Lestat Ventrue's Behavior

Part 1, Ventrue being an ass

Received: by smtp1 (mbox sirchaos) (with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.31 1998/05/13) Sun Jun  4 00:38:16 2000)
To: nadramia@panix.com, hpoelzig@ix.netcom.com
Cc: sirchaos@wolfenet.com, dnai@dnai.com, vad@mail.dk
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 01:20:35 -0400
Subject: Lookey Lookey

Too bad you can't get on chat now.

LOOKEY at Lestad Ventrue in my room, pretending to be "Franklion0" and then "Franklion00" and pretending to be a person who knows NOTHING about chat rooms or newsgroups. He's so new he doesn't even know how he got on our room, he is so new he knows nothing about organizations. Oh dear.

Tish tish. And so LES MASTERS is here with me and others giving him a real EARFUL. OH, what an earful he's getting.

FUCKING MORON. What kind of shit is this? I'll give him a REAL earful.

Our rules are NO ORG BASHING. And now Les made rules too: NO ORG BASHING. THAT is good.

Franklion00 is baalack@ppp06-38.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
Franklion00 on #satanmuse 
Franklion00 using glass.oh.us.dal.net toledolink.com DALnet Server
Franklion00 End of /WHOIS list.

NickServ- (Currently on IRC) For extra info: /whois Rev_Ventrue
NickServ- Last seen address : baalack@ppp06-38.algx.iadfw.net

I got /msg nickserv INFO Rev_Ventrue

What the fuck. OH, we gave him an EARFUL! You should probably be hearing about it - from this FUCKING MORON that would stoop to this kind of shit out of what? FEAR of competition?

Peggy - maybe THIS is why Audy went after you in real life. SHIT LIKE THIS. OK?

These bastards are FULL OF FEAR. I am not.


Part 2 Ventrue being an ass

Received: by smtp1 (mbox sirchaos) (with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.31 1998/05/13) Sun Jun  4 00:38:17 2000)
To: nadramia@panix.com, hpoelzig@ix.netcom.com
Cc: sirchaos@wolfenet.com, dnai@dnai.com, vad@mail.dk
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 02:25:29 -0400

I asked a friend to go into satannet and ask if anyone saw NKVD (that's one of my nicks). Sure enough, there were Ventrue and Andy boy sitting there, no conversation was going on at all. So he asked "Seen NKVD" and the bot answered "nick not found" or no. I was on muse - Commissar.

the MORONS said "Tani, why are you asking if anyone saw yourself."


You see, I ALSO use the CheKa mirc and that computer when I can. It's better than mine. It's SUPER FAST too - HUGE computer.

They can't grasp that there are quite a few of us down here - and we OFTEN SHARE things.

STUPID FUCKS. It's shit like this that's going to cause REAL TROUBLES in the "real world."

SHIT LIKE THIS. This "bow down before me" shit, this obsession with titles, this repulsive suffocating PARANOID atmosphere. Even Aragorn who wrote you KNOWS of it. She herself HAS KNOWN of it, as do so so many. YOU DONT KNOW? People getting banned and kicked around because they DARED to not mention a title that "DOC PERSONALY gave them, PERSONALLY gave them, brag brag brag." whatever. NO WONDER Jacqueline asked me to assert "authority."

This is YOUR ORG man. YOUR HOUSE. These people are going to cause WAR.


Part Three Ventrue being an ass

Received: by smtp1 (mbox sirchaos) (with Cubic Circle's cucipop (v1.31 1998/05/13) Sun Jun  4 00:38:18 2000)
To: nadramia@panix.com, hpoelzig@ix.netcom.com
Cc: sirchaos@wolfenet.com, dnai@dnai.com, vad@mail.dk
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 03:26:09 -0400
Subject: HERE IT IS

I'm sure that they will WAAAA WAAAA to mommy about this. Yes, anyone can come on #satanmuse SO LONG as they don't start shit. Most of the conversation has little to do with anything TOP SECRET lol. Now, Vad has not even announced this room - and ALREADY they are starting shit? I don't know who "VonPapen" is - but.... read logs.

No one else pretends to be someone other than who they are. NO ONE. They may come with strange nicks, but they always say who they are in the end. BUT THIS? THIS is what all the troubles are about - cos people being WORSE enemies to cos membes and people than ANY OTHER ENEMY ORGS. THIS is the WAR causing shit. And the FUCKING MORONS don't figure this out: one full whole day - a COP was on my fucking coputer (lodge friend) and I opened the mirc, got in and said GO AHEAD, USE IT. Often people addressed him as Tani and he said "I am NOT Tani" to them openly. LOL - they were talking to a LEE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTY. If they chose to think it was me? Too bad. He was honest. MOST ARE about who they are. Even ENEMIES or ha ha, rival orgs are HONEST about who they are. They DO NOT pull shit of THIS magnitude.

As for me - I TOLD THEM ALL I was gathering "proof for Peggy." If they were too tied up in their fucking drama about what they wanted to tell me (how BAD Andy is) then too bad if they didn't pay attention.

First Ventrue lies about even us HAVING another room and I UNregister it? Now he pulls this? DOES HE WANT A WAR IN THE REAL WORLD?

THIS atmosphere is like being a fucking JEW in Nazi Germany. It is POLICE STATE SHIT. Well, they were TALKING to a fucking COP quite a few times - and they THOUGHT it was me: my computer, my mirc. When it was me on there, I openly said so. also, when I used another computer with the BEST MIRC AROUND I said "This is Tani using this." Many doubted it. But confirmation of knowledge from emails proved it was me. They's say "did you get my email about...." I knew what it was about and so that was good enough.

