...illustrated essays on sacred geometry; temple and shrine architecture; archaeoastronomy; sundials and astro-calendrical devices; latent geometrical order in the biological world; religious and Freemasonic iconography in architecture, theater, and garden design; the history and construction of labyrinths, garden follies, garden grottoes, and other forms of symbolic landscaping; relationships between architecture and music; geometric principles underlying formal garden design and sacred architecture; geomancy, feng shui, and ley lines; symbolic and religious considerations in agriculture (e.g. culture-specific astro-calendrical beliefs about planting times and harvest festivals); and sacred site tourism -- plus the Sacred Landscape Bibliography featuring information and commentary on what others have published on these topics.

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  • Sunlight on the Altar: Solar-Calendrical Marking in the Home
    How to create your own sacred space down on the farm
  • Keyword: Nut-Case
    A case study in comparative normality.
  • Margaret's Grocery and Market
    A vernacular sacred site on Highway 61 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, displays numerous Masonic symbols.
  • Opus 40
    A purportedly special site in New York -- who has seen it?
  • The Pythagorean Theorem or 47th Problem of Euclid
    The Masonic mystery of the Egyptian String Trick and the Two Saints John revealed.
  • A New Sacred Measure?
    Rotation of the Earth's core provides an opportunity for iconographic ingenuity
  • Rock City
    The original and only: See Seven States!
  • Sacred Geometry -- What Is It?
    I thought you'd never ask!
  • Sacred Site Tourism
    Hey, kids -- it's another roadside attraction!
  • Star Axis
    Somewhere in New Mexico -- or at least they said it would be...
  • Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms
    A short guide to neo-megalithic North America.
  • Texaco gas stations
    To whom can you trust your car?
  • The Atlantean Imperative
    John Michell, Zecharia Sitchin, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the Fire Crystal!
  • Notes on a Lecture by Graham Hancock
    Pre-Neolithic -- or post-von-Daniken? You decide!
  • Freemasonic Theater Exhibit Tours Through 1998
    Backdrops for American mystery plays on display in a museum setting.
  • The Watts Towers and Simon Rodia
    An appreciation ... and a protest.

  • Coral Castle
    Fred Graham on Edward Leedskalnin's idiosyncratic monument to the virgin-muse "Sweet Sixteen."
  • Excerpts from "A Book for Every Home" by Ed Leedskalnin
    The political philosophy of the man who built the Coral Castle.
  • The Fibonacci Series and the Financial Markets
    Chris Stephens on R. N. Elliott and the Elliot Wave Theory.
  • Politics and the Palladian Ideal
    Barrance C. Lespine on how the architectural design of rural villas serves to reinforce the hegemonic aspirations of the "lords of paradise."
  • Post-Modern Archaeoastronomy
    Barrance C. Lespine on how contemporary architects and landscapers can use the neolithic and ancient sourcebook of celestial markers by "Drawing Down the Sky."

  • The Sacred Landscape Bibliography
    200+ books on sacred geometry, sacred architecture, archeoastronomy, sacred landscape, geomancy, feng shui, et al, including ISBNs and short reviews.
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  • Art and Illustration Credits
    A page of copyrights and acknowledgements for the images on these pages.

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