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Dear friends and customers,

As many of you know, about 1,000 of my web pages about hoodoo are online for free reading at "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" and "Hoodoo and Blues Lyrics," as part of the Lucky Mojo web site.

I have written and edited a series of books on the subject, including "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic," "The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic," "Paper In My Shoe," and "The Black Folder: Personal Communications in the Mastery of Hoodoo." These books and web pages have met with considerable acceptance in the magical community.

At the beginning of the year 2003, i decided to focus my teaching duties in a specifically focussed way -- as a series of 52 weekly lessons. By January 2014, a total of 1,900 students had enrolled in the one-year Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and we have formed an active and permanent Yahoo groups elist forum for discussion of the material.

Nothing written for this Correspondence Course will be placed online at the Lucky Mojo web site; it's a private class, sent only to people who want to study the matter in greater depth than through the web site or my public books. Both theoretical and practical matters are covered, including free magic spells, herbal information, tips on how to work with the tools of conjure, chit-chat about what it's like to be a root doctor working for clients, and a lot of inside information that is not available through my other venues.























"Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" by catherine yronwode: Table of Contents

Hoodoo History: What Hoodoo Is -- and What It Is Not

Hoodoo and Religion: Folk Magic as an Embedment in Religious Culture

Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Curriculum

Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Assignments and FAQ

Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course

Excuses and requests for exemption from portions of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course

The Lucky Mojo Forum: Board Index (Please Sign Up Here)

The Lucky Mojo Forum: Basic Understanding of Traditional African American Hoodoo Discussion Thread

"Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" by catherine yronwode

"The Lucky W Archive: The Material Culture of Folk-Magic" by catherine yronwode

Herb Magic: How to Use Roots, Herbs, Minerals, and Zoological curios in Southern-Style Conjure by catherine yronwode

The Southern Spirits Archive of 19th and 20th Century Hoodoo

Blues Lyrics and Hoodoo: Documenting Conjure Through Black American Music by catherine yronwode

The Lucky Mojo Monthly Newsletter

Annual May Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops, Hands-On Classes, and Potluck Party For the Public, Students, and Graduates

Hands-On, In-Person Apprenticeship Training with catherine yronwode For Course Graduates Only

Copyright (the right to copy): What it Is









(1) Enrollment in the one-year Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course is limited to students 21 years of age or older who do not use anonymous remailers or pseudonyms. You must use your REAL LEGAL NAME in the Correspondence Course.

Each class member is assigned a student ID # (for ease of tracking homework) and the REAL LEGAL NAMES of all students are known to all other students via a student contact web page. I will not accept students who fail to give me a telephone number, a valid street address, and an email address or who, if they have a Facebook account, refuse to friend me on Facebook.

Any student found using a pseudonym or making any other attempted falsification of identity will be expelled, and the expulsion will be permanently known to all other students.

If, for any reason, being known as a person who has studied African American folk magic is not comfortable to you, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

(2) Students must acknowledge my copyright ownership of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course text and must agree to not copy the material for free or for sale in any medium, including paper, audio, or electronic methods of reproduction, and not to give their Correspondence Course book to another person to read or copy.

Any student found distributing or copying the course material will be expelled, and the expulsion may become known to the general public.

If, for any reason, you oppose the concept of copyright ownership, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

(3) Students must show aptitude and interest and agree that they will attempt to turn in all eight homework assignments and graduate. My best students are those who are familiar and comfortable with the principles, methods, and tools of African American conjure. They may also study or practice any number of metaphysical or spiritual forms of magical work, including Appalachian herb magic, Latin American folk magic, and/or European folk magic, but they must understand that this course is only about African American conjure.

At the present time, this course is only being offered to people who have been or are current customers of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company and are listed as such in the store's database. My reason for this is that after teaching 1,350 students, i came to the realization that people whose sole database entry was their order for the course book almost never turned in their homework assignments or graduated from the course -- whereas store customers who become students were the most likely to turn in their homework and graduate.

If, for any reason, you are not prepared to turn in your homework and graduate, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

(4) Because each course book is personally inscribed by me to the student in his or her name and with his or her student ID number affixed, the course book is not returnable for credit or refund.

If, for any reason, you think this book may not be what you want, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.


