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Manufacturers and Distributors of Hoodoo and Conjure Supplies: Oils, Powders, Incense, Baths, Washes, Herbs, Resins, Colognes, Roots, Minerals, Curios, Books, Candles, Statuary, and Amulets.
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Lucky Mojo is a traditional candle shop and occult store, but we do carry a small line of DVDS, and before listing them, i think it is a good idea to explain to our customers the reasoning for stocking them:

African American Cast DVDs: It has been my experience as a teacher of hoodoo -- which is essentially African American folk magic -- that many people i meet through the internet are greatly interested in the subject, but among those who come to hoodoo from outside the black community, there is a woeful lack of understanding of how conjure fits into African American culture. In fact, there is often a total sense of unfamiliarity with African American culture at all, and worse, some folks act as if possessing hoodoo knowledge were simply a matter of "translating" spells and ingredients from conjure into their culture's magical traditions. But the truth is, hoodoo is embedded in African American culture and if you want to learn how it works, you will have to learn how it works in the Black community first and foremost.

Movies about the Occult, Witchcraft, and Hoodoo: A subject that often comes up during conversations with customers at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. shop is how well movies depict scenes of witchcraft, magical rites, demonic pacts, and metaphysical events. Folks want to find the movies -- so here they are.

Vintage Classic Exploitation Films: Having set up a distribution pipeline for the above two categories of classic film -- African American Race Movies and Films about Magic and Witchcraft -- i just decided for no particular reason at all to devote some shelf space in the shop to the kinds of crazy-weird films that enthrall, amuse, and enchant me. Why not? it's my magic shop and these films turn me on.

Full-Colour Vintage-Look Film Posters: These are simply great -- they are printed on heavy card stock and come with a free heavy-duty vinyl sleeve, so you can hang them without framing them or damaging the art. Enjoy!












Religious graphics, holy cards, devotionary prints, and religious posters:
Holy Cards and Posters

Larger religious goods, car statuettes, wall-plaques, and bas-reliefs:
Religious Statuary

Religious altars and accoutrements:
Altar Tools

Oils used in anointing, preparing, and dressing amulets:
Anointing Oils

Bags for carrying amulets and talismans:
Cloth and Leather Bags

Talismanic Seals of Moses and Solomon:
Occult Books

An online museum gallery of historical folk-magic lucky charms:
Lucky W Amulet Archive

Further information about the use of deity-images in magic:
Gods and Saints for Luck

An essay comparing "good luck" with "heaven's blessings":
Luck, Protection, and Religion

Information on saintly intercession and a lengthy list of Catholic Saints:
Catholic Patron Saints









I don't run a "friend finder" service here, so i cannot make sure that customers and students who are White or Asian will meet and make friends with Black folks. Likewise, the internet being what it is, i cannot even be sure that anyone reading this page lives within a thousand miles of an African American neighborhood. So i am doing the next best thing i can think of: I am offering for sale an assortment of low-priced DVDs that display some aspects of the culture in which hoodoo developed.

The movies sold here are not new -- they are old and most in black and white, and for that reason they can be purchased inexpensively. For the most part they are what were once called "Race Movies" or movies that were billed as having an "All Colored Cast" or "All Negro Cast." They were produced to be shown in segregated theaters to Black audiences, mostly before World War Two.

Some of the movies in this category are dramas, some are comedies, westerns, thrillers, or religious -- and many of them feature musical and/or dance numbers in addition to the goings on of the plots. A few are double-listed in other categories -- for instance, they may feature an African American cast in an Occult thriller, or they may be a racially integrated cast comedy but include a great performance by a Black lead actor.

Watching these movies is not a substitute for making friends in the African American community, but viewing them will help give outsiders a window into the culture which nurtured hoodoo and gave it its present-day form.

Information about the use of DVDs in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course:
Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course

Further information about hoodoo in African American music can be found here:
Hoodoo in Theory and Practice: Blues Lyrics and the Hoodoo Tradition

Books that we sell about the history and ethnography of hoodoo are available here:
Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: Books about the Folklore and Sociology of Conjure



Double Black Exploitation Show: TNT Jackson (1979) / The Black Godfather (1974) Boxart TNT Jackson / Black Godfather (1974 / 1974 )
Director: Cirio Santiago / John Evans
Starring: Jeanne Bell / Rod Perry, Jimmy Witherspoon
African American Cast: Action & Adventure. Colour.
This double bill from the Blaxploitation era features a smeary print (but we are lucky to get any print at all) of one of the wildest low-budget martial arts flicks ever made, plus a great and underrated film about crime and gang life. LMC-5032D $6.98


Up In The Air Boxart Up In The Air (1940)
Director: Howard Bretherton
Starring: Mantan Moreland, Frankie Darro
African American Cast: Comedy. Black & White.
Absolutely the best of the comedies featuring the interracial team of Mantan Moreland and Frankie Darro. This time the two are working at a radio station, trying to break into the music business, when an on-air murder is committed.

Boy! What A Girl! Boxart Boy! What A Girl! (1945)
Director: Arthur Leonard
Starring: Tim Moore, Betti Mays, Elwood Smith
African American Cast: Comedy. Black & White.
In this surpisingly modern comedy, a couple of entertainers try to get backing for their show from the rich parents of one of the men's girlfriend -- but the best jokes center on Tim Moore in drag as a hefty spending patron of the arts.

Boarding House Blues Boxart Boarding House Blues (1948)
Director: Josh Binney
Starring: Jackie "Moms" Mabley
African American Cast: Comedy. Black & White.
The comedy of "Moms" Mabley holds this ensemble piece together: she runs a boarding house for down-and-out performers on the Chitlin' Circuit. Keep an eye out for some very funny specialty numbers from the diverse cast.

Image-Not-Available-From-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Good Hair (2009)
Director: Jeff Stilson
Starring: Chris Rock
Chris Rock visits beauty salons and hairstyling battles, scientific laboratories and Indian temples to explore the way hairstyles impact the activities, pocketbooks, sexual relationships, and self-esteem of the black community in this expose of comic proportions that only he could pull off. A raucous adventure prompted by Rock's daughter approaching him and asking, "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" GOOD HAIR shows Chris Rock engaging in frank, funny conversations with hair-care professionals, beauty shop and barbershop patrons, and celebrities including Ice-T, Nia Long, Paul Mooney, Raven Symone, Dr. Maya Angelou, Salt-N-Pepa, Eve and Reverend Al Sharpton - all while he struggles with the task of figuring out how to respond to his daughter's question.

Spirit of Youth / Lucky Ghost Boxart Spirit of Youth / Lucky Ghost (1938 / 1941)
Director: Harry Frazer / William X. Crowley (William Beaudine)
Starring: Joe Louis, Mantan Moreland / Mantan Moreland, F. E. Miller
African American Cast: Drama: Sports / Occult: Comedy. Black & White.
World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis stars in this true to life tale of boxer Joe Thomas and his path to the championship. Great fight scenes. The bonus is a Moreland laugh-riot; he's a ghost-bedeviled crap shooter who never loses.

King of The Zombies Boxart King of The Zombies (1941)
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Starring: Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, Mantan Moreland
African American Cast: Occult: Comedy: Horror. Black & White.
Ostensibly this movie features Haitian Voodoo sorcery, but since it is a comedy, let's just say that any occult themes it contains take a distant second place to Mantan Moreland's hilarious turn as a hypnotized Zombie Squad leader.

Harlem Double Feature: Look-Out Sister! (1948) / Big Timers (1945) Boxart Look Out Sister/Big Timers (1948 / 1945)
Director: Luis Jordan, Bud Pollard/ Bud Pollard
Starring: Louis Jordan, Suzette Harbin / Francine Everett, Stepin Fetchit
African American Cast: Comedy: Western: Musical / Comedy: Musical. Black & White. Overworked bandleader Louis Jordan has a mental breakdown and dreams he's on a dude ranch helping a pretty gal save her property. Next, singer Everett tries to get into society, but all her chambermaid mother's schemes to help her go awry.

Gang's All Here Boxart Gang's All Here, The (1941)
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Starring: Frankie Darro, Mantan Moreland
African American Cast: Comedy. Black & White. 
Frankie (Frankie Darro) and Jeff (Mantan Moreland) answer a newspaper advertisement looking for drivers, unaware that the trucking company is the target of ruthless saboteurs who will stop at nothing to kill them.  This freewheeling adventure features the hilarious teamwork of Mantan Moreland and Frankie Darro and is notable for an appearance by Charlie Chan's number one son, Key Luke, who had just recently starred in Monogram's Phantom of Chinatown and co-starred as Kato in The Green Hornet serial (both 1940).

Let's Go Collegiate Boxart Let's Go Collegiate (1941)
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Starring: Mantan Moreland, Gale Storm, Frankie Darro, Keye Luke
African American Cast: Comedy. Black & White.
A lesser vehicle for the irrepressible interracial comedy team of Mantan Moreland and Frankie Darro, still, this is an enjoyable film in which Moreland and Darro, with Key Luke as their Chinese fraternity brother, try to bring victory to their school's rowing team.

Barbershop-DVD-at-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Barbershop (2003)
Director: Tim Story
Starring: Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Eve, Anthony Anderson, Sean Patrick Thomas
From the producers of Soul Food comes this "warm, generous" (The New York Times) tale about a Chicago barbershop where razor-sharp comedy never goes out of style! Starring Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve and Cedric the Entertainer, Barbershop is both a "sweet, life-affirming movie" (N.Y. Daily News) and outrageous, bust-a-gut fun!Calvin (Ice Cube) is a would-be entrepreneur with big plans and running his family's barbershop isn't one of them. But when he impulsively sells the shop to a shady loan shark, he soon realizes just how important the neighborhood parlor is to him and just how far he'll go to get it back!

Beauty-Shop-DVD-at-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Beauty Shop (2009)
Director: Bille Woodruff
Starring: Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah reprises her role as Gina, who audiences first met in the 2004 sequel to BARBERSHOP. This time she's the owner of her own beauty shop. A widow and single mom, Gina has moved from Chicago to Atlanta so that her daughter Vanessa (the charming Paige Hurd), a piano prodigy, can attend a performing arts school. Mother-in law Paulette (Laura Hayes) and sister-in-law Darnelle (Keisha Knight Pulliam, who played Rudy on THE COSBY SHOW) live with them. The bills are paid by Gina's job at Jorge's (Kevin Bacon) high-end salon, but his obnoxious personality ultimately proves insufferable. Gina quits her job and decides to get a place of her own, securing a loan with some resourceful tactics. Situated squarely in the ghetto and featuring a revolving cast of eccentric characters, the shop's quirky employees provide a constant stream of witty banter. Meanwhile the electrician who lives upstairs (Djimon Hounsou, AMISTAD) slowly wins Gina's heart. Despite challenges, Gina maintains grace, humor, and a magnanimous air that sees her through everything.The ensemble cast of this feel-good comedy at times eclipses its good-natured star, who functions as a den mother to the madness. Andi MacDowell and Mena Suvari play wealthy Atlanta socialites who defect to Gina's shop, while Gospel legend Della Reese also makes an appearance. Bryce Wilson's turn as an ex-convict stylist of questionable sexual orientation provides humor at his expense, while Alicia Silverstone's bumbling black-girl wanna-be is so charming that we forgive her fake accent. Building upon the success of the BARBERSHOP franchise, BEAUTY SHOP holds its own both in its comedic acuity, and in its inspirational story of an underdog who comes out on top through force of will and strength of spirit.


