly prefer to keep as they are but will physically modify or verbally subdue if i must.

My Abilities:
Vegetable and flower gardener
Experienced with livestock
Good researcher and detective
Competent graphic designer
Adequate but uninventive cook
Curious and friendly with strangers
Tolerant of all races and ethnicities
Will work to the point of exhaustion
Able to land free lance assignments
Generally good at keeping promises
Will listen to long, sad, personal stories
Enjoy teaching children
Patient and adaptable to changes of plans

My Deficits:
Poor eyesight equals poor housecleaning
Often late for appointments/deadlines
Slow to awaken in the morning
Hate washing dishes
Uncomfortable with own facial features
Formerly lax about dental hygiene (now corrected)
Not trained to coddle ill folks (will do so, though)
Fear of drugs (psychotic LSD experience, age 18)
Argumentative when falsely accused
Impatient with overtly rude people

My Quirks:
Shop at flea markets and antique stores
Wear long dresses and skirts (no pants)
Sentimental about the past
Intolerant of disco, metal, rap, and Frank Sinatra
Interested in politics and current events
May rant and rave about the ozone layer
May rant and rave about genetics
Believe overpopulation a horrendous problem

My Needs:
Sex at least twice a week
Sleeping naked
Self-employment or free lance work
Praise for jobs well done
Cats as pets
Occasional chauffeur service
Quiet time with books

My Hopes for a Partner:
Interested in popular culture/anthropology/music
As smart/educated as myself
On good terms with his own kids
Fairly slender, with facial hair
Willing to share housework
Basically optimistic
Good at what he does
Financially self-supporting

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