I want to teach people who are stable, mature, patient, intelligent, and qualified to learn. The only way i can decide who has what it takes to study with me is to become familiar with them, understand where they're coming from, see if they like our kind of spiritual goods, help them do some work on their own, and then, if they still want to take the course, i will gladly accept them as students, and i will be pretty sure that my teaching efforts will be directed toward folks who will really benefit from the effort i put into the course, the Lucky Mojo Forum student group, and the grading of homework.

To be explicit, i only take students who show a past history with my shop, purchasing and working with the hand-made oils, sachet powders, incense, washes, and herbs of conjure. The purchase of a few candles or a book is not enough for me to take a person on as a student. Purchasing from another supplier does not count.

If you work with our shop for a while and we get to know you, i will certainly want to teach you, but the teacher-student relationship is personal, not commercial, and is built on experience and a history of shared knowledge and practice.

Now, here is an interesting statistic: According to a 2013 Reuters/Ipsos poll, "40 percent of white Americans [...] are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race." If you are a white (Caucasian) American and fall into that 40%, i will not accept you for enrollment in this course.

To put this another way, currently i am not enrolling students who do not have a either a familial or a current friendship connection to black Americans. The reason for this is that i have found, after ten years of teaching this course, that the subject matter of hoodoo is not easily assimilated by those who identify conjure as simply a "magical system," without bringing to their studies a deep appreciation of, and/or familiarity with, black American folkways. Hoodoo is part of the totality of the black American experience and to understand and practice it, i believe and teach that you must study it in the context of black American culture.

I will also require that if you have a Facebook page, you allow me to friend you. I will not teach students who cannot or will not be my friends on a basic public social network.

So, to make a long story short, let's see you order a bit of stuff from Lucky Mojo -- so that i know that you are familiar with what i will be referring to in the course when i write of herbs, candles, oils, incenses, powders, and washes -- and then let's friend each other in Facebook, and we will have a telephone conversation so that i can get to know you a bit, and you can decide if the course is the right thing for you. After that, i will be happy to take you on as a student.



There are 8 homework assignments for the year.

Three of the homework assignments are written and five involve collection and creation of items used in practical conjure and rootwork, as taught in the lessons.

Students who are not African American will be required to have contact with black Americans in order to complete Homework Assignment #2. Please note that for the purposes of Homework Assignment #2, "dark-skinned Cubans" or "my co-worker from Kenya" or "a gal i know from Jamaica" are not African Americans. They may be people with dark skin, but that is not relevant, because in Homework #2, we are talking about culture, not about skin colour.

If you are physically disabled, you may require assistance in order to complete Homework Assignment #4. We will try to see that this arranged, insofar as possible.

Homework assignments are only accepted insofar as they conform to African American cultural norms of Southern Black Christian conjure practice. Homework items prepared according to the precepts and teachings of other magical traditions, such as Neo-Paganism, Wicca, Asatru, Santeria, Voodoo, Palo, Brujeria, Stregheria, etc. will not be accepted.

If you want to know exactly what the homework consists of, so that you will be able to decide in advance whether or not the assignments are something you will be able to complete, i have posted both the assignments and a FAQ about them online.

Read the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Assignments to get an idea of what i expect of my students.

Students who fail to turn in any homework within two years after signing up for the Correspondence Course will be considered non-matriculating students. If they turn in their homework, their ability to post will be restored and they will be able to graduate.

If you are not prepared to turn in your homework and graduate, please do not enroll in the course.

Now, one more thing about the homework: I would like you to take a free listen to Professor Charles Porterfield on "The Now You Know Show" for November 5, 2014. He tells it like it is about the benefits and the disadvantages of hoodoo's community-based and non-initiatic transmission of knowledge, in a little story he calls "The Joker and the Thief." His take on those who want to study with me but refuse to turn in their homework is spot-on. You need to listen to it to understand!


Because i do not want to surprise students by laying unexpected or upsetting material on them, i have made the entire curriculum public.

Read the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Curriculum to get an idea of what is included in the lessons.


This course is a presentation of African American magical techniques. Hoodoo is primarily the folk magic of Southern Black Christian culture. In teaching the practical aspects of folk culture and spellcraft to students, i employ a method called "cultural immersion" as a form of outreach to my non-Black students.

If, for any reason, you are not part of, or willing to become a friend to, the African American community, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

The depth of immersion in Black American culture is similar to the level of depth one might find in a high school or junior college course on "African American culture" or "Black History studies," except that the focus is primarily on folk magic rather than politics or social history.

Read about Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course to get an idea of how i teach and what i expect my students will learn.