Him too:

sleepdirt is ~Reallywir@user-2inisnu.dialup.mindspring.com * YourMama
sleepdirt on +#satannet 
sleepdirt using barovia.oh.us.dal.net Cleveland DALnet IRC Server
sleepdirt has identified for this nick
sleepdirt End of /WHOIS list.

Then this person came on here acting like another know nothing.

[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld is ~Reallywir@user-2inisnu.dialup.mindspring.com *
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld on #satanmuse 
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld using webbernet.mi.us.dal.net Webbernet DALnet
Client Server
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld has been idle 1min 41secs, signed on Sun Jun 04
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld End of /WHOIS list.

Same as sleepdirt.

HERE is the log of when Ventrue cringed in the room. Boy, what an earful he got, eh? THEY WANT WAR.

[23:43] *** Joins: Franklion0 (java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net)
[23:43] <GM_Dawg> He will get kicked
[23:43] <Commissar> We have no rule about being on other channels.  
[23:44] <Commissar> Not from here - he might get kicked from there - I
don't know.  This IS a cos channel founded by a CoS priest.
[23:44] <Commissar> Maybe not.  I have no idea - I didn't ask, I don't
[23:44] <Commissar> It is a pity, as the Red-Browns say now with
geopolitical awareness, the two were socialists, worker parties.  they
should have joined, not fought.
[23:44] <Lord_Myrkul> Why?
[23:44] <BrightMorningStar> yep
[23:44] <Lord_Myrkul> I am a faithful follower of BlancheBarton
[23:44] <GM_Dawg> Against thier rules
[23:44] <BrightMorningStar> oh
[23:44] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-11-p20.wolfenet.com)
[23:44] <BrightMorningStar> ok
[23:44] <BrightMorningStar> didn't know.
[23:45] *** Sir_Chaos sets mode: +o tSCBot
[23:45] <Commissar> Why what Lord_Myrkul
[23:45] <Commissar> ??
[23:45] <Commissar> Question "why" about the rooms??
[23:45] <tSCBot> Hello.
[23:45] <Commissar> They have these rules.  sigh.
[23:45] <Lord_Myrkul> Why what?
[23:45] <Lord_Myrkul> ok
[23:46] <Commissar> you said
[23:46] <Lord_Myrkul> Can someone ping me please
[23:46] <Commissar> <Lord_Myrkul> Why?
[23:46] -> [Lord_Myrkul] PING
[23:46] <GM_Dawg> [Lord_Myrkul PING reply]: 3secs
[23:46] [Lord_Myrkul PING reply]: 11secs
[23:46] <Sir_Chaos> There are some very sensible rules amidst them,
[23:46] <Commissar> We disagree.
[23:46] <Lord_Myrkul> Thanks
[23:46] <Lord_Myrkul> Anyway who here likes Rev_Schlesinger?
[23:47] <Commissar> welcome!
[23:47] <Lord_Myrkul> ok
[23:47] <Commissar> I do not know him.  He is unfriendly.  He is rude. 
That is all I know.
[23:47] <Commissar> He is one person.
[23:47] <Lord_Myrkul> Rev seems to be like a powerhungry Mad Man!
[23:47] <Commissar> Many other priests and etc are friendly.
[23:47] <Commissar> So I have been told by many.
[23:47] *** Joins: Chaotic_Sir (sirchaos@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[23:47] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Chaotic_Sir
[23:47] <Lord_Myrkul> Anyway can someone send me a scan of their
membership cards I want to see what they look like
[23:48] <Commissar> Our pictures are not on cards.
[23:48] <Commissar> Are you member of COS Lord???
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> :)
[23:48] <GM_Dawg> I am one of the few people that actually earned
Schlesinger's hatred
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> Really GM how?
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> No no
[23:48] *** Quits: Sir_Chaos (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by
Chaotic_Sir)) )
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> I mean membership cards
[23:48] *** Chaotic_Sir is now known as Sir_Chaos
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> I want to know what they look like
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> No but I want to join
[23:48] <GM_Dawg> I'm the one who took #coscentral from him
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> What do you ppl like most about the COS?
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> lol
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> ok
[23:48] <Lord_Myrkul> How did you do that GM?
[23:49] *** tSCBot was kicked by Sir_Chaos (Sir_Chaos )
[23:49] <Lord_Myrkul> Did you find out his password?
[23:49] <Commissar> phph, you brought the bot here?
[23:49] <GM_Dawg> They failed at keeping it registered
[23:49] <Sir_Chaos> Hee hee you didn't notice?
[23:49] <Lord_Myrkul> Oh I see
[23:49] <Commissar> nope, didn't notice.
[23:49] <Lord_Myrkul> Anyway
[23:49] * Sir_Chaos similarly registered Les_Masters's nick
[23:49] <Commissar> The cards are red, black letters.  
[23:49] <GM_Dawg> lol
[23:50] <Commissar> yeah, Chaos, if you use it they think you are him?
[23:50] <Lord_Myrkul> Can someone send me a pic of their membership card
[23:50] <Sir_Chaos> (about as meaningful)
[23:50] <Sir_Chaos> That is so easy to disprove it's nuts.
[23:50] <Lord_Myrkul> Can someone send me a pic of their membership card
[23:50] <Sir_Chaos> Lord, why would you want a pic of somebody else's
[23:51] <Commissar> can't do that.
[23:51] <Commissar> Ask someone on #satannet, maybe they can.
[23:51] <Lord_Myrkul> ok
[23:51] <Lord_Myrkul> I just want to see what they look like
[23:51] <Sir_Chaos> (Don't ask anyone on #satannet they will ban you)
[23:51] <BrightMorningStar> last time I did that it was posted all over
the net.
[23:51] <Commissar> Ask someone there, they might have one up on their
website y ou can see.  
[23:52] <Lord_Myrkul> lol
[23:52] <Lord_Myrkul> ok
[23:53] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[23:53] *** Sir_Chaos sets mode: +o tSCBot
[23:53] <BrightMorningStar> I think ygraine posted that some CoS members
will be on that show too.
[23:53] <Commissar> yes, 1 pm tomorrow, a and e.
[23:53] <Commissar> I think they DO have one on the website.  
[23:53] <Commissar> YES!
[23:53] <tSCBot> Type or msg me !help for a list of my commands.
[23:54] <Commissar> I'm sure of it.
[23:54] <BrightMorningStar> yes
[23:54] <Lord_Myrkul> What is on tomorrow?
[23:54] * tSCBot sets a strong cup of in front of everyone.
[23:54] <Commissar> 1 pm, a and e, 1p eastern time,  Unknown - some cos
members on the show.
[23:54] <Lord_Myrkul> what are you people talking about?
[23:54] <BrightMorningStar> It's a documentary on A&E about satanism in
[23:55] <Lord_Myrkul> I live in Ontario so what time would that be for me
[23:55] <GM_Dawg> !Help
[23:55] <Sir_Chaos> If we're lucky Ygraine will be on.
[23:55] <BrightMorningStar> well is that eastern?
[23:55] <BrightMorningStar> I think she said she will be not possilutely
sure though.
[23:55] <Lord_Myrkul> I don't know
[23:56] <Lord_Myrkul> I will check my TV guide
[23:56] <BrightMorningStar> k
[23:56] <BrightMorningStar> I think you might be eastern not sure.
[23:56] <Sir_Chaos> Yeah, but knowing Ygraine, she'll be the one on.  No
special is gonna skip the pretty girl - that's Ratings.
[23:56] <Lord_Myrkul> brb
[23:57] <BrightMorningStar> for sure.
[23:58] <BrightMorningStar> I think middle aged ladies who dress nice and
are buxom are wonderful looking.
[23:58] * Sir_Chaos has a penchant for tall, brown-eyed, clean-shaven
bald guys himself.
[23:58] <BrightMorningStar> I think Tani,and Blanche,and Ygraine are all
[23:59] <BrightMorningStar> lol
[23:59] *** Quits: tSCBot (Ping timeout )