Harlem Double Feature: Gang War (1940) / Broken Strings (1940) Boxart Gang War (1940) / Broken Strings (1940) / 1940)
Director: Leo C. Popkin, Bernard B. Ray
Starring: Ralph Cooper, Clarence Muse
African American Cast: Drama. Black & White.
A headstrong violinist's life is ruined after a serious accident renders him partially paralyzed / Two rival gangsters fight a deadly battle on the streets of Harlem.

Harlem Double Feature: Juke Joint (1947) / Reet, Petite, and Gone (1947) Boxart Juke Joint (1947) / Reet, Petite, and Gone (1947)
Director: Spencer Williams, William Forest Crouch
Starring: Spencer Williams, Mantan Moreland, Louis Jordan
African American Cast: Drama: Musical Black & White.
Two shabby but resourceful men come into town with big business ideas / A young singer is blamed for the deaths of a crooked lawyer.

Jackie Robinson Story Boxart Jackie Robinson Story, The (1960)
Director: Alfred E. Green
Starring: Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee
African American Cast: Drama. Black & White.
This triumphant biography is the story of Jackie Robinson (playing himself), the first ballplayer to break major league baseball's color-barrier in 1947. One of the greatest sports-themed movies ever made, The Jackie Robinson Story chronicles the gifted athlete's early career in the Negro Baseball League to his tense first at-bat with the farm team in Montreal and his success as the second baseman for the Dodgers. Minor Watson turns in a riveting performance as Brooklyn manager Branch Rickey, inspiring Jackie to have the inner-strengh to withstand the threats, vicious racial-slurs and abuse that would be heaped upon him. With movie-star looks and fine acting, Jackie delivers his story with humility and grace in this unflinching look at a difficult and historic era in baseball and American history.

The Joe Louis Story Boxart Joe Louis Story, The (1953)
Director: Robert Gordon
Starring: Coley Wallace, Hilda Simms
African American Cast: Drama: Sports Black & White.
The record-breaking career of Joe Louis is packed with staggering triumphs, both in and out of the ring. While squaring off against legendary fighters, the champ struggled to overcome racial prejudice in the boxing world. He made history by becoming World Heavyweight Champion and defending his title for twelve years - longer than any fighter before or since. Although his reign was troubled by bankruptcy and marital strife, through his skill and determination the "Brown Bomber" ensured himself a place in boxing history forever. The Joe Louis Story seamlessly blends the drama of the champ's life with actual footage from his greatest fights, including matches with Rocky Marciano, Max Schmeling, Primo Carnera, Max Baer, and Jim Braddock.

Harlem Double Feature: The Blood Of Jesus (1941) / Lying Lips (1939) Boxart Blood of Jesus / Lying Lips
The Blood Of Jesus (1941, B&W): Pious, young Martha Jackson is accidentally shot by her sinful husband, Razz Jackson, on the very same day she was baptized in a solemn riverside service. Instead of being sent straight to heaven, Martha is escorted by an angel to The Crossroads, where a sign points in opposite directions - Hell and Zion.
Lying Lips (1939, B&W): Sweet Elsie Bellwood sings and dances in a popular cabaret act. Refusing to provide "special entertainment" for the management's VIP guests, she is dismissed and returns home from work to find her beloved Auntie has been murdered.

Harlem Double Feature: Go Down Death! (1944) / Sunday Sinners (1940) Boxart Go Down Death / Sunday Sinners
Go Down Death (B&W, 1944): Bar owner Big Jim Bottoms (Spencer Williams) has a running feud with a popular local preacher, whose sermons are rallying the townsfolk against him. With the help of three trampy bar-girls and a sneaky photographer, Big Jim comes into possession of some very compromising pictures of the young minister.
Sunday Sinners (B&W, 1940): Reverend Jesse Hampton has a bone to pick with the management of Club Harlem, a wildly popular nightspot where drinking and dancing are the rule. No old-fashioned prude, the Reverend tries to see the positive side of the juke joint activities, knowing that the jitterbuggers are basically decent kids who just need to blow off a little steam.

Girl in Room 20 / God's Stepchildren
Girl in Room 20 (B&W, 1942): Backwater choir singer, Daisy Mae Walker, leaves her small Texas town of Perryville and ventures into the big city to pursue her dreams of fame. She checks into Old Crown's flophouse where she takes up with a gang of musicians who offer her a chance to perform.
God's Step Children (B&W, 1938): A poor, young, unwed mother begs Mrs. Saunders to adopt her baby girl, Naomi. Already raising her own son, Jimmy, Mrs. Saunders accepts the additional burden with a love-filled heart. But Naomi, born bad, is a wicked child who lies constantly and then charms her way out of punishment.

Murder in Harlem / Harlem Rides the Range
A black night-watchman is accused of murder when he discovers the body of a dead white woman / Two cowboys help homesteaders fight a nefarious land-poacher in this all black cast western adventure.

Image-Not-Available-From-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Shaft/Shaft's Big Score/Shaft in Africa (3-DVD)
Richard Rountree. Shaft is the man! Super-tough private eye, John Shaft, mixes it up with the bad boys in Harlem and beyond in this trio of blaxpoitation classics that feature Issac Hayes' award-winning title song! Includes Shaft (Moses Gunn. 1971/98 min.), Shaft's Big Score! (Joseph Mascolo. 1972/105 min.) and Shaft in Africa (Frank Finlay, Vonetta McGee. 1973/112 min.). 3 DVDs. Color/R/fullscreen.


Voodoo Double Feature: The Devil's Daughter (1939) / Chloe (1934) Boxart The Devil's Daughter (1939) / Chloe - Love Is Calling You (1934)
Director: Marshall Neilan, Arthur H. Leonard, Marshal Neilan
Starring: Nina Mae McKinney, Olive Borden
African American Cast: Occult: Horror. Black & White.


Two-Gun Man From Harlem (1938)
Director: Richard C. Kahn
Starring: Herbert Jeffrey (Herb Jeffries), Marguerite Whitten, Mantan Moreland, Spencer Williams Jr.
African American Cast: Western: Musical
Singing cowboy Bob Blake is wrongfully accused of murder and goes East, winding up in Harlem, where he assumes the identity of The Deacon, a preacher-turned-gangster who looks just like him. Music by The Four Tones.

  Bronze Buckaroo, The (1939)
Director: Richard C. Kahn
Starring: Herb Jeffrey
African American Cast: Western

Harlem Harlem Rides the Range (1939)
Director: Richard C. Kahn
Starring: Herbert Jeffrey (Herb Jeffries), Lucius Brooks, Spencer Williams Jr.
African American Cast: Western: Musical
Handsome big band singer Herb Jeffrey stars as singing cowboy Bob Blake, who, with his trusty sidekick Dusty, tries to stop a scheme to cheat a rancher out of his property because it contains a radium mine. Music by The Four Tones.


Folks often ask if the scenes in certain occult-oriented or witchcraft films are accurate, or if the film-makers just cobbled together a bunch of special effects and wrapped them in a pseudo-ethnographic veneer of folk magic. We've decided to stock as many films in which the practice of magic plays a part as we can find on the cheap (no new movies or expensive prints here, folks) -- and although our listings do review the contents for authenticity, in most cases the idea of carrying these flicks is simply to let you grab some classic films about the magical and supernatural sides of life -- and make your own decisions about their worth. Books that we sell about the history and ethnography of hoodoo are available here:
Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: Books about the Folklore and Sociology of Conjure



The Return of Chandu (Feature) Boxart Return of Chandu (Feature) (1934)
Director: Ray Taylor
Starring: Bela Lugosi, Maria Alba
Occult: Action & Adventure. Black & White.
Chandu (Bela Lugosi) fights the evil forces of Black Magic to save a beautiful Egyptian princess from human sacrifice. Taking refuge in Chandu's home, Princess Nadji (Maria Alba) unwittingly raises a poison cup to her lips when an invisible Chandu snatches it from her, foiling diabolical sorcerer Vindhyna (Lucien Prival). The cult leader's minions eventually drag the hapless beauty away in a mummy's casket. Using his powerful hypnotic powers, Chandu rescues Nadji and carries her off to the South Seas. Unfortunately, Vindhyna has stowed away on Chandu's yacht undetected. Even more alarming, their destination is the secret island home of a notorious sect of cat worshippers, spelling doom for the princess.


Irish Luck Boxart Irish Luck (1939)
Director: Howard Bretherton
Starring: Mantan Moreland, Frankie Darro, Dick Purcell
Occult: Comedy. Black & White.
Brainy bellhop Buzzy O'Brien (Frankie Darro) tries his hand at sleuthing out a killer when a hundred thousand dollars in bonds disappear and the corpse of Bank Vice President Thaddeus Porter is left in their place. When Kitty Monahan (Sheila D'Arcy), the object of Buzzy's affection, is named as the lead suspect by flat-footed Detective Lanahan (Dick Purcell), Buzzy spirits her away to his mother's apartment where the feisty old Irish battle-ax comically combines courting with crime solving.


Angel On My Shoulder Boxart Angel On My Shoulder (1946)
Director: Archie Mayo
Starring: Claude Rains, Paul Muni, Anne Baxter
Occult: Drama. Black & White.
The devilish comedy/fantasy Angel On My Shoulder teams two Academy Award winners Paul Muni (1936 Best Actor, The Story of Louis Pasteur) and Anne Baxter (1946 Best Supporting Actress, The Razor's Edge), with the remarkable character actor, Claude Rains. Muni portrays Eddie Kagle, a recently murdered gangster whose attempts at "busting out" of hell and returning to the world of the living bring him to the attention of Nick (Claude Rains) - the Devil himself. Eddie makes a deal with Nick: the devil will send him back to earth to take over the body of a respected judge who is trying to stamp out evil. If, as the judge, Eddie can become more dishonest and help keep more of those doing the devil's work roaming the earth, Nick will set him free for good. But Eddie soon discovers that he can't return to his corrupt ways, and when he falls in love with the judge's fiance (Anne Baxter), he tries to break his deal with the devil.


Sinister Hands Boxart Sinister Hands (1932)
Director: Armand Schaefer
Starring: Jack Mulhall, Mischa Auer
Occult: Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Mysterious psychic adviser, Swami Yomurda, lures a flighty socialite into a web of the occult, against the wishes of her powerful millionaire husband, Richard Lang. Adding to Richard's displeasure is his daughter's dapper two-timing suitor with connections to the mob. Tensions erupt during a poolside party held at the Lang Mansion. Begrudging his wife's request to host a seance at their home, Richard seals his fate. During a spiritual reading performed by Swami Yomurda, Richard is murdered. Police detective, Captain Devlin (Jack Mulhall) arrives on the scene determined to find the killer. Devlin finds that everyone had a motive for the murder. Was it the mobster? The butler? Or perhaps, the mysterious Swami? Devlin knows - or thinks he does, until a second victim is found dead by the same sinister hands.

Shadows of The Orient Boxart Shadows of The Orient (1937)
Director: Burt Lynwood
Starring: Ester Ralston, Regis Toomey, Sidney Blackmer
Occult: Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Judge Avery's daughter Viola (Ester Ralston) is arrested in a police raid on Chinatown's most notorious gambling casino. Facing public disgrace and her father's anger, Viola romances immigration officer Bob Baxter (Regis Toomey) who provides an alibi for her. Baxter is drawn to Viola but also sees her as a source of information about the casino boss's white slavery ring. As Baxter's attention becomes clouded with infatuation, Viola must keep the inquisitive detective at bay. Owning a debt of silence to the casino's owner, King Moss (Sidney Blackmer), Viola finds herself ensnared in a dark web of Western intrigue and Oriental crime. Growing feelings for Baxter drive Viola into danger and she is kidnapped as a pawn in Moss's elaborate underworld scheme.

