For a number of years my friends, family, and i have made a point of touring natural sacred sites and places where examples of sacred architecture can be found. We have visited sites ranging from Mayan ruins to Freemasonic lodges, from Australian Aboriginal bora rings to Neolithic megaliths, and from wayside shrines to the Virgin Mary to formal labyrinth gardens in Europe.

Some of these sites are considered "sacred" due to natural landscape formations (visually important volcanic peaks, caves from whence issue "holy" springs, ancient groves of trees, etc.) and some are "sacred" because of the architectural works which have been erected on them. Some of these architectural sites have been placed according to the principles of geomancy or ley lines or are constructed according to rules of sacred geometry. Others are simply naive architectural expressions of a belief in the metaphysical world. A few consist of nothing more than a couple of choice astro-calendrical devices arrayed in a cemetery (i am thinking here of the Masonic sundials of Scotland).

As a far-ranging and frequent traveller, i would like to learn about places to which i can make pilgrimages...if that is the proper term. I will post a few of my favourite sites here (most of them "roadside vernacular" in style) and i hope others will do likewise. Perhaps in time we can arrange to meet at some of these wonderful places...

  • Coral Castle
    Edward Leedskalnin's monument to the virgin-muse "Sweet Sixteen."
  • Freemasonic Theater Exhibit Tours Through 1998
    Backdrops for American mystery plays on display in a museum setting.
  • Margaret's Grocery and Market
    A vernacular sacred site on Highway 61 in Vicksburg, Mississippi displays numerous Masonic symbols.
  • Opus 40
    A purportedly special site in New York -- who has seen it?
  • Rock City
    The original and only: See Seven States!
  • Star Axis
    Somewhere in New Mexico -- or at least they said it would be...
  • Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms
    A short guide to neo-megalithic North America.
  • Texaco gas stations
    To whom can you trust your car?

  • For links to other peoples' web pages useful to those contemplating actual or virtual sacred site tourism, go to WEB SITES OF INTEREST TO SACRED SITE TOURISTS.

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