Session Time: Sun Jun 04 00:00:00 2000

[00:00] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[00:00] *** Sir_Chaos sets mode: +o tSCBot
[00:01] <BrightMorningStar> It's funny when your in your twenty's how you
can't imagine being forty and it is there before you know it. Life for us
all is so short when you think about time itself.
[00:01] <Sir_Chaos> Hey Dawg, did I ever show off this thing to you?
[00:02] * Sir_Chaos looks at Franklion0. Are you there?
[00:03] * tSCBot feeling passionate for Commissar
[00:03] Franklion0 is java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:03] Franklion0 on #satanmuse 
[00:03] Franklion0 using glass.oh.us.dal.net toledolink.com DALnet Server
[00:03] Franklion0 End of /WHOIS list.
[00:03] <BrightMorningStar> Does anyone know about what age group Peggy
Nadramia is in?
[00:03] <Commissar> Hey Frank, are you on here with JAVA????
[00:03] <Commissar> Early 40's by now, I'm sure.
[00:04] <BrightMorningStar> I was thinking she would have to be since she
has been around so long.
[00:04] <tSCBot> Comrade Bright is awarded the most highly esteemed Cyber
Order of Lenin prize for getting kicked from atheism.  (5 minutes of
Thunderous  applause.)  Congradulations, Comrade!
[00:04] <Commissar> lol
[00:04] <Sir_Chaos> Franklion0 is java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net * Java
applet user
[00:04] <BrightMorningStar> oh stop!
[00:04] <BrightMorningStar> lol
[00:05] <Commissar> lag
[00:05] <tSCBot> GM_Dawg is gently escorted by the NKVD to the office of
Nikolai Yezhov, but only for "questioning."  Don't worry, Comrade...
[00:05] <tSCBot> You are wanted for questioning, GM_Dawg, please come
with me.
[00:05] <BrightMorningStar> are you guys on a website?
[00:06] <GM_Dawg> ok
[00:06] <tSCBot> Come with me to the GULAG, Sir Chaos.
[00:06] * tSCBot gives Sir_Chaos a back massage.
[00:06] <Commissar> Hey, what was that one, Escort???
[00:07] <Commissar> fucking good bots man, really good bots.  
[00:07] <Commissar> FUN bots.
[00:07] <Sir_Chaos> Eventually, this chatroom should be on a couple
[00:07] <Lord_Myrkul> So you ppl are faithful to BlancheBarton right?
[00:07] <BrightMorningStar> cool
[00:07] <Commissar> I am COS.  
[00:07] <Sir_Chaos> (I emoted it with !action)
[00:07] <Commissar> Blanche is HP of COS.
[00:07] <Commissar> explain Chaos?
[00:08] * GM_Dawg thinks.. "How do I answer this one?"
[00:08] * Sir_Chaos points at Commissar. That's really about it.
[00:08] <Commissar> Which one Dawg??
[00:08] <BrightMorningStar> I checked the website for a chat at First
satanic Church and it was not ready yet.
[00:08] <Sir_Chaos> Blanche Barton, High Priestess of the Church of
Satan, represents just that.
[00:08] <GM_Dawg> <Lord_Myrkul> So you ppl are faithful to BlancheBarton
[00:09] <Commissar> oh.  Lord, other people from other orgs can come her
- no problem.  But we don't want conflicts.  This is chat - and chat is
[00:09] <Commissar> come here.
[00:09] <Commissar> typos man.
[00:09] *** Quits: tSCBot (Ping timeout )
[00:09] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[00:09] <Commissar> Chaos, shouldn't !escort do that too??
[00:09] <GM_Dawg> I am non-hostlie and respectful
[00:09] <Commissar> I remember that in escort.
[00:09] <Sir_Chaos> Give back massages?
[00:10] <Lord_Myrkul> ok good
[00:10] *** Sir_Chaos is now known as Chaos_AFK
[00:10] <Lord_Myrkul> I am faithful to her aswell!
[00:10] <Chaos_AFK> (brb - someone at door)
[00:11] <Commissar> It's not about being "faithful" to a person.  It's
about SATANISM. You either are a satanist or not.
[00:11] <Commissar> That's my 2 cents.
[00:11] <Lord_Myrkul> bbl
[00:11] *** Parts: Lord_Myrkul
[00:12] <BrightMorningStar> Thank you!
[00:12] <Commissar> Franklion are y ou here?
[00:12] <Commissar> If you are in java, type message in the space at
bottom, then hit ENTER.
[00:12] <BrightMorningStar> Is that so hard to understand??
[00:12] *** Quits: tSCBot (Ping timeout )
[00:12] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[00:12] <Commissar> lots of people don't know that!
[00:12] <Commissar> java is strange, and hard to read.
[00:13] <GM_Dawg> laggs too
[00:13] <Commissar> He's just sitting there.
[00:13] <BrightMorningStar> well didn't Anton Lavey explain that clearly?