Mystic Circle Murder Boxart Mystic Circle Murder (1939)
Director: Frank O'Conner
Starring: Madame Houdini, Robert Fiske
Occult: Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
The dead return to speak to the living! At least, that's what vulnerable and gullible mourners are led to believe when they visit the temple of the Great La Gagge, a charlatan psychic who stages rigged seances with his greedy henchman in order to fleece unsuspecting believers out of their hard-earned (or inherited) cash. La Gagge leads his latest potential victims, two wealthy widows utterly smitten by the Master, on a wild ghost chase across the Atlantic to the base of the Sphinx and the banks of the Ganges, as part of his scam to steal their fortunes.

The Amazing Mr. X Amazing Mr. X, The (aka The Spiritualist), Highly Recommended! (1948)
Director: Bernard Vorhaus
Starring: Turhan Bey
Occult: Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Christine Faber (Lynn Bari) doubts her own sanity after hearing the voice of her dead husband calling to her from the sea. Against the wishes of her new fiance Martin (Richard Carlson), she begins to see a mysterious man known only as Alexis (Turhan Bey) who claims to be able to make psychic contact with spirits from beyond. Although Alexis continually provides accurate information known only to Christine and her late husband, she begins to suspect him of being a fraud. Expressive use of shadows and light add to the macabre sense of nightmare in this masterful chiller.


Golem (Silent) Boxart Golem, The (Silent) (1920)
Director: Paul Wegener
Starring: Paul Wegener
Occult: Silent Film. Black & White.
In 16th century Prague, Rabbi Loew creates a terrifying giant golem from clay to protect his people from their persecutors. Employing sorcery, he brings the artificial man to life, endowing him with human emotions. Famulus, Loew's evil assistant, manages to take control of the golem, commanding it to perform sordid criminal acts culminating in the kidnapping of the Rabbi's beautiful daughter, Miriam. The monster, outraged by his vile misuse, rebels and a deadly rampage ensues. With high, angular sets by famed architect Hans Poelzig and full of wonderful imagery captured by the camera of Karl Freund, this silent classic captivates the eye. Masterfully combining terror and pathos, Wegener's stiff-limbed portrayal of the golem clearly influenced Boris Karloff's performance in Frankenstein. This 1920 version of The Golem is considered definitive among the film's many productions and is an unforgettable horror masterpiece.

The Man From Beyond (Silent) Boxart Man From Beyond, The (Silent), with Harry Houdini (1922)
Director: Burton King
Starring: Harry Houdini
Occult: Silent Films: Action & Adventure. Black & White.
Frozen in the Arctic ice for a hundred years after pirates attacked his ship and abducted his fiancée, Howard Hillary (Harry Houdini) is thawed out and revived by Dr. Gregory Sinclair. Unaware that a century has passed, Hillary's only thought is to rescue his beloved Felice from the Pirate King. Dr. Sinclair worries that revealing the truth about Hillary's suspended animation will send the emotionally unstable man into a psychotic frenzy. Seeking the help of Professor Crawford Strange, Sinclair takes Hillary to the scholar's estate. At the Strange Mansion, the visitors find that the Professor has been missing for over a year and that his daughter Felice is about to marry Dr. Trent. Hillary believes that Felice Strange is his lost love. Convinced Hillary is insane, Dr. Trent has him imprisoned in a mental institution. Escaping from his dank cell, Hillary finds Professor Strange held captive in an underground dungeon and discovers that Trent is the criminal responsible for the kidnapping. The two rivals finally face off in a life or death struggle atop a treacherous precipice.

Student of Prague (1913) Boxart Student of Prague (1913), The (Silent)
Director: Stellan Rye
Starring: Paul Wegener
Occult: Silent Films. Black & White.
Balduin (Paul Wegener) is a penniless student in 19th century Prague who, in a chance encounter, rescues the beautiful Countess Margit Schwarzenberg and becomes romantically obsessed with her. Scapinelli, the sorcerer, lures the student with a bargain - 100,000 gold pieces - a vast fortune - in return for which "...he shall take from this room whatsoever he chooseth for his own use..." and Balduin hastily signs the contract. Much to the student's astonishment, the old magician approaches a large mirror, extracts Balduin's reflection and departs with it! Intoxicated with his new-found wealth, the student is unaware that he is now doomed to a horrific fate.

Student of Prague (1926) Boxart Student of Prague (1926), The (Silent)
Director: Stellan Rye
Starring: Paul Wegener
Occult: Silent Films. Black & White.
Although he is known as the finest fencer in Prague, Balduin bemoans his lot in life. In the depths of his despair, the poor university student is accosted by the mysterious Scapinelli, who makes him a deal that seems too good to be true: in exchange for his choice of Balduin's meager possessions, Scapinelli offers the staggering sum of 600,000 gold pieces. Agreeing to the terms, Balduin watches in amazement as Scapinelli approaches the mirror and summons Balduin's reflection from it, walking away with the blank-faced doppleganger in tow. Balduin senses he's made a terrible mistake, but begins to enjoy his new life as a wealthy socialite, finding love with a young countess. The hefty price of his bargain becomes clear, though, as his reflection begins to interfere with his newfound happiness in a most sinister way.


Here you will find a strange assortment of "educational" exploitation movies about the dangers of drugs, the horrors of venereal disease, the perils of prostitution, the dangers of back alley abortions, the terrors of forced sterilization, and much, much more. These classic exploitation films were produced by independent "Poverty Row" studios and designed to be shown outside traditional theater venues -- for instance, at carnivals or in back rooms. They are not pornographic, but for their time they dealt with "forbidden" themes. They also somehow managed to inject a bit of glamour and a few naughty underwear shots into their warning depictions of the sleazy underworld from which they ostensibly sought to protect America's youth. If you like Classic Exploitation movies, check out out our nice array of:
Full-Colour Film Posters in Heavy Vinyl Skeeves




Assassin of Youth Boxart Assassin of Youth (1937)
Director: Elmer Clifton
Starring: Luana Walters
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
A young reporter on his first assignment goes undercover to investigate the granddaughter of a wealthy woman killed in a drug-related car crash. The girl, Joan Barrie, stands to inherit her grandmother's fortune, contingent on Joan's good behavior. Linda Clayton is a drug-dealing, double-crossing cousin who plots to ruin Joan's reputation and take all the money. While the newspaper aims to expose the evils of the murderous "marijuana menace," scandal erupts as the town is turned upside-down with all-night drug parties where anything can happen. Like the more famous exploitation classic Reefer Madness (which shares cast member Dorothy Short), this "suspense thriller" vividly reflects the hysterical anti-drug propaganda of its time.

Cocaine Fiends Cocaine Fiends, The (1935)
Director: William A. O'Connor
Starring: Lois January
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Senses Drowned In Forbidden Pleasures... Sordid and sensational, The Cocaine Fiends is a vintage melodrama that depicts the narcotic's addictive dangers and its rampant threat to society. When pretty country girl Jane Bradford (Lois January) meets drug peddler Nick (Noel Madison), she falls for his smooth line about marriage and the promise of unlimited riches awaiting them in the city. He also introduces her to his special "headache powder" that leaves Jane feeling instantly exhilarated. Arriving in the big city, she is soon transformed into Nick's strung-out, coke-addled moll (calling herself "Lil" to hide her shame) whom he discards without remorse. Her brother, Eddie, moves to the city in an attempt to locate Jane. When a beautiful carhop shows him the wonders of the miracle drug, it's not long before Eddie and his girlfriend spiral downward into hopeless depraved squalor and tragedy. Also released under the title The Pace That Kills, The Cocaine Fiends, like its famous cult sister Reefer Madness (1938), is unintentionally hilarious in its frank, uncompromising look at dope's countless evils, dramatically reinforced by the film's shady locales - not least of which is the gangster hangout the Dead Rat Cafe - replete with a stark, rodent-wallpapered decor!

Marihuana Marihuana (1936)
Director: Dwain Esper
Starring: Harley Wood, Hugh McArthur
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Marihuana chronicles the downward spiral of a group of teenagers from frivolity into the depths of decadence brought on by smoking the "giggle weed." A young girl drowns while skinny-dipping at a beach party. Another teen gets pregnant after a turn with her boyfriend in the sand - both the result of dope smoking. The mother-to-be gives up her baby and becomes a hardened drug dealer, earning fur coats and diamond rings while coldly turning her clientele into drug addicts. With a central message that using marihuana incites "the user to extreme cruelty and license" and down the path to hard narcotics, this 1936 precursor to Reefer Madness is a cult classic by director/producer and exploitation master Dwain Esper. Contains nudity.

Reefer-Madness-Movie-Poster-at-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Reefer Madness (1938)
Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Starring: Dorothy Short, Dave O'Brien
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
The evils of marijuana addiction are "chillingly detailed" in this cult classic, which is narrated by a high school principle who declares, "Something must be done to wipe out this ghastly menace!" A case study of all-American high school kids Bill and Mary highlights the danger of marijuana use when the teens change from tennis-playing, iced tea-drinkers to fiendish, promiscuous, dope addicts after sampling one joint. Naturally, the marijuana users in the film play the piano, dance, and laugh uncontrollably - all surefire signs of "devil weed" use. Bill hallucinates and faints one fateful evening as Mary is accidentally shot; then, more deaths occur before the inevitable mental institution scenes which serve to underscore the horrors of smoking reefer.

Two Dollar Bettor Boxart Two-Dollar Bettor (1951)
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Starring: Marie Windsor, John Littel, Steve Brodie
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Most classic exploitation films of the 20th century focus on transgressions against legal rules concerning sexuality, alcohol, and drug consumption, or segregated racial boundaries. This one is unusual in that it seriously indicts gambling as an addiction, and treats it seriously.

Narcotic Boxart Narcotic (1933)
Director: Dwain Esper
Starring: Harry Cording
One night of bliss... A thousand nights of hell... This picture is presented in the hopes that the public may become aware of the terrific struggle to end the curse of drug addiction! One night in an opium den sends respectable young doctor William Davis hurtling down the slippery slope to doom and self-destruction. When his drug habit renders him incapable of practicing medicine, Dr. Davis becomes a sideshow huckster shilling miracle elixirs. The income provided by snake-oil sales only fuels Davis' monstrous appetite for drugs. A debauched orgy with loose women, cocaine, and heroin leaves him empty and wasted. With his life in ruin, madness and suicide await foolish Dr. Davis!