Please also read this web page in which i have transcribed the excuses and requests for exemptions given to me by white, Hispanic, and Asian people who either enrolled in the course and failed to turn in Homework #2 or who wanted an exception made in their case so that they could enroll in the course without having a family or friendship connection to one or more black Americans.


Everyone who enrolls in the class receives an invitation to join the special, private Lucky Mojo Forum Student Group where i reply to questions from students, and where Correspondence Course members can meet one another. You are requested to join the student group, because you will get more from the lessons if you do, as this is the only venue where you can ask questions and receive interactive communications from me regarding the course. It is also the only portal into the video collection called "Your African American Video of the Day," which teaches the wider cultural framework in which hoodoo is embedded.

The Lucky Mojo Forum Student Group is ongoing and permanent, and graduates may remain as members as long as they wish after completing the Correspondence Course.

Applications to join the private Lucky Mojo Forum Student Group by those who are not enrolled in the Correspondence Course, or who are enrolled but do not apply for group membership with their full real name and student ID# are automatically rejected.


Students who satisfactorily turn in all 8 homework assignments will be mailed a Certificate of Completion at no extra charge.

Graduates are entitled to remain on the Lucky Mojo Forum student group as long as they please, adding a (G) to their student ID numbers to signify that they have assumed a new role as my colleagues and indicating their ability to act as mentors to newer students.


About 100 pieces of course homework are turned in by students every month, to be graded on a pass-fail basis. We use this opportunity to open up the class to students, friends, guests, and visitors who can come by and share in the excitement of opening the packages of personally collected folklore and hand-crafted spell-work turned in by students from all over the country and all over the world.

Our monthly homework parties are open to all students, guests, and Lucky Mojo store customers, and they provide a good opportunity to meet your fellow practitioners, learn a few new tricks, and get in some laughs -- so come one, come all, and let's have fun!

Homework layout and grading begins around 5:00 pm, with free pot-luck, snacks, and dinnerish food supplied around 6:00 pm -- and continues until the last person standing falls down and goes boom between 8:00 pm and midnight.

Dates vary, but are always announced in advance in the monthly Lucky Mojo Curio Company Shop Newsletter. To find out the date of the next Homework Party, read the newsletter or call the Lucky Mojo Shop at 707-887-1521.

This is a drop-in event, so you can come by and catch as little or as much of the activity as you want, help us give a round of applause every time a student graduates, and leave whenever you wish.

If you arrive early, you can also shop at Lucky Mojo, but the store will not be kept open for shopping past its normal closing time of 5:00 pm.


The cost of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course is $2.00 per lesson, payable in advance as a one-time fee of $104.00.

You will receive a 432 page hardcover book, bound in reddish-brown and black cloth and stamped with gold on the cover, as shown at the top of this page. This book contains all 52 lessons and a lesson plan. The book is personally inscribed to you by name, with your permanent Student ID#, and is signed and dated by me.

There is a shipping and handling charge of 12% ($12.48) on the book, making a total of $116.48 for USA orders.

If two family members sign up together for the course, the second book shipped to the same address will cost only $78.00, plus 12% shipping.

Foreign orders must pay extra shipping charges, which vary by country.

California orders will be charged California sales tax.


Because the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course is fairly advanced in content, i require that students read a few other books on the subject which are available to the public, in order to familiarize themselves with the material in a general way.

You should order the following materials before you order the Correspondence Course, in order to familiarize yourself with them.

Hoodoo Herbalogy

Students are required to have a copy of my book "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic," as i will be referring to it often by page number, so if you don't already have a copy of this book, you will have to order it at the same time that you enroll in the Correspondence Course. This book is available to the public and is not restricted to course students.

"Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" costs $14.95 in softcover (paperback) or $39.95 in hardcover -- the latter being bound in green and black cloth stamped with metallic copper-stamped binding that matches the binding of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course book.

Hoodoo Candle Work

Students are required to have a copy of my book "The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic." The cost is $9.00 in softcover (paperback). This book is available to the public and is not restricted to course students.

Hoodoo Name Papers, Petition Papers, and Prayer Papers

Students are required to have a copy of my book "Paper In My Shoe" $9.00 in softcover (paperback). This book is available to the public and is not restricted to course students.

Hoodoo Tricks and Tips

Students are required to have a copy of "The Black Folder: Personal Communications on the Mastery of Hoodoo, edited by catherine yronwode." This book, containing my own writing and that of graduates, was developed during 20 years of teaching public classes, many of them through The Annual Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops held each year in the month of May at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church in Forestville, California. The cost of this book is $12.00 in softcover (paperback). This book is available to the public and is not restricted to course students.