[00:13] Franklion0 is java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:13] Franklion0 on #satanmuse 
[00:13] Franklion0 using glass.oh.us.dal.net toledolink.com DALnet Server
[00:13] Franklion0 End of /WHOIS list.
[00:14] *** Chaos_AFK is now known as Sir_Chaos
[00:14] * Sir_Chaos does not think Franklion0 is here.
[00:15] <Sir_Chaos> Speak up, Frank...
[00:15] *** Franklion0 was kicked by Sir_Chaos (Ghost )
[00:16] *** Joins: Franklion0 (java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net)
[00:16] <tSCBot> Look!  It's Franklion0!
[00:16] <Franklion0> can you here me now?
[00:16] <Sir_Chaos> Welcome back!
[00:16] <GM_Dawg> yes
[00:16] <Sir_Chaos> Hey, I hear ya!
[00:16] <Franklion0> ok
[00:16] <Commissar> yes.
[00:16] <Commissar> what was problem?
[00:17] <Commissar> Yes BrightMorningStar, Doc explained it, Nemo
explained it, whatever.  
[00:17] <Franklion0> i don't know
[00:17] <Commissar> Franklion0 are you using java??  Did you get in here
thru a website???
[00:17] <Sir_Chaos> Java is kind of unstable stuff - odds are it was just
some err in the scripts.
[00:18] <BrightMorningStar> Com if you like just type BMS for my name.
[00:18] <Commissar> no, if he got here from website and java that means
vad has it up!
[00:18] <Commissar> I hit tab key, it types auto.
[00:18] <Sir_Chaos> (or someone)
[00:18] <Franklion0> i don't know, I do not know about computers
[00:18] <Commissar> Chaos,  
[00:18] <Commissar> This
[00:18] <Commissar> SCBot> GM_Dawg is gently escorted by the NKVD to the
office of Nikolai Yezhov, but only for "questioning."  Don't worry,
[00:18] <Commissar> You typed !escort?  That SHOULD BE in escort.
[00:19] <Commissar> !escort Chaos
[00:19] <GM_Dawg> lol
[00:19] <tSCBot> Chaos is gently escorted by the NKVD to the office of
Nikolai Yezhov, but only for "questioning."  Don't worry, Comrade...
[00:19] <Commissar> ys.  it's in escort.
[00:19] <Sir_Chaos> Franklion:  You -have- to be using java.  What
address is up on the top of your explorer?
[00:19] <Commissar> I love it.  The bots say such outlandish shit. We had
two on here once, had bot wars.  HILARIOUS.
[00:19] <Commissar> We typed in these commands ourselves too!
[00:20] <Commissar> I got some good ones, off the wall, but good.
[00:20] <Franklion0> top of my screen?
[00:20] <Sir_Chaos> Yeh.
[00:20] <Sir_Chaos> In the box next to "Address"
[00:20] <Commissar> Franklion0 do you have on top of your computer,
something that says file, tools, dcc, commands, window, help?
[00:20] <Franklion0> I don't know
[00:20] <BrightMorningStar> yes where the address of the site you are on
is at what does it say?
[00:20] Franklion0 is java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:20] Franklion0 on #satanmuse 
[00:20] Franklion0 using glass.oh.us.dal.net toledolink.com DALnet Server
[00:20] Franklion0 End of /WHOIS list.
[00:21] <Sir_Chaos> Hmm...
[00:21] <BrightMorningStar> http://????
[00:21] <Commissar> java@ppp06-59.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:21] <BrightMorningStar> http://www.????
[00:21] <Commissar> It should say that unless he's in java - then it
won't show up.  Java, all black, type comes out inwhite.
[00:21] <Sir_Chaos> If he is in java then he is at a website.
[00:21] *** Parts: GM_Dawg (None@p120.como.socket.net)
[00:22] *** Joins: GM_Dawg (None@p120.como.socket.net)
[00:22] <tSCBot> Hello GM_Dawg! Welcome to #satanmuse!
[00:22] <Commissar> But that's good, that means vad has it UP!  He's
gonna announce it since most use the irc stuff.
[00:22] <BrightMorningStar> wb
[00:22] <GM_Dawg>  http://apodion.com/vad/
[00:22] <Commissar> yes!
[00:23] <Commissar> he's gonna announce it, he emailed about it.  but if
frank is on here with java, then the java link is up too.  Vad says mose
use the mirc stuff anyway.
[00:23] <Commissar> and so.
[00:23] *** Retrieving #satanmuse info...
[00:23] *** Waiting for reply to previous request...
[00:23] <Sir_Chaos> Frank, at the top of your screen/window, there should
be a box labeled "Address:"  do you see it?
[00:23] <Franklion0> No
[00:23] <Sir_Chaos> Using Windows, Frank?
[00:24] <GM_Dawg> Vad has no chat mentioned
[00:24] <Franklion0> i think so, but I am not sure
[00:24] *** Sir_Chaos sets mode: +o tSCBot
[00:24] <tSCBot> (thx)