Damaged Lives (Plus Bonus "VD" Short Film) Boxart Damaged Lives (Plus Bonus "VD" Short Film) (1933)
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Starring: Lyman Williams
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
The horrors, both physical and mental, of venereal disease are the subject of Edgar G. Ulmer's lesson in hygiene, Damaged Lives. A rich young man catches syphilis and passes it onto his wife as the result of a wanton night on the town with a rich floozy. Far more mature than other VD exploitation films of the day, Damaged Lives uses its examination of sordid sexual situations amid palatial art deco splendor to examine a careless society unresponsive to the inherent dangers of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Mad Youth Boxart Mad Youth (1939)
Director: Melville Shyer
Starring: Mary Ainslee, Betty Compson, Willy Castello
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Middle-aged divorcee Lucy Morgan (Betty Compson) prowls the escort agencies to feed her ravenous sexual appetite. Having squandored her alimony money on young men, Lucy agrees to let her precocious and promiscuous daughter Marian (Mary Ainslee) hold an unsupervised party for "the gang" in return for a loan. Lucy goes out to "play bridge" with an escort as Marian's party degenerates into an unfettered orgy. Mom's favorite escort is Count Dekoven (Willy Castello), a handsome intellectual who recently emigrated to the United States. Lucy's lascivious obsession with the Count blinds her to her daughter's increasingly alarming behavior. Raw, carnal sparks fly between Dekoven and Marian who begin dating behind mom's back. The tense love triangle explodes and Marian winds up a prisoner in a brothel of teenage girls.

Party Girl Boxart Party Girl (1930)
Director: Rex Hale
Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jeannette Loff, Judith Barrie
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
"Sex in business...the 'Party Girl' racket threatens to corrupt the morals of thousands of young girls who seek to earn their living decently. The shameful effects of this practice would be brought home to you more forcibly if your own daughter, sister or sweetheart were involved. This may happen! It is our earnest hope that this film may arouse you and other public-spirited citizens to forcibly eliminate the vicious 'Party Girl' system." Party Girl is a daring dramatization of the secret, inner workings of an escort service. Miss Lindsey runs a party girl racket, sending poor girls to make quick money servicing the impulses of rich men sipping bootleg gin. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. plays a young cad who gets caught up in a world of love for sale.

Sex Madness Boxart Sex Madness (1938)
Director: Dwain Esper
Starring: Mark Daniels
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Down through the ages has rushed a menace more dangerous than the worst criminal. SYPHILIS. Let us seize this monster and stamp out forever its horrible influence. Syphilis must no longer play its deadly part in our lives preventing marriages... breaking up families... and resulting in innocent offspring born blind, diseased and maimed... doomed to a life of misery. The subject of syphilis must no longer remain hushed, but must be fought in the open like any other dangerous contagious disease... humanity must be enlightened! Ignorance must be abolished! Young and old... rich and poor... They must be told!

She Shoulda Said "No!" Boxart She Shoulda Said "No!" (1949)
Director: Sam Newfield
Starring: Lilla Leeds, Lyle Talbot
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
One puff and she's hooked! Pretty blond club dancer Anne Lester needs extra cash to keep her younger brother in college. Selling marijuana cigarettes to her hop-head friends seems like easy money. Smooth talking dealer Markey has a steady supply of pot and fills her head with dreams of glamour and riches. When Anne's brother Bobby shows up and finds her hosting a drug party, he is filled with guilt and hangs himself in her garage. Itching to crush the growing marijuana menace, the police raid one of Anne's dope parties and arrest her. Her imprisonment leads to a harrowing withdrawal from her addiction and a hideous descent into psychosis as she faces the harsh facts of her wasted life. When her two-month sentence is up, the same cop who busted her offers her a dangerous chance at redemption.

Sin You Sinners / Dance Hall Racket Boxart Sin You Sinners / Dance Hall Racket (1963 / 1953)
Director: Anthony Farrar, Joseph W. Sarno / Phil Tucker
Starring: June Colbourne, Dian Lloyd / Lenny Bruce
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
SIN YOU SINNERS (1963; B&W; 67 minutes): Bobbi, an aging stripper, has the power to hypnotize men and women and captivate them with her time-worn body. The strange power comes from a mysterious amulet she wears, which has also allowed her to exert a powerful influence over her daughter Julie and a freeloading boyfriend and resident stud, Dave. Julie is drawn into sex parties and bizarre erotic rituals under Bobbi's influence. She plots with Dave to steal the strange amulet with deadly consequences. Sin You Sinners is a bizarre amalgam of the horror and sexploitation film genres by famed sleaze-meister Joe Sarno, a prolific filmmaker during the sixties. Sarno used several pseudonyms including Anthony Farrar. Starring June Colbourne, Dian Lloyd, Beverly Nazarow. Written by Joseph W. Sarno. Directed by Anthony Farrar (Joseph Sarno).
DANCE HALL RACKET (1953; B&W; 59 minutes): A sleazy dance club is the setting for crime, murder and the sexual exploits of loose women. Umberto Scalli is the club's unscrupulous owner and a racketeer who is rough on his girls and greedy for the ill-gotten money his crimes produce. He also has a low-life associate named Vincent, a gangster who kills without conscience. When Scalli learns that a business rival has stashed some stolen gold he plots with his associates to get his hands it. The perfect companion piece, Dance Hall Racket is notable as an ultra low-budget, nearly tongue-in-cheek sleaze drama, written and starring a young Lenny Bruce. It was his only film role. Bruce abandoned acting to become a stand-up comedian in New York City. His act contained graphic material that many considered brilliant and others (such as the U.S. Government) deemed obscene. Bruce died of a fatal drug overdose in 1966. Dance Hall Racket was directed by Phil Tucker, who gained fame for making what is considered one of the all-time worst movies ever, Robot Monster. Starring Lenny Bruce, Timothy Farrell, Joie Abrams. Written by Lenny Bruce. Directed by Phil Tucker.

Slaves In Bondage Boxart Slaves In Bondage (1937)
Director: Elmer Clifton
Starring: Lona Andre, Donald Reed
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Beautiful Belle Harris (Florence Dudley) runs a prostitution ring out of the Berrywood Roadhouse for mobster Jim Murray (Wheeler Oakman). Murray abuses his women with a daily grind of salacious subjugation and sin that is as exhausting as it is cruel. Cold, cynical and consumed by hate, Belle relishes turning the most demure and innocent young "girls from good families" into wantonly money-grabbing ladies of the night. A raid on the roadhouse leads to a war on vice. The city police put the squeeze on the Murray syndicate. The entire operation quakes under the wrath of the law as newspaper men flock to chronicle the debauched testimony from Murray's former slave girls in bondage.


Atomic Age Classics, Volume 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette Boxart Atomic Age Classics, Volume 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette (1950s)
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
In addition to the burden of teaching the 3 Rs, schools were often expected to instill certain life-skills in their pupils, one of these being the ability to get along with others. The films on this DVD try to persuade the viewer to consider the benefits of "being nice" and thinking of others' feelings. What is especially interesting about these particular films is that parents aren't the ones offering advice on courtesy. Perhaps educators assumed that parents were either too busy to teach the kids or simply didn't know the value of courtesy themselves.

Atomic Age Classics, Volume 2: Hygiene, Dating & Delinquency Boxart Atomic Age Classics, Volume 2: Hygene, Dating & Delinquency (1950s)
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
While the concept of "the teenager" had been around for many years, it wasn't until after World War II that an actual "teen culture" emerged and began to worry the adults. The films on this DVD compilation examine some of the issues that plagued teens - problems with personal hygiene, the temptations of alcohol, juvenile delinquency, dating, and how to deal with parents who just don't understand. These films may seem conservative by today's standards but they were actually progressive for their time just by attempting to prevent teens from making mistakes that could alienate themselves from society and ruin their lives.

Chained For Life Boxart Chained For Life (1951)
Director: Harry L. Fraser
Starring: Violet Hilton, Daisy Hilton
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
The Hilton Sisters, a pair of Siamese Twins conjoined at the hips, star in this engrossing crime drama about a pair of Siamese Twins accused of murder. If one is found guilty and sent to the death chamber, the innocent twin will also die!

Child Bride Boxart Child Bride (aka Child Bride of the Ozarks) (1938)
Director: Harry J. Revier
Starring: Shirley Miles, Angelo Rossitto (as Don Barrett)
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
This film purports to attack the dreadful social consequences of enforced child marriage among America's hillbillies -- by showing kids skinny-dipping. The fact that the major supporting actor is a dwarf doesn't hurt its novelty value either.

Confessions of A Vice Baron Boxart Confessions of A Vice Baron (1943)
Director: Harvey Thew, Roy Luby
Starring: Willy Castello
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
On death row, hours before his execution for numerous crimes against humanity and society, Lucky Lombardo, "King of the Red Lights," dictates his memoirs. The remorseful kingpin seeks to warn others away from the corrupting path of easy money that put him in line for the gas chamber. Lucky relates the saga of his gangland rise to power. Entering the United States as a poor immigrant from the Balkans, he seeks the hand of a rich society matron. Unable to wed, Lucky finds employment as a gentleman gigolo, extorting money in return for sexual services. Always looking for a bigger score, Lucky branches out into a slew of illicit endeavors including back-alley abortionist, and most heinously, the captain of a white slavery ring, wherein nubile young girls are kidnapped into a life of degradation and shame.

Delinquent Daughters Boxart Delinquent Daughters (1944)
Director: Albert Herman
Starring: Fifi D'Orsay
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Hotrods, hold-ups and hell-raisers are driving Detective Hanahan to desperation. The teens in his sleepy town are on a downhill slide into debauchery. The town judge, a local reporter and even Hanahan himself put the blame on neglectful and abusive parents. The moralistic lawman has his sights set on a rowdy juke-joint run by shady Nick Gordon. Gangs of rebellious teenagers have been using Nick's Merry-Go-Round Cafe as a staging ground for late night mischief. In the wake of a suicide, an armed robbery and a hit-and-run accident, the crooked restaurant owner decides that it's the perfect time to pull a payroll heist using one of the kids as a gunman.

Delinquent Parents Boxart Delinquent Parents (1938)
Director: Nick Grinde
Starring: Doris Weston, Maurice Murphy
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Riotous celebrations erupt as the armistice for The Great War is declared. Throughout America returning soldiers joyfully embrace their women in the streets as families are reunited. For wealthy ladies-man Charlie, the end of the war means that he can resume his life of leisure. However, to ensure the continued financial support of his parents, Charlie must conceal his marriage to poor but proud sweetheart Alice. The only reason he married the naive young girl was to fully experience the physical pleasures of life before facing death in the trenches.
After a wanton nightclub adventure leads to a booze-soaked car crash, Charlie abandons Alice at the hospital. Alone and pregnant with Charlie's baby, Alice seeks to rebuild her shattered life by giving her daughter away for adoption. Alice's daughter is adopted by a loving middle class family who raise the girl, now christened Carol, as their own. As an adolescent, Carol discovers that she is adopted and spirals out of control. The confused teen runs afoul of the law and finds herself appearing before a certain "Judge Alice."

Gambling With Souls (aka Vice Racket) Boxart Gambling With Souls (aka Vice Racket) (1936)
Director: Elmer Clifton
Starring: Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
One of the few exploitation movies in which gambling addiction is the major focus of evil; the heroine's journey from a happy marriage to total degradation also includes forced prostitution, blackmail, and murder.