Hoodoo and African-American Culture

Students are required to have a copy of my audio CD "cat yronwode's Hoodoo Jukebox / Lucky Mojo Conjure Toolbox," which documents conjure in African-American social culture through the medium of blues music. The cost is $12.00 for the two-CD set in an 8-panel digi-pack. This CD set is available to the public and is not restricted to course students.

Hoodoo in Theory and Practice

I will also be referencing pages from my online book "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" during the Correspondence Course lessons. These pages are free to read online. I suggest that you start reading them now!


Enrollment in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course is ongoing, so you can sign up at any time. The Correspondence Course is designed to last one year, but once you receive the book that contains the full set of 52 lessons, you will work through the material at your own pace, as slowly or as quickly as you wish.


If you wish to take the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, you may order it like any other Lucky Mojo product or service, but you must also meet the requirements regarding customer history, number and type of purchases, and ownership of required reading books -- and you must signify in writing, email, or via telephone, that you have read the above terms and conditions and that you agree to these terms.

To speed order processing, simply write, "I agree to the terms" on your order. If you do meet all the requirements, we will then schedule a short telephone conversation and get to know one another. I will ask you a bit about yourself, your background, and your other interests in life, and you may ask questions of me as well. You cannot sign up for the course without this personal interview.

Because i am a popular teacher and many folks wish to study with me, some people think they should just be able to sign up and take the course whenever they want to, without a scheduled discussion. However, from my perspective, that is not a good idea. The work-load is too great for me, and it has also been my experience that "instant" or "drive-by" students rarely graduate from the course. At one point i was signing up students at the rate of four or five per week, and feeling bad that i barely knew them. Their commitment to the program was not good, either. Very few actually graduated.

Since 2009 i have preferred to take on new students at the rate of two per week, which amounts to 104 new students per year. Scheduling new students at the two-per-week rate allows me the time i need to talk to each prospective student at length, grade the homework, and issue certificates of completion. When i work at this rate, you can be assured that you will have my full attention.


In order for me to be sure that you are familiar with the supplies mentioned throughout the course, and with the practice of hoodoo in general, i require that you have purchased all three of the above Required Reading books and the CD set before enrolling.

I also require that you purchase the following items from my shop, spread out over the course of at least four invoices, made over the course of at least four months:

4 Lucky Mojo hoodoo conjure oils, 
	one each for love, money, protection, and negative work
2 Lucky Mojo self-lighting incense powders, 
	one for attracting and one for repelling or harming
2 Lucky Mojo sachet powders, 
	one for attracting and one for repelling or harming
2 Lucky Mojo bath crystals, 
	one for uncrossing and one for attracting money or love
1 Lucky Mojo Chinese Wash
1 Lucky Mojo Four Thieves Vinegar
2 Lucky Mojo herbs, any type
1 Lucky Mojo herbal blend, any type 
	(7-Herb, 9-Herb, 13-Herb, Gambler's Gold, etc.)
2 Lucky Mojo roots, suitable for use in a mojo bag
1 Lucky Mojo mineral, suitable for use in a mojo bag
1 Lucky Mojo resin incense, any type
1 Lucky Mojo roll of charcoal tablets 
	(you will need this to burn resin incense)
1 Lucky Mojo Goofer Dust
1 Lucky Mojo two-part liquid wash or water 
	(Peace Water or Double Luck Perfume)
1 Lucky Mojo 1/2 oz. rectangular glass bottle 
	(please use this to turn in Homework #7)
1 Lucky Mojo red flannel bag 
	(you may use this to turn in Homework #8 if you wish)

The purchase of a spell kit does not count, no matter how many ingredients it contains.

The Lucky Mojo items cannot all be of the same title (e.g. "Love Me") nor can they all be designed to address the same condition (e.g. all love products.)

Why do i require these purchases? Simple: This is the only way i can know that you have seen, handled, and worked with the kinds of spiritual supplies i will be describing in the course. I want to be sure you know how to swim before i send you the course book and throw you into the deep end of the pool.

