In 1996 on a radio talk show (Forum, KQED-FM, San Francisco) two sciwentists were discussing their just-released findings about the Earth's core. Their report, published in the Journal "Nature," reveals that through seismic detection (compared to a sonoagram of the Earth) they have determined that the Earth's inner core of solid steel is rotating faster than the outer-core layer of liquid steel and the crust. The difference amounts to almost one degree per year in an Eastward direction -- or about one full rotation every 360 - 400 years.

Obviously -- since the existence of the inner and outer core layers has only been known to science since the 1930s -- this knowledge was not known to the ancients. But consider...

This excess rotation speed of the inner core may be responsible (said these scientists) for some of the peculiarities of the Earth's magnetic field. (Here's where the dowsers and geomantic ley line folks should lift up their ears.)

And just because an Earthly mensuration was not known previously does not mean it should not be honoured by incorporation into currently designed "neo-archaeo" sacred observatories.

In short, when the fine-tuning on the time-duration of this rotation of the inner core is established -- and there is more to come, said these scientists, including confirmation by another group working in another lab) -- i hope that some among us may devise a way to symbolically and observationally mark our knowledge of it for future generations.

"One degree per year" is close enough for starters.

Think about imagery incorporating a cut-away view of the Earth's core layers, and this one degree per year acceleration to the East.

If i were rich, i'd offer a prize for the best design. As it is, i offer a spot on my web site...

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