The Road To Ruin (1934) / No Greater Sin (1941) (Forbidden Classics Double Feature) Boxart Road To Ruin / No Greater Sin (Forbidden Classics Double Feature) (1934 / 1941)
Director: Dorothy Davenport, Melville Shyer / William Nigh
Starring: Helen Foster / Luana Walters, Leon Ames
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
The Road to Ruin is a well-acted and true-to-life drama condemning the era's illegal abortions (and a reminder that Roe v. Wade is necessary); No Greater Sin deals rather salaciously with the the scourge of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sensation Hunters Boxart Sensation Hunters (1934)
Director: Charles Vidor
Starring: Arline Judge, Preston Foster
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
Sexy society gal Dale Jordon leaves her upstanding boyfriend to work in Panama City as a showgirl. Dale and her girlfriend, Jerry, book themselves into the best cabaret in town - a venue that is also a hot spot for pickpockets and con artists. When the girls aren't dancing, they're hustling the customers for drinks. Dale "wows" the clientele with her singing, but after clashing with the manager, Dale and Jerry are sent packing. Their only salvation is Jim Crosby, who wants to marry Dale and take her to New York. Crosby, who is already married and unable to get a divorce, is killed in a plane crash before they can leave. Jerry is then hurt in a bar fight and rushed to the hospital near death. Dale Jordon is now faced with the most desperate decision of her young life. To raise the money for them to escape Panama's sordid underworld, she must become a prostitute.

Terror of Tiny Town Boxart Terror of Tiny Town (1938)
Director: Sam Newfield
Starring: Jed Buell's Midgets, Billy Curtis
Classic Exploitation: Western: Musical Black & White.
Nothing more need be said about this movie than that it stars a cast of talented midgets (many of whom you'll recognize from The Wizard of Oz) as singing cowboys and cowgirls out in the Old West, riding Shetland ponies. A classic!

Test Tube Babies (Plus "Hell Is A Place Called Hollywood" Bonus Featurette) Boxart Test Tube Babies / Hell Is A Place Called Hollywood (1948)
Director: W. Merle Connell
Starring: Dorothy Duke, William Thomason, Timothy Farrell
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
She wants a baby, her husband is sterile, and when she attends her friend's baby shower, all the women get drunk and a nude cat fight ensues between a couple of strippers. Not your average film about the wonders of artificial insemination!

This Rebel Breed Boxart This Rebel Breed/Black Rebels (1960)
Director: Richard L. Bare
Starring: Rita Moreno, Dyan Cannon
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
A plague of hate crimes threatens to provoke the city to race riots. Posing as high school troublemakers, two detectives, Frank and Don - one white and the other Latino, trade their badges for switchblades in an effort to infiltrate and bust the ethnic youth gangs suspected of instigating the savage violence. Don is quickly recruited into the Royals, a dope-dealing gang of white boys, but Frank's efforts to get into the Latino gang, The Caballeros, are met with failure due to his increasingly amorous intentions toward sultry Lola, the sister of head Caballero, Manuel. A vicious triangle of hatred and desire forms between Lola, Frank, and her bloodthirsty brother Manuel. Manuel's pathological hatred of white men, and the chip on his shoulder from a life of poverty, fuels his menace with an explosive fury that threatens to bring down the entire city.

Tomorrow's Children Boxart Tomorrow's Children (1934)
Director: Crane Wilbur
Starring: Sterling Holloway, Crane Wilbur, Diane Sinclair
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
An impassioned call for the end of forced sterilization (never a serious issue in US society) featuring an insane man ripping off a nurse's uniform, a real microcehalic, and a daring chase scene: Will the heroine's uterus survive?

A Virgin In Hollywood (1948) / Protect Your Daughter (1933) Boxart Virgin In Hollywood (1948) / Protect Your Daughter (1933)
Director: Klayton W. Kirby / Howard Higgin
Starring: Dorothy Abbott / Doris Eaton, Barbara Kent
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
An expose of the seamier side of cheesecake photography seen through the eyes of a female reporter-narrator -- followed by a bizarre patchwork of two films that attempts to warn us of the dangers of improper sexual and social behaviors.

Why Men Leave Home (aka Secrets Of Beauty) Boxart Why Men Leave Home (aka Secrets Of Beauty) (1951)
Director: Erle C. Kenton
Starring: Richard Denning, Julie Bishop, Ern Westmore. Virginia Herrick
Classic Exploitation. Black & White.
A classic "women's film" about a failing marriage, a classic "educational film" about how to apply cosmetics, and a classic "Hollywood documentary" featuring behind-the-scenes glimpses of cinema's technical crew talent -- all in one film!


The final selection of films we stock is about as random as it gets. These are just old, cheap movies i like and maybe you will too. No theme unites them other than that i think they are too good to be forgotten.  


Big Combo Boxart Big Combo, The (1955)
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Starring: Brian Donlevy, Lee Van Cleef
Action & Adventure. Black & White.
Police detective Leonard Diamond (Cornel Wilde) has two dangerous obsessions. He's on a reckless, hell-bent crusade to bring down smooth and sadistic gangster, Mr. Brown (Richard Conte) and wracked by insatiable desire for good-girl-gone-wrong Susan Lowell (Jean Wallace), Brown's captive lover. In mortal terror, Susan is helpless to escape from the lust-filled nightmare of her life. Meanwhile, Brown's lieutenant-in-crime, McClure (Brian Donlevy) plots with cruel hoods Fante (Lee Van Cleef) and Mingo (Earl Holliman) to overthrow their boss. In Brown's unforgiving world, however, defection and disloyalty are punishable by cruel and unusual death.

Borderline Borderline (1950)
Director: William A. Seiter
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Claire Trevor, Raymond Burr
Action & Adventure. Black & White.


Animal Kingdom Boxart Animal Kingdom, The (1932)
Director: Edward H. Griffith
Starring: Leslie Howard, Myrna Loy, Ann Harding
Comedy. Black & White.
Wanton, carefree playboy Tom (Leslie Howard) is the salaciously behaving heir to a publishing fortune. At his father's insistance, Tom decides to become respectable and marry "good girl" socialite Cecelia (Myrna Loy). Ruefully, Tom discards his capricious, free-spirited mistress Daisy (Ann Harding) and tearfully bids farewell to the pleasure and follies of youth. However, Tom and Cecelia's union is without love and Cecelia's passion is corrupt, icy and calculated. Once married, it is Cecelia, ironically, who embarks on a series of wild carnal adventures, while Daisy, once an advocate of free love, pines away for Tom.

Heading For Heaven Boxart Heading For Heaven (1947)
Director: Lewis D. Collins
Starring: Stuart Erwin, Glenda Farrell, Irene Ryan
Comedy. Black & White.
Struggling small-town realtor Henry Elkins (Stuart Erwin) stubbornly refuses to sell off valuable property that has been in his family for generations, driving his wife Nora (Glenda Farrell) crazy. Instead, he clings to a long-held dream of using the land to develop an idyllic residential neighborhood. Everything changes when the bumbling fellow is convinced that he doesn't have long to live. Henry now stands to make a fortune for his loved ones when the site is considered for an airport. An unscrupulous swami (Russ Vincent) gets greedy ideas, and a plot to sabotage the deal is set in motion. Caught in a trap, a distraught Henry leaves home and is mistaken for dead. His "spirit" returns during one of the swami's flimsily staged séances, outrageously exposing the nasty scoundrels who are about to cash in on Henry's birthright.

Manhattan Love Song Boxart Manhattan Love Song (1934)
Director: Leonard Fields
Starring: Robert Armstrong, Dixie Lee, Franklin Prangborn
Comedy. Black & White.
Their vast fortune suddenly wiped out by a crooked investor, two high-society sisters (Dixie Lee and Nydia Westman) are forced to look for jobs. Unable to pay their servants, the pair let the maid and the chauffeur, Tom Williams (Robert Armstrong), live with them as "guests." Master and servant roles are hilariously reversed when take-charge Williams introduces a newly rich doyenne's son to his ex-employers - trading entree to the fancy Park Avenue crowd in exchange for money.

My Man Godfrey My Man Godfrey  (1936)
Director: Gregory La Cava
Starring: Carole Lombard, William Powell
Comedy. Black & White.
This madcap satire is a landmark comedy, with witty dialogue, suspenseful comic twists, and a refreshingly irreverent style. William Powell is the erudite butler Godfrey who is paired with Carole Lombard as Irene Bullock. The wealthy and beautiful heiress discovers him sleeping in the city dump during a society scavenger hunt, and decides he would make the perfect butler. Unbeknownst to her, this new "butler" Godfrey is even wealthier than she, and has a few lessons to teach her eccentric family. Irene's formidable father Alexander, already overwhelmed by the colorful crew of family members in his midst, is mortified by the prospect of having another oddball in his home. While Godfrey sets out to teach the Bullock family that money isn't everything, Irene decides that Godfrey would not only make the ideal butler, but the ideal husband as well. This Depression-era comedy offers full-force escapism, an energetic cast, and sophisticated social commentary - it's a romantic romp with a taut script and impeccable comic timing.

Royal Bed Boxart Royal Bed, The (1931)
Director: Lowell Sherman
Starring: J. Carrol Naish, Mary Astor
Comedy. Black & White.
Hapless reigning monarch (actor-director Lowell Sherman) lets the Queen rule their small European nation, but when she takes off for a tour of the Americas, the King must fend for himself. Outside the palace gates, the poor rise up in revolution and demand justice or blood. Inside, the King's daughter, Princess Ann (Mary Astor) adds to his headaches by announcing her intentions to elope with her lover. Meanwhile her power hungry brother, the Prince (Hugh Trevor), urges his father to abdicate.

Royal Wedding Boxart Royal Wedding (1951)
Director: Stanley Donen
Starring: Fred Astaire, Jane Powell
Comedy. Colour.
The legendary Fred Astaire's classic dancing on the ceiling routine is a highlight of this delightfully enchanting MGM musical comedy. Astaire and Jane Powell star as a famous American brother and sister song and dance act who begin a London engagement at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's marriage. It's not long before they find romances and "engagements" of their own with co-stars Peter Lawford and Sarah Churchill. The tuneful Burton Lane-Alan Jay Lerner score includes the Academy Award nominated song "Too Late Now."

Slightly Honorable Boxart Slightly Honorable (1940)
Director: Tay Garnett
Starring: Pat O'Brien, Broderick CrawforD $6.98
Comedy. Black & White.
Greed, graft and corruption pollutes the city in director Tay Garnett's witty slapstick murder mystery, Slightly Honorable. Framed for the murder of party girl Alma Brehmer, honest lawyer John Webb (Pat O'Brien) crusades to prove his innocence while encountering all manner of hilariously corrupt big city denizens.

Hollywood & Vine Boxart Hollywood & Vine
Martha Manning arrives in Hollywood with stars in her eyes and high hopes of making it as a famous actress. Waitressing at a hamburger joint, she catches the eye of Larry Winters, a successful screenwriter who is determined to win her heart. Posing as a struggling newcomer, he takes a job as a dishwasher at the same soda fountain were Martha works.
While Larry's bosses go on a citywide manhunt for their missing writer, Martha forces her way into their offices in an attempt to convince the studio that her new boyfriend deserves a job. Unaware that Martha's boyfriend and the studio's golden-boy writer are one and the same, Martha, Larry and the studio run in hilarious circles as comedic chaos ensues.


Back Door To Heaven Boxart Back Door To Heaven (1939)
Director: William K. Howard
Starring: Wallace Ford, Stuart Erwin, William Harrigan
Drama. Black & White.
Young Frankie Rogers (Jimmy Lydon) gets off to a bad beginning. The son of a drunken brute and an abused mother, Frankie becomes a thief and is thrown into reform school. The years of institutional life crawl by as Frankie grows into a man (played by Wallace Ford). Upon his release from Juvenile Detention he heads to his hometown. Frankie is rejected as a criminal and exiles himself to the big city. There, in a bank heist gone wrong, he graduates from thief to murderer.