Why can't you purchase all the required items and the course book at one time? Because i have long experience teaching this course and i know through years of experience that people who try to rush themselves into the course (or try to rush me into accepting them as students) have an unacceptably low graduation rate. In fact, the more "hurdles" i have set up to slow down enrollment and to ensure that only serious students will apply, the higher the graduation rate has risen. I want students to graduate -- so spreading out the purchases is one of the ways i ensure that my teaching time is only given to those who understand what i am offering and will benefit from it.

If you have any further questions about the required purchases, please join the Lucky Mojo Forum and ask your question in the section of the forum that is devoted to discussions Catherine's Correspondence Course and Apprenticeship Program.


Can you pay for the course on the installment plan? Yes you can! Here's how:

Step One: Start reading the free web pages that form my online book "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" and buy a copy of "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic" in paperback or hardcover. If you already have HHRM, go on to Step Two.

Step Two: Over the course of four months, at the rate of one invoice per month, make the Required Purchases from the list at left. The total cost to you will be about $30.00 per month plus shipping. Continue to read the online book "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" and join the Lucky Mojo Forum, where you can interact with other students, clients, and customers of the shop.

Step Three: Put $26.00 cash in your Bible at Psalms 23. The month after, add another $26.00. Next month the same. The fourth month you will have $104.00. By this time you will also have ordered everything required to take the course, per Step Two, and you will know quite a lot about me and my teaching methods from reading the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Step Four: Phone the shop and schedule time with me for your prospective student interview. If i agree to teach you, then you can save up your last installment, namely the money needed to cover the cost of shipping the course book to you. When you have it all together, wrap your cash in tinfoil, put it in a regular letter envelope, and mail it to me with your order.


I am frequently asked -- since hoodoo is not a religion -- if it is important to me as a teacher to only work with students of a certain religion. I am also asked if i will expect my students to convert to a certain religion in order to study with me.

If you are unfamiliar with hoodoo, i suggest that you start by reading the chapter of "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" which is titled "The History of Hoodoo." After you read it, you can come back here.

Having read that, i would next like you to read the "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" chapter titled "Hoodoo and Religion." and then come back here.

Now you will, i hope, understand that i am embarked on one path only -- to reflect to the world the Black Protestant Christian practices of conjure, rootwork, and hoodoo which i learned through personal contact and training with practitioners, starting in the early 1960s, and also found corroborated in a variety of ethnographic and folkloric magazine articles and books published from the 1870s through the 1970s.

If you choose to study with me, i will interview you at the outset, and during our talk together, i will ask you about your and your family's ethnicity, culture, and religion.

I will do this in order to best help you approach what may be for you either the folk magic of your mother-culture or the folk magic of a very different culture than your own.

I will also do this because it has been my experience, after teaching and training more than 1,900 students, that in order to understand the basis of hoodoo and rootwork practices, a student who is, say, 28 years old, Hindu, and a recent immigrant to the USA from India, will require more background information about African American social and political history than a student who is, say, 46 years old, of African American / Native American descent, and has grown up in the Baptist Church in North Carolina.

I do not teach people religion, but i do expect my students to understand that 95% of hoodoo practitioners are Black Protestants. That's just the truth. That's just how it is. And i hope that all my students, no matter what their own religious backgrounds, were taught by their mothers, as mine taught me, that if you are invited to someone's house for dinner, you are to say Amen when they say grace.

No matter what religion you profess, or how religiously eclectic you are, you will do just fine as my student as long as you understand that my Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course will not be dealing with revivals of Neo-Pagan European religions (e.g. Wicca, Druidry, Heathenism), importations of West African and Caribbean religions (e.g. Lukumi, Santeria, Voodoo), or lodge systems grounded in Hermetic texts or Christianized Pseudo-Kabbalah (e.g. Thelema). You may be an adherent of any of these religions -- or any other religion -- but these religions did not contribute greatly to the development of hoodoo and conjure in America, so aside from a few mentions, they will not be the subject of discussion. Rather, the course, when it discusses religion at all, will deal with the religious background of African American conjure practitioners.

This is not a "religious" course and people of ALL faiths are welcome, but if you are not prepared to study and work according to the precepts of Southern Black Christian culture, please do not enroll in this course.  


I am frequently asked -- because i myself am not African American -- if i am "an eclectic" or "tolerant of using rootwork in an eclectic way"?

This question usually carries an unspoken and embedded program within it. In my experience, the person who asks such a question is actually telling me something about him or her self, which i translate about as follows:

"I am not part of Black American culture and could care less about Black American culture, because i am a [fill in the blank, from African Diasporic to Wiccan], but i've heard they've got these really cool and effective spells, so can i just learn the spells from you, okay?"

