These are casual aspects of my personality which can easily be modified or concealed if it is in my interest to do so.

My Abilities:
Good impromptu public speaker
Can write non-fiction
Able to converse with strangers
Excellent copyfitter and typesetter
Have some marketable computer skills
Willing to ask directions at gas stations
Contributor to eco-environmental groups
Participator in occasional political demos
Require few calories and no fancy foods
Will stay put if told to wait and given a book
Easygoing about dirt and insects
Can identify many species of plants
Don't ask to be driven around much

My Deficits:
Misplace glasses frequently (hostility to glasses)
No depth perception (but able to compensate)
Mildly addicted to caffeine and chocolate
Occasional headaches (but no down-time)
Sometimes need to be told to go to bed
Sometimes need to be told to eat
Sometimes forget to feed pets on time
Reluctant to make "cold" phone calls
Vain enough to dye hair (may stop if w/ grey partner)
Rather backward about taxes and insurance matters

My Quirks:
Not fond of dogs except Border Collies
Prefer solid quarter-sawn oak furniture
Dislike TV sitcoms and spectator sports
Dislike late-night TV comedians
Enjoy wearing jewelry
Not into "stocking up" on groceries
Have "favourite" numbers and colours
Slightly hung up on bilateral symmetry

My Needs:
Sex with no fetishes or pornographic adjuncts
Shared showers/back scrubbing
Giving and receiving small presents
No personal credit cards for me
Free-ranging conversations on all topics
View one movie per week at least
Restaurant dining about once a week

My Hopes for a Partner:
Interested in biology/botany/gardens
Physically fit
Will occasionally tell me i'm attractive
Able to maintain and drive a car
Registered and active voter
Not prone to food dogmas or phobias
Not a hypocondriac
Not a sports fan

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