[00:24] *** Retrieving #satanmuse info...
[00:24] *** Commissar sets mode: -s
[00:24] *sleepdirt* Good Evening Tani.
[00:24] <Commissar> hmmm, I'll have to email him and tellhim - but I
think THERE IS chat mentioned.
[00:25] -> *sleepdirt* we are in muse! hi there!
[00:25] <Commissar> You sure Dawn?
[00:25] <Commissar> dawg
[00:25] <Sir_Chaos> hmm...  How did you get here, Franklin?
[00:25] *** Quits: BrightMorningStar (Ping timeout )
[00:25] <Franklion0> I do not know
[00:26] <Sir_Chaos> You had to do something to connect to IRC.  What
program didja run?
[00:26] <GM_Dawg> I'll recheck
[00:26] *sleepdirt* Enjoying your evening?
[00:26] <GM_Dawg> Not mentioned on www.churchofsatan.com
[00:26] <Franklion0> program?
[00:27] <Sir_Chaos> Yes.  Program.
[00:27] * Sir_Chaos sighs.
[00:27] <Franklion0> no idea
[00:27] -> *sleepdirt* yes! we had a BALL in here the last time,
conversagin was FLYING up the screen. place was packed too. FUN! felt
like fresh air too, nobody "watching" it like that.
[00:27] <Commissar> OH, is it mentioned on apodion.com?
[00:28] <Commissar> I emailed Vad and asked him to put it in BIG LETTERS
on each screen he has.
[00:28] *** Quits: tSCBot (Ping timeout )
[00:28] *** Joins: tSCBot (~TempBot@sea-pm3-10-p236.wolfenet.com)
[00:28] * Sir_Chaos has to go soon. He has a girl waiting for him.
[00:29] <GM_Dawg> Whats the url?
[00:30] *** Quits: tSCBot (Client closed connection )
[00:30] <Commissar> www.apodion.com/vad/
[00:30] <Commissar> It's there somewhere, I definitely saw it.
[00:30] <Sir_Chaos> (My time is up)
[00:30] <Commissar> But there is a WHOLE LOT on that website!  More than
on most!
[00:30] <Commissar> too bad Chaos!
[00:30] *** Quits: Sir_Chaos (Quit: Nice guys generally don't finish. And
when they do, they FUMBLE! )
[00:31] <GM_Dawg> No mention
[00:31] *** Joins: Franklion00 (baalack@ppp06-38.algx.iadfw.net)
[00:31] <Franklion00> can anyone hear me..
[00:31] <Commissar> ys.
[00:31] <Commissar> I can see your type.
[00:31] <Commissar> I might check out too, till late on.
[00:31] <Commissar> no mention?
[00:31] <Franklion00> oh something happened i dont know
[00:32] <Commissar> Lemme go look.
[00:32] <GM_Dawg> sorry
[00:32] <Commissar> brb.
[00:32] *** Quits: Franklion0 (Ping timeout )
[00:33] *** Joins: BrightMorningStar
[00:33] <BrightMorningStar> I didn't see a chat link from vad's site.
[00:35] <BrightMorningStar> Commissar and Les I'm tired I think I'll go
watch some television and drift of into once upon a forest land!
[00:35] <BrightMorningStar> off
[00:35] <BrightMorningStar> HS!
[00:35] *** Parts: BrightMorningStar
[00:38] <Commissar> Ach, I told Vad to advertise it on EVERY SINGLE PAGE,
Shit, he has big write up for the net room.  Hey.  
[00:38] <Commissar> Peggy wants this to be COMPETITION!
[00:38] <GM_Dawg> This will be
[00:39] <Commissar> Yeah, but it has to be advertised and a lot of COS
people have to get on it.  If not, you know what dirty shit they'd play -
claiming we had "enemies" on it and nothing else.  They DO shit like
[00:39] <Commissar> Vad has degree in economics - but does he know
[00:39] <GM_Dawg> I knows
[00:40] <Commissar> There was some link on his website before, perhaps
that was when he was making it, setting it up.  He wanted a JAVA link
(apparently there is one!)
[00:40] <GM_Dawg> You could point out the "enemies" you do have seem to
cease CoS bashing
[00:40] <Commissar> Indeed!!!
[00:44] <Franklion00> what are you talking about
[00:45] <Commissar> Oh, we are talking about the bullshit going on, COS
and the anti-COS factions out there.  Whatever.
[00:46] <Commissar> Frank, lol (that's a giggle) are you REALLY new to
computers?   Want help?
[00:46] <Franklion00> I didn't know about that
[00:46] <Commissar> Wow, you never saw alt.satanism newsgroup?  Oh damn,
GM, he's REALLY new to computers!
[00:46] <Commissar> Frank are you a satanist??
[00:47] <GM_Dawg> lol
[00:47] <Franklion00> newsgroup?
[00:47] <Franklion00> yes
[00:47] <Commissar> I know how I sounded September 1999 - just like him! 
[00:47] <Commissar> Are you in the COS or some other org?
[00:47] <Commissar> Les, I learn FAST!
[00:47] <Commissar> Like, REALLY fast.  
[00:48] <GM_Dawg> lol
[00:48] <Franklion00> no
[00:48] <Commissar> you are in NO org at all?