As a person, sure, i am tolerant of the "eclectic" approach to life, but as a teacher of conjure, i am not really that tolerant -- because i love, practice, teach, and transmit what i myself was taught, and it is not "eclectic" in the implied sense of the word. That is, traditional hoodoo may contain many admixtures from various cultures, but its culture-bearers are and always have been primarily African American Christians and its spell-work is conceived in a Judeo-Christian framework.

Of course, i also recognize that it is not my place, role, or authority to stop or to try to stop people from "using rootwork in an eclectic way." That's between them and their god(s).

My students acknowledge, respect, and honour the fact that hoodoo is a Black American Christian magical way of working, and that in addition to its African core, it contains strong and distinctly identifiable admixtures of Native American, Anglo-Saxon (Germanic-British), Scottish-Irish (Gaelic), Jewish, and other folk magical practices mingled into it.

All HRCC homework turned in will be accepted only insofar as it accords with those premises (e.g. in reviewing the homework in which students make an oil, i will reject an "Oil of Oshun" or "Oil of Hecate") and this is why i make a point that of the two homeworks that consist of collecting folkloric beliefs, one of the two items collected must be from a Black American source.

If, for any reason, you are not part of, or willing to become a friend to, the African American community, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

If you didn't click this link up above, now is the time to do so: Read about Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course to get an idea of how i teach and what i expect my students will learn.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks, cash, and money orders. You must first schedule an interview with me, during which you will be asked to verbally agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined above.

After our interview, you may place your order for the course book.

To order electronically with a credit card, go to
      Please include the phrase "I agree to the terms" in the message area.

You can also order with a credit card by telephone if you call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific Time, any day of the week, at --
      (707) 887-1521
      Your previous verbal agreement to the Terms and Conditions will be honoured.

To order with a check, cash, or money order, send mail with a form of payment, plus your full name, email address, telephone number, and postal mail address to --
      The Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
      6632 Covey Road
      Forestville, CA 95436

      Please include the phrase "I agree to the terms" in the message area.


The Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course has expanded to live radio! Read all about how you can listen to and participate in The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show or listen to the archived shows at: The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Archive

The themes of the radio show link into the correspondence course, and students are encouraged to log into the show's live chat room at Blog Talk Radio every Sunday, from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time.


Join thousands of Lucky Mojo clients, customers, students, and course graduates at he Lucky Mojo Forum, where free-ranging discussions of conjure practices, recommendations on how to use our spiritual supplies, and tips on effective spell-casting are the ongoing topic of conversation. The forum is free and is open 24 hours a day!


You must read these web pages:

You must make the required purchases of books and study materials. They must be made over the course of at least four months, on at least four invoices:



  • 4 Lucky Mojo hoodoo conjure oils, one each for love, money, protection, and negative work
  • 2 Lucky Mojo self-lighting incense powders, one for attracting and one for repelling or harming
  • 2 Lucky Mojo sachet powders, one for attracting and one for repelling or harming
  • 2 Lucky Mojo bath crystals, one for uncrossing and one for attracting money or love
  • 1 Lucky Mojo Chinese Wash
  • 1 Lucky Mojo Four Thieves Vinegar
  • 2 Lucky Mojo herbs, any type
  • 1 Lucky Mojo herbal blend, any type (7-Herb, 9-Herb, 13-Herb, Gambler's Gold, etc.)
  • 2 Lucky Mojo roots, suitable for use in a mojo bag
  • 1 Lucky Mojo mineral, suitable for use in a mojo bag
  • 1 Lucky Mojo resin incense, any type
  • 1 Lucky Mojo roll of charcoal tablets (you will need this to burn resin incense)
  • 1 Lucky Mojo Goofer Dust
  • 1 Lucky Mojo two-part liquid wash or water (Peace Water or Double Luck Perfume)
  • 1 Lucky Mojo 1/2 oz. rectangular glass bottle (please use this to turn in Homework #7)
  • 1 Lucky Mojo red flannel bag (you may use this to turn in Homework #8 if you wish)

You must be a member of The Lucky Mojo Forum.

You must be familiar with my weekly Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show, even if you do not listen regularly.

You must be familiar with my free Apprenticeship Program for Graduates, even if you do not plan to attend.