Beatniks Boxart Beatniks, The (1959)
Director: Paul Frees
Starring: Peter Breck, Tony Travis
Drama. Black & White.
Eddie Crane (Tony Travis) is the leader of a group of young punks. A talent agent hears him singing at a local diner and thinks Eddie has a shot at the big time. A recording session is set, but his friends have different plans. Aftera night of heavy drinking and partying, Eddie's psychotic friend, Mooney (Peter Breck), shoots and kills a bartender, forcing the group into hiding. Eddie decides to do the recording session anyway, resulting in a brutal confrontation between gang members and the police.

Bigamist Boxart Bigamist, The (1953)
Director: Ida Lupino
Starring: Joan Fontaine, Edmond O'Brien, Ida Lupino, Kenneth Tobey
Drama. Black & White.
While away on business, Harry Graham (Edmond O'Brien) hops a Hollywood tour bus. Sitting next to him is a tough-talking waitress, Phyllis Martin (Ida Lupino). He lights her cigarette and, a few more trips to Los Angeles later, Harry and Phyllis are wed. Back home in San Francisco, he and his wife, Eve (Joan Fontaine), are trying to adopt a child. Harry noticeably hesitates before signing a release granting the adoption agency permission to investigate their lives. The head of the agency, Mr. Jordan, senses that there is something amiss and decides to dig deeper Harry is torn by his love and his desire to protect both women. Eve, though aloof, gives him a decent life. Phyllis, hardened by past disappointments, needs his love. Harry's situation becomes desperate as he tries to maintain his double life under the weight of Mr. Jordan's endless probing.

Blood On The Sun Boxart Blood On The Sun (1945)
Director: Frank Lloyd
Starring: James Cagney
Drama. Black & White.
This hard-hitting action picture is a classic star vehicle for screen legend James Cagney who stars as an American newspaper editor working in 1920's Tokyo. When one of his reporters is killed, Cagney discovers incriminating evidence that details a Japanese plot to take over the world. The action is fast and furious as he goes up against the Japanese secret police in his struggle to get the evidence out of Japan and reveal the plot to the world.

Carnival Story Boxart Carnival Story (1954)
Director: Kurt Neumann
Starring: Ann Baxter, George Nader
Drama. Colour.
A down-on-its-luck American carnival travels to Germany in search of success. Beautiful but poor Willie (Ann Baxter) attends a show and picks the pocket of the carnival's owner, Joe Hammond (Steve Cochran). He catches her and seems to take pity. Hammond gives her a job as a dishwasher, only to use his control over her to fulfill his own sexual desires. When Willie meets daredevil high-diver Frank Colloni (Lyle Bettger), it is love at first sight. Collini trains Willie to be his trapeze partner, and soon she becomes the star of the show. Their budding romance is doomed when jealousy, lies and greed turn their love story into a tale of mystery... and murder.

Hell's House Boxart Hell's House (1932)
Director: Howard Higgin
Starring: Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien
Drama. Black & White.
An orphan is pushed to the limits of suffering when he is sent to a juvenile detention hall. Jimmy is sentenced to a term of hard labor after taking the rap for a bootlegger. Greeted at the reformatory gates by the howls of punished boys and the frail bodies of teenage laborers, he soon learns that there are even worse horrors in store for him. The severe treatment threatens the life of his friend Shorty, and Jimmy risks his own safety to save him. After making a daring escape, Jimmy pleads with Matt Kelly (Pat O'Brien) and Peggy Gardner (Bette Davis) to expose the brutality of juvenile hall and free his dying friend.

I Accuse My Parents Boxart I Accuse My Parents (1944)
Director: Sam Newfield
Starring: Mary Beth Hughes, Robert Lowell
Drama. Black & White.
Neglected teenager Jimmy Wilson (Robert Lowell) meets nightclub singer Kitty Reed (Mary Beth Hughes) and falls into her world of decadence, gambling and shady business deals. Kitty's boss, Mr. Blake (George Meeker), offers Jimmy a job "running errands" and he falls into a life of crime. Returning home to rectify his dark past, Jimmy confronts Blake and accidentally kills him in a struggle. On trial for murder, he accuses his parents of mistreatment for his life gone wrong. A juvenile delinquency morality tale from Producer's Releasing Corporation (PRC), I Accuse My Parents was a classic exploitation film of the era, and was originally presented as a stern warning to parents.

Kept Husbands Boxart Kept Husbands (1931)
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Starring: Dorothy MacKaill, Joel McCrea, Clara Kimball Young
Drama. Black & White.
The spoiled daughter of a rich steel baron, Dorothy Parker sets her sights on Dick Brunton, a supervisor at her father's factory. Ignoring the protests of her family, who are certain that their different backgrounds will doom the relationship, Dorothy vows to secure their engagement within a month. Dick quickly falls for the woman's charms, and their marriage propels him into her extravagant lifestyle. Her insatiable desire for luxury forces the newlyweds to rely on Dorothy's father for money, and Dick soon finds himself at the mercy of the Parker dynasty, a kept husband. To regain his pride and save their marriage, Dick risks everything on a last-ditch plan that will either prove their love or tear the couple apart, forever.

Love Affair (1939) Boxart Love Affair (1939)
Director: Leo McCarey
Starring: Charles Boyer, Irene Dunne
Drama. Black & White.
Dashing French playboy Michel Marnet (Charles Boyer) is sailing to America where he plans to marry a wealthy heiress when he unexpectedly meets Terry McKay (Irene Dunne) and is immediately smitten. Their onboard flirtation results in a pact that they will meet in six months atop of the Empire State Building. When the agreed upon date finally arrives, Terry is tragically struck by a car and leaves the frustrated Michel waiting in vain.The power of love leads the two into crossing paths once again.

Made for Each Other Made For Each Other (1939)
Director: John Cromwell
Starring: Carole Lombard, James Stewart
Drama. Black & White.
Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard star as newlyweds in this delightful romantic dramedy. Stewart plays Johnny Mason, an amiable New York City lawyer who has put his career in jeopardy by refusing the hand of his employer's daughter. His beloved wife, Jane (comically portrayed by Lombard), is despised by Johnny's mother (Lucile Watson), who takes it upon herself to move in with the young couple. Things go from bad to worse when Jane gives birth to a child the family can ill afford. When the infant becomes sick on New Year's Eve, the pressure falls on Johnny to acquire medication from out of state in order to save both his child and his marriage. Impeccably directed by John Cromwell (GODDESS, ABE LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS), MADE FOR EACH OTHER combines laughter with tears in what is a classic, heartwarming example of true family entertainment.

Our Daily Bread Boxart Our Daily Bread (1934)
Director: King Vidor
Starring: Karen Morley, Tom Keene
Drama. Black & White.
Lost souls, haunted by vice, seek a better future on an gritty "back to the land" commune in King Vidor's Great Depression epic drama. Idle masons, plumbers and carpenters are put to work creating, while former white-collar professionals are retrained in the art of manual labor. But all utopias have a dark side. Despite the overriding pioneering spirit; lust, proffering and deceit tarnish the ideals of the freethinking farmers while frustration and hopelessness corrode their dreams. The earthy love of a good woman inspires a sweeping climax as the community is forced to work together or face ruin.

Port of New York Boxart Port of New York (1949)
Director: Laslo Benedek
Starring: Yul Brynner
Drama. Black & White.
Yul Brynner electrifies the screen in his first starring role as ruthless and silky suave gentleman gangster Paul Vicola. Vicola runs a Yacht Club as a front for the east coast's largest heroin smuggling ring. Treasury Agents discover Vicola's mobsters brazenly sneaking the contraband in through America's front door, New York harbor, and plot a dragnet to bring down his criminal empire.

Pot O'Gold Boxart Pot O'Gold (1941)
Director: George Marshall
Starring: James Stewart, Paulette Goddard
Drama. Black & White.
Jimmy Stewart plays Jimmy Haskell, a penniless musician who goes to work for the family business. He discovers that his no-nonsense uncle is trying to evict the company's neighbors - a family of talented musicians whose incessant playing is driving the greedy executive crazy. When Jimmy falls for the band's beautiful singer, he is forced to hide his feelings from his family and his identity from the band. An elaborate scheme to bring the enemies together backfires and Jimmy finds himself in danger of losing his girl, his job and his freedom as the police turn up with an arrest warrant! Jimmy Stewart's comical performance is propelled by the exhilarating song and dance contributed by Horace Heidt and his orchestra. Pot O' Gold also marks the film debut of Art Carney.

Scarlet Street Boxart Scarlet Street (1945)
Director: Fritz Lang
Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett
Drama. Black & White.
Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson) is a middle-aged bank cashier and Sunday painter trapped in a loveless marriage to an insufferable shrew. He comes in contact with a sexy young hustler, Kitty March (Joan Bennett), and falls head-over-heels in love - not even realizing that she is a prostitute. When her sleazy pimp-boyfriend Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea) comes to believe that Chris is wealthy, the two conspire to relieve him of his money. The plot twists and turns as theft and betrayal turn to murder and madness.

Strange Love of Martha Ivers Boxart Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The (1946)
Director: Lewis Milestone
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin
Drama. Black & White.
Martha Ivers (Barbara Stanwyck) and Walter O'Neil (Kirk Douglas) have a dark secret that has hung over them since childhood. Through inheritance and manipulation the two have risen to prominence and wealth. But when an old friend, Sam Masterson (Van Heflin) returns to town, the murder and deceit they have concealed throughout the years is threatened with exposure. When they seek to draw him into their web of corruption, more killing seems to be the only way out.

Time of Your Life Boxart Time of Your Life, The (1948)
Director: H. C. Potter
Starring: James Cagney, William Bendix, Broderick Crawford
Drama. Black & White.
Nick's Saloon sits on San Francisco's waterfront - a haven for misfits and outsiders. Bar-room philosopher Joe (James Cagney) presides over the tavern, passing out advice and encouragement to friends and strangers alike. Through the swinging doors of the bar pass eccentrics, ex-convicts, delusionals, musical geniuses and heartbroken lovers. When a crooked detective invades the saloon, reality threatens to destroy their asylum, but Joe rallies the bar's oddballs in a vicious confrontation with the scoundrel. William Saroyan turned down several offers to adapt his Pulitzer prize-winning play "The Time of Your Life" until approached by James and William Cagney. Saroyan's idiosyncratic humor was expertly translated by director H.C. Potter and intensified by Cagney's adept portrayal of the aimless visionary Joe.

Winterset Boxart Winterset (1936)
Director: Alfred Santell
Starring: Burgess Meredith, John Carradine
Drama. Black & White.
A young man (Burgess Meredith), returns to New York City 15 years after his father (John Carradine) was tried and executed for a murder he did not commit. His search to find the real killers brings him to the slums of the city, where he falls in love with a young girl, Marianne (Margo), and uncovers the truth he's been searching for his entire life. Adapted from the Broadway play by Maxwell Anderson ("Key Largo," "The Bad Seed"), and nominated for two Academy Awards, Winterset is a moody journey into the dark arms of malice, murder and retribution. A rain-drenched testament to the tortured human condition.

Millie Boxart Millie (1931)
Staring: Helen Twelvetrees & Lilyan Tashman
Discovering that has been betrayed by her tycoon husband, Millie divorces him, but regrettably, must leave her daughter in the custody of the wealthy cheat. Determined to make her own way in the world, the much sought-after beauty remains cool and detached from any emotional involvement with men - until she opens her heart to a reporter. But her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that he too has been unfaithful. Years later, when an old suitor turns his attention to her stunning, now-teenage daughter, Millie's long-dead passion is reignited. But this time "it's not love she's after".

