Web Site Deleted Due to Censorship

This is the CoS interfering with a Christian Web site, which they had NO BUSINESS poking their nose into in the first place.

Dear fCoS et al:

I e-mailed the "Church of Satan" yesterday to listen to me on Oct. 21st & 28th on the radio regarding Halloween. It seems they contacted Microsoft and told them a bunch of lies about me, because I found my entire WebSite deleted this morning. I don't use profanity, thresaten physical harm or 'hack' sites. No matter what you think about me, God, the Bible, or Christianity, NOBODY deserves to be censored, which includes Satanists and Wiccans as well. I went ahead and deleted my e-mail account as well to end the garbage once-and-for-all. I guess the CoS thinks that if I don't have a WebSite or e-maill address, my ministry is over and I will not appear on Christian radio further. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! I am a Christian, and my life does not revolve around the computer! This feeble attempt by the Church of Stupidity only solidifies my resolve to which I will evangelize even more now. Sorry for having to come back on to tell you. Sorry also for those of you who tried to e-mail me or view my WebSite, which is no more. If you want to speak with me, use the old fashion telephone. Thanx.

- Evangelist Robby Rush

Let Me Correct Ya'll...

Hey Guys & Gals:

Yes I was censored due to lies told by a Mr. Andre' Schlessinger as I have been informed. You see, as a Christian I do NOT lie about others. Make mistakes, yes, but lie, no.

The Co$ has done this to me before. In fact, last time I had local Law Enforcement get involved, and it was NOT on the InterNet let me tell ya'. As for other servers, I don't think you really realize how much work goes into WebSite creation, upkeep, etc... Durandal knows, and Egan knows, and a very select few do too. But why would I want to redesign >another< WebSite only to have the Co$ lie again and have it deleted? Not worth the effort. Censorship is wrong all the way around. I have no problem with Satanic or Wiccan WebSites. If I actually had the time, I would have a Message Board myself. But the truth is, I don't have time for it, literally. The way MSN handled the situation is that the Co$ people lied, MSN deleted. That simple. Any questions? I used a free host which means they can pretty much do what they want to. Some InterNet guidelines are not always >clear< as to intent and what I deem correct they may not, and vicea-versa. Since I do not own a computer due to Law Enforcement advice, I can't just 'make a site'. However, the Co$ doesn't realize that my WebSite was not my ministry. I even have all the contents of my deleted WebSite on disk!

As for Satanists being concerned with me, I figured you all would be happy. But you know what? Evangelism is not concerned with computer technolgy, but one-on-one witnessing which I am doing ;gt&MORE< everyday, especially when I tell people what happened. For the Co$ and others to take that time to attack me means that what I had on them was pretty heavy and incriminating. Attacking others with type of action only means that I know the truth. Why else bother? Thanx Co$ for the added push to evangelize. I will definitely use it to the glory of God. Thanx.

- Evangelist Robby Rush