[00:48] <Franklion00> no
[00:48] <Commissar> ok.  
[00:48] <Commissar> Are you in the USA?
[00:48] <Franklion00> I do not know which one to join
[00:48] <GM_Dawg> How did you find this room?
[00:48] <Franklion00> there are so many
[00:48] <Franklion00> I don't know
[00:49] <GM_Dawg> How did you find this room?
[00:49] <Franklion00> I don't know
[00:50] <Commissar> You mean which organization?
[00:50] <Commissar> oh.
[00:50] <Commissar> Frank, we are asking how you found the room because
we don't know how you did it since you aren't on mirc.
[00:51] <Commissar> If you got on here FROM somewhere, then that means
the room founder set up a JAVA thing.  
[00:51] *** Joins: Metadromos (abcde@c807625-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com)
[00:51] <Commissar> hi meta.
[00:51] <Metadromos> hey...brb
[00:51] *** Parts: Metadromos (abcde@c807625-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com)
[00:51] <GM_Dawg> Ave Metadromos
[00:51] <Franklion00> I do not know computers this is my girlfriends
[00:51] <Commissar> Meta - Frank I think is on here thru JAVA! that means
java appelet exists somewhere.  Now, if that crazy Danish Vad would just
put it sommwhere where we could ALSO find it - :))) that would be nice1
[00:51] <Franklion00> she is not home right now
[00:51] <Commissar> Frank are you in the USA?
[00:52] <Franklion00> yes
[00:52] *** Joins: Metadromos (SD_mIRC@c807625-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com)
[00:53] <Metadromos> hi
[00:53] <Commissar> Meta
[00:53] <Commissar> Meta - Frank I think is on here thru JAVA! that means
java appelet exists somewhere.  Now, if that crazy Danish Vad would just
put it sommwhere where we could ALSO find it - :))) that would be nice1
[00:53] <Commissar> Chaos was here before with the bot.
[00:54] <Metadromos> You want an IRC Java applet?
[00:54] <Commissar> Frank please, are you in the USA?
[00:54] <Franklion00> yes
[00:54] <Commissar> Meta, yes, we want one, but it seems we HAVE one -
check out Frank, he's using it.
[00:54] <Metadromos> Well I hope Vad gets it up there soon.
[00:54] <Commissar> But he doesn't know how he got in this chat room!  He
is SO NEW!!!
[00:54] <Commissar> He's gonna announce the room anyway - since most ppl
use mirc or similar.
[00:55] <Commissar> But Frank is using java.
[00:55] <Commissar> look!
[00:55] Franklion00 is baalack@ppp06-38.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:55] Franklion00 on #satanmuse 
[00:55] Franklion00 using glass.oh.us.dal.net toledolink.com DALnet
[00:55] Franklion00 End of /WHOIS list.
[00:55] <Metadromos> Java Applet uses same commands as mIRC
[00:55] <Commissar>  baalack@ppp06-38.algx.iadfw.net * Java applet user
[00:55] <Commissar> Frank are you Ventrue?
[00:55] <Metadromos> yeah
[00:55] <Metadromos> cool
[00:56] <Franklion00> huh?
[00:56] <Commissar> Are you Lestad Ventrue?
[00:56] <Metadromos> What site did you get on here from?
[00:56] <Metadromos> Frank
[00:56] <Metadromos> What was the url?
[00:57] <Commissar>  there is exchange of ideas about life in here, no
org bashing!
[00:57] <Metadromos> Do you know what website you were at Franklion??
[00:57] <Metadromos> Or do you have your own Applet?
[00:57] <Franklion00> nope
[00:58] <Franklion00> I don't know
[00:58] <Metadromos> Anyway...is Vad putting it on his site? The Applet?
[00:58] <Metadromos> Satanmuse Chat
[00:59] <Commissar> He should.  He' going to announce it.  Peggy told him
DO IT - about 1 month ago.  
[00:59] <Metadromos> Tell him to get off his ass...lol
[01:00] <Metadromos> Oh...there should be audio chat too, that would be
[01:00] <Metadromos> Voice talk on the Internet
[01:01] <Commissar> Whatever.  You are in no org?  You can find out about
the CHURCH OF SATAN from www.churchofsatan.com
[01:01] <Commissar> and www.apodion.com/vad/
[01:01] <Commissar> Church of Satan was founded by Dr. A. Z. LaVey, 1966.
 the first one.
[01:02] <Commissar> Otherwise, we have no rules in this room about which
org anyone belongs to, or even if they are satanist of not.  SO LONG a
they DO NOT BASH the cos.  
[01:02] <Commissar> Or start shit.
[01:03] <Metadromos> There are so many more productive things to talk
about rather than org bashing...
[01:03] <Metadromos>  4Franklion00:   did you get your Church of Satan
membership yet?
[01:04] <Commissar> Meta, Frank is not in any org and said he doesn't
know about them.  I told him where to find out.
[01:04] <Commissar> about cos.
[01:04] <Metadromos>  4GM_Dawg:   did you get your CoS membership yet?
[01:04] <Metadromos> I meant GM_Dawg...sorry this script is funny
[01:04] <GM_Dawg> Not yet.. but its only been a couple of weeks
[01:05] <Commissar> no one was supposed to know that.. oh well. 
[01:05] <Commissar> Egan will have a fucking fit.  He already hates your
room rules "no cos bashing" etc.
[01:05] <GM_Dawg> Well... Who would belive it?
[01:06] <Commissar> they'd believe it when they see it.  
[01:06] <Commissar> It takes time, however.
[01:06] <GM_Dawg> Well.. When the room was ran by certain CoS members...
CoS members were not allowed to chat in a non-hostile room
[01:06] <Metadromos> Yeah mine is still on the way too
[01:06] <Commissar> Egan doesn't want to be the HP of anything.  He has
fucked up his own chances to BE on radio and all that.  He just wants to
screw with cos!
[01:06] <Metadromos> been about a month
[01:06] <Commissar> That is more than obvious to anyone watching this.
[01:06] <GM_Dawg> Now they can
[01:07] <Commissar> Well, whatever.
[01:07] <Commissar> That stuff Peggy asked me and my colleagues to do
made Andre look pretty good !  
[01:11] <GM_Dawg> What ever happened to Andre`?
[01:12] <Metadromos> Hi Rev_Ventrue
[01:12] <GM_Dawg> Where?
[01:14] <Commissar> He must be using Ventrue's - but then, there is a
link to Vad's site then?  Hell why not.  Vad mentions his room. 
[01:14] <Commissar> Why not
[01:16] <Commissar> Frankin, did y ou to to the Satannet Website to get
on HERE?
[01:16] <Commissar> #satannet is another chat room - cos.
[01:20] *** Joins: JackLuminous (java@c807625-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com)
[01:20] <JackLuminous> hello there
[01:20] <Metadromos> Hello
[01:21] <JackLuminous> is this a satanic room?
[01:22] <GM_Dawg> Yes
[01:22] <JackLuminous> please what is satan?
[01:23] <Commissar> yes.
[01:23] <Commissar> oh.  we usually talk about everything in life and
funny stuff  - but not satan.
[01:23] <Commissar> Satan is dark force in nature.  Satan is SYMBOL we
relate to also.
[01:23] <JackLuminous> but you are a satan room
[01:23] <Commissar> yes
[01:23] <Commissar> cos.
[01:24] *** Joins: VonPapen (jafelber@tor-58-26b-209197171185.3web.net)
[01:24] <Commissar> There are three other satan rooms run by cos people: 
#satannet, the most well known one; #AntonLaVey and #satan2000 run by
another member.
[01:24] <VonPapen> Hello all
[01:24] <JackLuminous> cos?
[01:24] <VonPapen> Rev_Schlesinger is an asshole
[01:24] *** Joins: Yezhov (Tempest@user-33qtm8k.dialup.mindspring.com)
[01:24] <Commissar> No bashing people in room.
[01:24] <Commissar> Dobri Nash Tovarishch Yezhov!
[01:25] <Yezhov> greetings
[01:25] <VonPapen> ok Thanks
[01:25] <JackLuminous> if there is a satan there is a god too right
[01:26] <Metadromos> No
[01:26] <VonPapen> lol
[01:26] <Commissar> no.
[01:26] <Commissar> satan is symbol or a force in nature.  NOT a deity.
[01:27] <JackLuminous> from the bible right. satan is from that?
[01:28] <Metadromos>  4JackLuminous:   no it is older than any bible.
[01:28] <Commissar> no, to satanists, (now I see Rev S reasons...)  uh,
to Satanists, the Satan in the bible is nothing because the bible is
[01:28] <Yezhov> bbl
[01:28] <JackLuminous> but how can there be a satan if there no god
[01:28] *** Quits: Yezhov (Quit: llt v4.4 -
http://www.bloodlust.ml.org/ )
[01:29] <Metadromos> lol
[01:29] <Metadromos> gee wally
[01:29] <Commissar> JackLuminous satan is a symbol.  You know, like uh,
Robin Hood?
[01:29] <JackLuminous> you are athist then
[01:29] <JackLuminous> right
[01:30] <JackLuminous> atheist i mean
[01:30] <JackLuminous> is any high priest in here?
[01:30] <Metadromos> lol
[01:31] *** Parts: VonPapen (jafelber@tor-58-26b-209197171185.3web.net)
[01:31] <Metadromos>  4JackLuminous:   go look at www.satannet.com or
[01:31] <Metadromos> or www.apodion.com.vad
[01:31] <Commissar> or www.apodion.com/vad/  Hey Meta - 2 cents for Vad's
site hey?
[01:31] <Commissar> get the adddress right.
[01:31] *VonPapen* lol he has problems