Star Is Born Boxart Star Is Born, A (1937)
The astounding, whirlwind rise of Esther Blodgett (Janet Gaynor), a farmgirl with dreams of making it big in Hollywood is chronicled in this Selznick International classic. Just off the train, Esther's first stop in Tinseltown is to Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where she prophetically steps into the shoeprints of matinee idol Norman Maine (Fredric March). While working a waitress job at a fancy celebrity party, she unexpectedly runs into the legendary Maine, who proceeds to charm her, while carelessly indulging himself with booze. Truly smitten, he persuades production head Oliver Niles (Adolphe Menjou) to give her a screen test, and soon Esther is cast in a lead role paired with Maine - followed by their marriage! An overnight sensation, Esther is transformed into Vicki Lester. As her box-office appeal rises, Maine's popularity declines and his alcohol abuse escalates.


Big Town After Dark Boxart Big Town After Dark (1947)
Director: William C. Thomas
Starring: Hillary Brooke, Philip Reed
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
While exploring the dark underbelly of the gambling world, newspaper editor Steve Wilson is beaten senseless and left to die by the river. He awakes in a hospital bed and discovers that his companion has been kidnapped. Lead reporter, Lorelei Kilbourne, is enlisted to help investigate and discovers troubling connections between the missing girl and her kidnappers. Wilson discovers he's up against a much greater enemy than he anticipated. Faced with double-crosses and a growing list of thugs, Wilson and Kilbourne struggle to unmask the true villain at the bottom of the treachery.

Blonde Ice Boxart Blonde Ice (1949)
Director: Jack Bernhard
Starring: Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige, Russ Vincent
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Gorgeous Claire Cummings sneaks away from her wedding to millionaire Carl Hanneman for a moment on the terrace - long enough for a passionate embrace with ex-boyfriend Les Burns, the man she still desires. Her social climbing has left a wake of jilted men, heartlessly discarded once she decides they no longer fit her plans for upward mobility. Carl is found dead less than a week after their wedding. The police determine that it's a case of suicide, leaving Claire a very wealthy widow. A would-be blackmailer and a second husband turn up dead, but the dim-witted police detectives are totally taken in when Claire frames her old pal, Les. A stubborn criminal psychologist is determined to unravel the truth behind the trail of corpses.

British Intelligence Boxart British Intelligence (1940)
Director: Terry O. Morse
Starring: Boris Karloff
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
In WWI Europe, a German spy, Valdar, (Boris Karloff) is masquerading as the butler of a British war official (Holmes Herbert). Helene Von Lorbeer (Margaret Lindsay) is a counterspy sent to live with the British family and rendezvous with Valdar. She is searching for a key operative in the German spy ring. British Intelligence is an espionage thriller filled with intrigue, identity puzzles and plot twists. Karloff is menacing as Valdar, with his unsettling limp and icy performance. Made at the outset of WWII in Europe, its' reference to the new German threat is evident and timely.

Chinatown After Dark Boxart Chinatown After Dark (1931)
Director: Stuart Paton
Starring: Carmel Myers, Rex Lease
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A rancid bouquet of opium and prostitution hangs thick over Madame Ying Su's Chinatown Tea Room. On the night Ralph Bonner is to deliver a legendary dagger containing a priceless rare jewel to Triad master Lee Fong, the lights go out and there is a shot in the dark. When the lights come back on, the coveted dagger is missing and Ralph is found dead. Ralph's brother Jim (Rex Lease) is fingered for the murder by the hopelessly inept Detective Dooley (Billy Gilbert).

Crime, Inc. Boxart Crime, Inc. (1945)
Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Leo Carrillo, Lionel Atwill, Tom Neal
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Two mobsters are gunned down in a hail of bullets. A young reporter, Jim Riley, is called in by the police to do some snooping on the side. Jim has ties to racketeer Bugs Kelly and discovers that it was Bugs' men who were killed. The hits were retaliation from a notorious syndicate, Crime, Inc. Bugs plans to get revenge, taking Jim into his confidence and promising the eager reporter an exclusive story in exchange for his assistance. When Crime, Inc. plans a direct hit on Bugs, the racketeer turns the tables and plots a kidnapping scheme that will draw out the syndicate's elusive and mysterious leader.

Crooked Circle Boxart Crooked Circle, The (1932)
Director: Bruce Humberstone
Starring: Zasu Pitts
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
The Crooked Circle of Criminal Masterminds meet at midnight and perform sinister rites of pagan anarchy. They pledge "to do for each other, to defend any brother - a fight to the knife and a knife to the hilt." The Crooked Circle is under attack from the anti-crime Sphinx Club and they target Sphinx ringleader Colonel Wolter for execution. Both factions arrive at Melody Manor, a mysterious haunted house, "as old as the hills and as isolated as an igloo." With weird Swami Yoganda (C. Henry Gordon) lurking and a deformed hunchback butler Harmon (Raymond Hatton) sneaking around, it's not just the restless spirits of Melody Manor that The Crooked Circle must fear.

D.O.A. Boxart D.O.A. (1950)
Director: Rudolph Mate
Starring: Edmond O'Brien
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A doomed man races against time to find out who poisoned him in this classic film noir. Accountant Frank Bigelow (Edmund O'Brien) arrives in San Francisco for a brief vacation and visits a local dive, the Fisherman's Club, where a mysterious stranger slips him a mickey of "luminous toxin" that leaves Bigelow with less than a week to live! In a desperate attempt to locate his murderer, Bigelow embarks on a lurid odyssey of double-dealing, betrayal and murder that leads to a nightmarish climax.

Detour Boxart Detour (1945)
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Starring: Tom Neal, Ann Savage
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Hitchhiker Al Roberts is trapped in an ever-tightening net of his own making when the driver who stops to pick him up dies. Fearing he would be accused of murder, he chooses to get rid of the body and to take on the man's identity. He picks up a rider named Vera who sees through his charade and blackmails him into participating in her increasingly criminal schemes. As Roberts spirals downward into trouble, the viewer is taken along for the incredible ride. Shadowy black and white cinematography, a femme fatale, a hard-bitten narrator and questionable morality are just a few of the stunning film noir elements that render this a cinematic treasure.

Devil's Party Boxart Devil's Party, The (1938)
Director: Ray McCarey
Starring: Victor McLagen, William Gargan
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.

Double Cross Boxart Double Cross (1941)
Director: Albert Kelley
Starring: Kane Richmond, John Miljan, Wynne Gibson
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Double dealing Fay Saunders (Wynne Gibson) shoots a police officer during a private club raid and frames her boyfriend for the crime. He has also been shot, but in the frenzied confusion it's not clear exactly what happened. The police dispatcher on the scene, Jim Murray (Kane Richmond), doesn't think Fay's story holds up and decides to get to the bottom of it.  Masterminding a ruse to capture Fay's boss Nick Taggart (John Miljan), Jim goes undercover to infiltrate the notorious gang leader's racketeering operation. For his troubles the besieged officer gets kicked off the force by his father, the chief of police. A mind-boggling twist of double and triple crosses follows, culminating in a perilous ambush by the Taggart gang aimed at Captain Murray unless his son stops the killers.

Eight Witnesses Boxart Eight Witnesses (1954)
Director: Lawrence Huntington
Starring: Dennis Price, Peggy Ann Garner, Wolfgang Buttner
Mystery / Thriller. Colour.
A scientist carrying top-secret information is murdered in front of eight witnesses. The trouble is - they are all blind! Detective Allan (Dennis Price) of military intelligence and Helen Hildebrand (Peggy Ann Garner), the scientist's daughter, must piece together perplexing clues to uncover the truth behind this mysterious killing.

Impact Boxart Impact (1949)
Director: Arthur Lubin
Starring: Brian Donlevy, Charles Coburn
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Brian Donlevy is Walter Williams, a wealthy industrialist whose vicious, two-timing wife, Irene and her lover, Jim Torrance, plot Walter's death in an "accidental" car crash. Plans go awry and Torrance is killed instead. The police believe that it is Williams' charred body that is found in the wreck, and declare him dead. Assuming a new identity, Williams ends up in a small town in Idaho and begins life over again, falling in love with beautiful Marsha Peters (Ella Raines). Walter returns to San Francisco to confront Irene, but an unpleasant surprise awaits him - an indictment for murder. Impact is a masterpiece of film noir, full of striking dialogue, diabolical plot twists and excellent authoritative performances by Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines and Charles Coburn as the investigating detective.

Hold That Woman! Boxart Hold That Woman! (1940)
Director: Sherman Scott
Starring: James Dunn, Frances GifforD $6.98
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
As an agent for Skip Tracers Ltd., it's Jimmy Parker's job to track down deadbeats who don't pay their monthly installments and to confiscate their purchases. But when the repossessed item in question is a table model radio, Parker (James Dunn) has no idea that a bag full of diamond jewelry stolen from the home of movie star is stashed inside the console. What follows is a hilarious series of rapid fire chases through the Hollywood Hills with cops arresting bill collectors, jewel thieves kidnapping movie stars and Jimmy Parker trying to hold on to his job and his pretty fiancé, Mary (Frances Gifford).

Lady of Burlesque Lady of Burlesque (1943)
Director: William A. Wellman
Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Micheal O'Shea, Pinky Lee
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
The electric Barbara Stanwyck brings her acting and dancing talents to the murder mystery based on Gypsy Rose Lee's bestseller, The G-String Murders. Stanwyck stars as Dixie Daisy, the latest stripping sensation. She manages to stay clear of backstage bickering and hold off the advances of fellow performer Biff Brannigan (Michael O'Shea) until a fellow stripper is found strangled by her own g-string. When a second victim is found strangled, Dixie looks like a suspect, and must join together with Brannigan to find the real killer.

Midnight Warning Boxart Midnight Warning, The (1932)
Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
Starring: William Boyd, Claudia Dell
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A young man disappears without a trace from the posh Clarendon Arms hotel and his horrified sister, Enid Van Buren (Claudia Dell) suspects that the authorities and hotel staff are conspiring to deny that the incident ever occurred. Veteran sleuth William Cornish (William Boyd) and his assistant Dr. Steven Walcott (Hooper Atchley) are brought in to investigate. Stumbling close to the the truth, Dr. Walcott is shot. Cornish cannot prevent Enid from being lured to a nearby mortuary where the dead appear to arise. Enid is shocked to learn that there are forces that will go to any lengths to prevent the ghastly truth of her brother's unholy demise from coming to light.

Mr. Moto's Last Warning Boxart Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939)
Director: Norman Foster
Starring: Peter Lorre, John Carradine
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Peter Lorre returns as the clever and cunning international police detective Mr. Moto in this sixth installment of the popular series. Mr. Moto is on assignment in Egypt's Port Said, determined to thwart a diabolical conspiracy that would destroy diplomatic relations between England and France and jump start World War II. Mercenary saboteurs, led by the paranoid ventriloquist Fabian the Great (Ricardo Cortez) and the duplicitous Eric Norvel (George Sanders), plot to blow up an arriving fleet of French ships. Early on, the evil renegades are convinced they've stopped Mr. Moto for good, but they've actually murdered an imposter! Demonstrating his mastery of disguise, Mr. Moto assumes the identity of a mild-mannered antiques dealer, cannily strategizing against the scoundrels' every move. With the assistance of secret agent Richard Burke (John Carradine), Mr. Moto employs his singular ingenuity to foil the deadly scheme.

Mr. Wong - Doomed To Die Boxart Mr. Wong - Phantom of Chinatown (1940)
Director: Phil Rosen
Starring: Keye Luke
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Boris Karloff returns to his role as the resourceful Oriental detective James Lee Wong in this fifth entry of the series. Shipping magnate Cyrus Wentworth is mysteriously shot in his office after his prize ocean liner is robbed and sunk. The obvious suspect is the son of his chief rival who is also engaged to Wentworth's daughter. Mr. Wong has different ideas and is determined to uncover the real culprit. Karloff's portrayal of Mr. Wong gave audiences a different side of the famed actor best known for his monster roles. Monogram Studios produced the series, created by Hugh Wiley and directed by William Nigh. Doomed to Die was Karloff's final appearance as Mr. Wong and features the return of Grant Withers as police captain Bill Street and Marjorie Reynolds as girl reporter Bobby Logan. Also of note is the appearance of character actor Henry Brandon (nee Kleinbach), best known for his role as the evil Barnaby in March of the Wooden Soldiers and as Fu Manchu in the Republic serial The Mask of Fu Manchu.

The Kennel Murder Case Kennel Murder Case, The
Murder or suicide? Distinguished playboy detective Philo Vance believes it was murder. Found in a locked library is the murdered body of a man hated by all. A colorful cast of characters (Mary Astor, Ralph Morgan, Jack LaRue and Paul Cavanagh) all had good reason to see this man dead. Philo Vance will take you through every step of this extremely complex crime, using wit and intelligence to keep you intrigued to the very end. The Kennel Murder Case is one of the best detective movies of the thirties and became a blueprint for almost every other murder mystery to follow.

Murder At Dawn Boxart Murder At Dawn (1932)
Director: Richard Thorpe, Joseph August
Starring: Jack Mulhall, Mischa Auer
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
On a dark and stormy night in his reclusive mountain hideaway, Professor Farrington unveils the "VXO Accumulator," his newest and most important invention, to his wise confidant Judge Folger. The Accumulator has the power to produce unlimited energy by harnessing the power of the sun. Farrington believes his creation can end many of the world's ills. Just as Professor Farrington is planning to go public, he is kidnapped and the Judge is sadistically strangled.

Murder In The Night (aka Murder In Soho) Boxart Murder In The Night (aka Murder In Soho) (1940)
Director: Norman Lee
Starring: Jack La Rue
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A murder at the world-famous Cotton Club threatens to topple its megalomaniac owner from power. Kingpin Steve Marco (Jack LaRue) kills an employee blackmailing him and steals a string of priceless pearls in the process. Scotland Yard enlists the help of club hostess Ruby Lane (Sandra Storme) to bait Marco into giving the pearls to her. Working with the police, reporter Roy Barnes (Bernard Lee) receives the pearls from Ruby, but the transaction is witnessed by the club's strongmen, leading to a brutal confrontation and a surprising plot twist finale. Bernard Lee, an English actor of long-standing, was later to gain international fame as "M" in the James Bond series. Jack LaRue, whose career dates back to the silent days, made a career out of portraying gun-toting tough guys, appearing in dozens of low budget crime films throughout the Thirties and Forties.

Phantom Broadcast Boxart Phantom Broadcast, The (1933)
Director: Phil Rosen
Starring: Ralph Forbes, Vivienne Osborne
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A radio crooner and his hunchbacked accompanist (Ralph Forbes) become so famous for their daily broadcasts that gangsters try to muscle in on their lucrative career. But there is a dark secret behind each of the singer's programs and soon a cold-blooded murder stops the music. This absorbing, musical mystery is from an era when radio was king and superstars were heard --- but rarely seen.

Quicksand Boxart Quicksand (1950)
Director: Irving Pichel
Starring: Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Peter Lorre
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Danny Brady is running out of time. In only one week, he's gone from being an honest auto mechanic to a criminal on the run for the Mexican border. His charges: grand theft, kidnapping, battery and murder. Mickey Rooney stars as Danny, a kid with his sights on impressing a beautiful diner waitress, Vera (Jeanne Cagney). When he asks her out on a date a couple of days before his payday, he borrows money from the garage's cash register, intending to replace it by the time the accountant comes to count the drawer. When he arrives earlier, Danny is thrown in a downward spiral of deceit and terror. After mugging an old drunk, strangling his boss, and stealing a car, his only choice is to run for the border. But will he make it there alive?

The Scar Boxart Scar, The (1948)
Director: Steve Sekely
Starring: Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
After a botched hit on a casino, the criminal mastermind John Muller has nowhere to run. With a band of killers on his trail, he hides out in an anonymous office job, knowing that his days are numbered. When he is mistaken for the psychiatrist Dr. Bartok, he finds his escape route. The doctor is a dead ringer for Muller, except for a hideous scar on his face. By inflicting the gruesome wound on his own cheek, the criminal is able to assume Bartok's identity. Through a twist of fate, Muller cuts the scar onto the wrong side of his face and finds his survival threatened. Unable to keep this precarious balance any longer, he makes one last attempt at escape before fate closes in on him.

Shadow of Chinatown, Volume 1 (Chapters 1-8) Boxart Shadow of Chinatown (Feature Version) (1936)
Director: Bob Hill
Starring: Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Cold and calculating mastermind Victor Poten (Bela Lugosi) disguises his henchmen as Chinese gangsters and sends them to Chinatown to wreak havoc. Hired by the stunning dragon lady Sonya Rokoff (Luana Walters), Poten aims to shut down the business district. Their plans threaten to unravel when the reporter Joan Whiting (Joan Barclay) sets out to break the story, aided by the novelist Martin Andrews (Herman Brix). Enraged at the interference, Poten attempts to destroy his enemies through kidnapping, torture and murder while framing Andrews for the crimes. Abandoned by his allies and consumed with hatred, Poten engulfs the whole of Chinatown in an all-out war.

Shadows On The Stairs Boxart Shadows On The Stairs (1941)
Director: D. Ross Lederman
Starring: Turhan Bey, Frieda Inescort, Miles Mander
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
As the dense London night fog puts a stranglehold around Mrs. Armitage's old, dark boarding house, a murderer is picking off the inhabitants Suspects and victims include stern Mrs. Armitage (Frieda Inescort), Lucy, her incompetent alcoholic chambermaid, Hugh Bromilow, an unsuccessful young playwright, Sylvia (Heather Angel), Mrs. Armitage's daughter and Ram Singh (Turhan Bey), a mercurial Indian nationalist involved in unsavory international politics.

Shriek In The Night Boxart Shriek In The Night, A (1933)
Director: Albert Ray
Starring: Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
A bloodcurdling scream splits the night, sending the neighborhood's residents to their windows in terror. A gruesome scene awaits them - the lifeless body of a millionaire sprawled on the pavement. Reporter Ted Rand (Lyle Talbot) arrives to investigate the mysterious death, only to find his chief rival, Pat Morgan (Ginger Rogers), already on the scene. While the two battle to break the story, three subsequent murders follow, and the police and newspapers alike are unable to uncover the killer in their midst. When Morgan receives a threatening message, the manhunt is redoubled, taking the police and Rand on a frenzied race to save Pat's life and root out the murderer.

The Stranger Boxart Stranger, The (1946)
Director: Orson Welles
Starring: Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
This film noir classic features Orson Welles in one of his best thrillers and expertly creates white-knuckle suspense out of ordinary situations like a dog digging in the leaves, college boys on a paper chase, and a broken clock. Edward G. Robinson is Wilson, a detective in the War Crimes Commission seeking the mastermind of the Holocaust, blood-thirsty Franz Kindler (Welles). Kindler has erased his identity so successfully that only his former ally, Meinike, can identify him. Wilson and Meinike both trace Kindler to Harper, Connecticut, where Meinike is murdered. Kindler's new wife (Loretta Young) has no clue as to her husband's past evil deeds and comes within an inch of her own life when Kindler suspects her of knowing too much. The film's climactic scene is one of the most memorable in cinema history.

Too Late For Tears Boxart Too Late For Tears (1949)
Director: Byron Haskin
Starring: Dan Duryea, Lizabeth Scott
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Lizabeth Scott is Jane Palmer, femme fatale in this gritty thriller from the Golden Age of Hollywood noir. Finding $60,000 in hot money, Jane tries to convince her nervous husband (Arthur Kennedy) that they should keep it. When a thug, Danny (Dan Duryea), shows up to claim the cash, she strikes a deal to murder her uncooperative husband and split the dough with him. In a double cross she escapes to Mexico with the entire stash, unaware that she is being trailed by a stranger with an old debt to settle.

Trapped Boxart Trapped (1949)
Director: Richard Fleischer
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Barbara Payton
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
The U.S. Treasury Department cracks down on counterfeiting as forger Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) finds himself trapped between G-men and gangsters in director Richard Fleischer's dark suspense thriller. Allowed to escape from a seven year prison stretch, Tris plots to recover near perfect currency printing plates, forge some money and escape south of the border with his sexy but loyal gal, Laurie (Barbara Payton).

Woman On The Run Boxart Woman On The Run (1950)
Director: Norman Foster
Starring: Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe
Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.
Frank Johnson, walking his dog alone on a dark and deserted San Francisco street, witnesses a gangland murder. The police ask him to testify to the Grand Jury, but instead he goes into hiding. Trailing him is Inspector Ferris and Johnson's wife, Eleanor (Ann Sheridan), who thinks her husband is running away from their failing marriage. Newspaperman Danny Leggett (Dennis O'Keefe) joins in the hunt, promising to pay Eleanor $1,000 if she'll give him Frank's story when they find him. Eleanor and the reporter start gathering clues to Frank's whereabouts. An unexplained suicide and unidentified corpse keep them on the run, dodging the police, private eyes and the mysterious killer - all of them trying to get to Frank first. Along the way Eleanor finds out things about her husband's life that she never knew. By the time she realizes where he's hiding and who's really behind the gangster hit, it might be too late.

Drums of Jeopardy Boxart Drums of Jeopardy, The (1931)
Insane with the desire to avenge his daughter's death, Dr. Boris Karlov plots a sinister scheme of revenge against the family he holds responsible. Overwhelmed by grief, Karlov blames the Petrov family, a clan of nobles he believes drove his daughter to her death. Corrupt and cowardly Prince Gregor Petrov had given Karlov's daughter a mysterious necklace known as The Drums of Jeopardy, which is rumored to have deadly powers. The scientist uses the necklace and its jewels as messengers of death when he begins to hunt down members of the doomed family.


The General Boxart General, The (Silent) (1927)
Director: Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
Starring: Buster Keaton
Silent Film. Black & White.
The two things engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) loves most in the world are his Southern belle sweetheart and his locomotive. When Northern spies steal the latter, the intrepid Confederate single-handedly takes on the entire Union army in order to get it back. Against a backdrop of magnificently photographed Civil War battle scenes unfolds one of the great chases in movie history. Set almost entirely aboard moving trains, Keaton's THE GENERAL is physical comedy refined to elegant perfection and widely considered to be the actor-director's greatest film.


  One Eyed Jacks (1961)
Director: Marlon Brando
Starring: Marlon Brando, Karl Malden
Western. Colour.


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Mystery / Thriller. Black & White.

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