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Hoodoo in Theory and Practice by cat yronwode: an introduction to African-American rootwork
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by cat yronwode:a materia magica of African-American conjure
Lucky W Amulet Archive by cat yronwode: an online museum of worldwide talismans and charms
Sacred Sex: essays and articles on tantra yoga, neo-tantra, karezza, sex magic, and sex worship
Sacred Landscape: essays and articles on archaeoastronomy and sacred geometry
Freemasonry for Women by cat yronwode: a history of mixed-gender Freemasonic lodges
The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive: captured internet text files on occult and spiritual topics
Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive:FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups
Aleister Crowley Text Archive: a multitude of texts by an early 20th century occultist
Lucky Mojo Magic Spells Archives: love spells, money spells, luck spells, protection spells, and more
      Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells
      Free Money Spell Archive: money spells, prosperity spells, and wealth spells for job and business
      Free Protection Spell Archive: protection spells against witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, and the evil eye
      Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races

Hoodoo and Blues Lyrics: transcriptions of blues songs about African-American folk magic
EaRhEaD!'S Syd Barrett Lyrics Site: lyrics by the founder of the Pink Floyd Sound
The Lesser Book of the Vishanti: Dr. Strange Comics as a magical system, by cat yronwode
The Spirit Checklist: a 1940s newspaper comic book by Will Eisner, indexed by cat yronwode
Fit to Print: collected weekly columns about comics and pop culture by cat yronwode
Eclipse Comics Index: a list of all Eclipse comics, albums, and trading cards

Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course with cat yronwode: 52 weekly lessons in book form
Hoodoo Conjure Training Workshops: hands-on rootwork classes, lectures, and seminars
Apprentice with catherine yronwode: personal 3-week training for qualified HRCC graduates
Lucky Mojo Community Forum: an online message board for our occult spiritual shop customers
Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show: learn free magic spells via podcast download
Lucky Mojo Videos: see video tours of the Lucky Mojo shop and get a glimpse of the spirit train
Lucky Mojo Publishing: practical spell books on world-wide folk magic and divination
Lucky Mojo Newsletter Archive: subscribe and receive discount coupons and free magick spells
LMC Radio Network: magical news, information, education, and entertainment for all!
Follow Us on Facebook: get company news and product updates as a Lucky Mojo Facebook Fan

The Lucky Mojo Curio Co.: spiritual supplies for hoodoo, magick, witchcraft, and conjure
Herb Magic: complete line of Lucky Mojo Herbs, Minerals, and Zoological Curios, with sample spells
Mystic Tea Room Gift Shop: antique, vintage, and contemporary fortune telling tea cups

catherine yronwode: the eclectic and eccentric author of many of the above web pages
nagasiva yronwode: nigris (333), nocTifer, lorax666, boboroshi, Troll Towelhead, !
Garden of Joy Blues: former 80 acre hippie commune near Birch Tree in the Missouri Ozarks
Liselotte Erlanger Glozer: illustrated articles on collectible vintage postcards
Jackie Payne: Shades of Blues: a San Francisco Bay Area blues singer

Lucky Mojo Site Map: the home page for the whole Lucky Mojo electron-pile
All the Pages: descriptive named links to about 1,000 top-level Lucky Mojo web pages
How to Contact Us: we welcome feedback and suggestions regarding maintenance of this site
Make a Donation: please send us a small Paypal donation to keep us in bandwidth and macs!

Arcane Archive: thousands of archived Usenet posts on religion, magic, spell-casting, mysticism, and spirituality
Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers: psychic reading, conjure, and hoodoo root doctor services
Candles and Curios: essays and articles on traditional African American conjure and folk magic, plus shopping
Crystal Silence League: a non-denominational site; post your prayers; pray for others; let others pray for you
Gospel of Satan: the story of Jesus and the angels, from the perspective of the God of this World
Hoodoo Psychics: connect online or call 1-888-4-HOODOO for instant readings now from a member of AIRR
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church: spirit-led, inter-faith; prayer-light services; Smallest Church in the World
Mystic Tea Room: tea leaf reading, teacup divination, and a museum of antique fortune telling cups
Satan Service: an archive presenting the theory, practice, and history of Satanism and Satanists
Southern Spirits: 19th and 20th century accounts of hoodoo, including ex-slave narratives & interviews
Spiritual Spells: lessons in folk magic and spell casting from an eclectic Wiccan perspective, plus shopping
Yronwode Home: personal pages of catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode, magical archivists
Yronwode Institution: the Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology