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Dear Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Jobber, or Distributor,

Thank you for your interest in supplying Lucky Mojo Curio Company with your products. To get an accurate assessment of the type of material for which we are searching, please examine our online catalogue and search for the key term most relevant at

Below you will find a brief list of the merchandise for which we are currently attempting to locate reliable suppliers. This list changes as our supply-lines change and it is updated frequently, so what you see here one month may not be here the next. With that in mind, we invite you to check our want-list and submit wholesale quotes to
or contact us by telephone, fax, or mail at
            Lucky Mojo Curio Company
            6632 Covey Road
            Forestville, CA 95436
            phone: 707/887-1521
            fax: 707/887-7128


We need whole roots (not sliced, not powdered) of Ipomoea jalapa or Ipomoea purga on an ongoing basis.

We prefer small roots. You can see a picture of what we sell at

For the past several years we were able to purchase small, round roots, 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter from a supplier in Mexico. We use the smaller ones in mojo bags and we sell the larger as curios or pocket pieces. Essentially, we are buying by the pound and selling by the piece. When our old Mexican supplier was no longer able to procure roots for us, we went with a US supplier; the price per pound was not much more, but our new supplier has unfortunately only been able to procure extremely large roots. This has the inadvertent result of raising the prince per root, causing us to have to raise our retail prices -- and many of the roots are so large that they cannot be put into mojo bags at all. You are invited to submit a wholesale quote on the whole roots in any quantity from 10 to 100 lbs, including delivery dates and shipping terms


We sell charms and talismans from all over the world. We would like to find a manufacturer or jobber who can supply us with old fashioned European and American style "Good Luck Charms" on an ongoing basis. We are primarily interested in charms made of some metal OTHER than gold, preferably silver.

You can get an idea of the types of charms in which we're interested by having a look at the following web page:

We invite you to submit a wholesale quote, including terms and minimum orders to
or feel free to pass our invitation on to another supplier who does handle these.


The amount of material we buy from Guatemala is not sufficient to cover paying someone to go there. However, if you happen to go to Antigua, there is a certain style of amulet sold in the markets there for which we are looking. A picture of it can be found at

Thanks for your interest and if you plan a trip and would like to coordinate with us, please let us know.


In particular we are looking for a supplier of traditional sheep-knuckle "Complicated Fortune Telling" kits in ornate embroidered silk bags with bone (not plastic) closures. We are also interested in small, specifically Mongolian Buddhist amulets which are not duplicated by similar items more readily available from Nepal.


We are a manufacturer of incense from raw materials, have our own supplier for the raw materials, and we create our own packaging. We are not interested in incense products at this time except for very unusual "ethnic" incenses, such as the ones from Mongolia. Thank you very much for your consideration.


We already have a candle-maker who creates candles from our exclusive moulds. We are not interested in candle products at this time except for very unusual "ethnic" candles, such as the ones from Botanica de Leon in Monterrey, Mexico. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Some other items for which we are searching in quantity include:

      Albertus Magnus' Egyptian Secrets
      Master Book of Candle Burning -- Henri Gamache (not the "revised" edition)
      Seven Keys to Power -- Lewis de Claremont
      Protection Against Evil -- Henri Gamache

Mexican Magical Candles
      (such as those from Botanica de Leon in Monterrey, Mexico)

Miscellaneous amulets and curios
      Fucking Couple Key Chains
      Italian Amulets (mano fico, cimaruta, mano cornuta, cornicelli)
      Hell Bank Notes, fancy styles

Thanks for your interest,

nagasiva and catherine
Lucky Mojo Curio Company


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