[01:31] <Metadromos> I put it in there
[01:31] <Metadromos> :)
[01:31] <Commissar> www.apodion.com/vad/
[01:31] *VonPapen* Plus he is pro-faggirty
[01:32] <Metadromos> I did
[01:32] <Metadromos> www.apodion.com/vad
[01:32] <Commissar> no.
[01:32] <Metadromos> right?
[01:32] <Commissar> www.apodion.com/vad/
[01:32] <Commissar> got it?
[01:32] <Metadromos> ??
[01:32] <Commissar> get it right.  
[01:32] <Metadromos> oh www.apodion.com/vad/
[01:32] <Commissar> yes.
[01:32] <Commissar> http://
[01:32] <Metadromos> with the slash
[01:33] <Metadromos> http://www.apodion.com/vad/
[01:33] *** Joins: VonPapen (jafelber@tor-58-26b-209197171185.3web.net)
[01:33] <VonPapen> Hello
[01:33] <Metadromos> there
[01:33] <VonPapen> :)))))))))))))
[01:33] <VonPapen> )))))))))))))
[01:33] <JackLuminous> satan is evil tho
[01:33] <JackLuminous> are you all evil
[01:34] <Commissar> no.  jack, get a clue or get off the room, OK?
[01:34] <Commissar> go read up first.  THEN come bak.
[01:34] <JackLuminous> why can i ask a question?
[01:35] <GM_Dawg> ave Qatarsis!
[01:35] <Commissar> We think xians are evil - they have retarded humanity
and committed genocide in the name of their fucking god.
[01:35] <Commissar> Satanists NEVER did that.
[01:35] <GM_Dawg> Remember me?
[01:35] <Commissar> Satan to the christians, the way they say it, is
"evil."  We do NOT use the word the same way AT ALL.
[01:35] <Commissar> Got it??
[01:36] <Commissar> There is NO god.  NO devil.  Satan is a symbol of
rebellion againt tyranny.  
[01:36] <Commissar> Got it?
[01:36] <JackLuminous> comisar are you in the church of satan?
[01:36] <Commissar> That IS an answer to your question.  
[01:36] <Commissar> yes.
[01:36] <Commissar> you do NOT have to b in the cos to be in this room. 
you do not have to be a satanist to be here either.
[01:37] <JackLuminous> how do i join it?
[01:37] <VonPapen> Well that is a good thing Commissar
[01:37] <VonPapen> :)
[01:40] *** Quits: JackLuminous (Quit: Leaving )
[01:40] <Commissar> oh.  Send $100 to Church of Satan, po box 210666  San
Francisco, CA  94121
[01:40] <Commissar> lol, he left.
[01:40] <Commissar> or dalnet did it's thing.
[01:40] <Metadromos> lol
[01:41] <GM_Dawg> yes
[01:42] <Commissar> I wonder how Smoke made out - hope he's alive.
[01:42] *VonPapen* :P thanks
[01:43] -> *VonPapen* you are welcome
[01:45] <GM_Dawg> I do too
[01:46] <VonPapen> Anyway why is Rev_Schlesinger such a power hungry
[01:46] <GM_Dawg> He has no life
[01:46] <VonPapen> lol
[01:46] <VonPapen> ok
[01:46] <Commissar> Stop bashing others.
[01:47] <Commissar> He has a life.  He's just NOT FRIENDLY.
[01:47] <Commissar> This is well known.  
[01:47] <VonPapen> I am truth telling Commisar
[01:47] <GM_Dawg> yes Ma`am
[01:47] <Commissar> He's not friendly.  Simple as that.
[01:47] <Commissar> Everyone kinda knows that!
[01:47] <Commissar> oh oh, I heard a dalnet sound...
[01:49] <Commissar> hey
[01:50] <Metadromos> DalNet is acting funny
[01:52] <Commissar> I understand VonPapen, you don't like the man. 
That's fine!
[01:52] <Commissar> I hate George W Bush.
[01:52] *** Quits: VonPapen (enigma.mi.us.dal.net journey.ca.us.dal.net )
[01:52] *** Quits: GM_Dawg (enigma.mi.us.dal.net journey.ca.us.dal.net )
[01:52] *** Quits: Franklion00 (enigma.mi.us.dal.net
journey.ca.us.dal.net )
[01:52] <Commissar> oh my god.  META!  enigma?
[01:52] <Metadromos> Netsplit
[01:52] <Commissar> META - that was ENIGMA!!!!
[01:52] <Commissar> He poses as a Nazi?
[01:52] <Commissar> martin Borman?
[01:53] <Metadromos> VomPapen is FBI???

and here is dear sleepdirt posing as a stranger:

[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld is ~Reallywir@user-2inisnu.dialup.mindspring.com *
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld on #satanmuse 
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld using webbernet.mi.us.dal.net Webbernet DALnet
Client Server
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld has been idle 1min 41secs, signed on Sun Jun 04
[01:57] Blixa_Bargeld End of /WHOIS list.
[01:57] <Blixa_Bargeld>  9 Howdy
[01:57] <Commissar> what's up?
[01:57] <Commissar> Mta, I don't recognize any of these nicks lol!
[01:57] <Metadromos> I don't either
[01:57] <Blixa_Bargeld> That's a bright shade of green.  Not much, just
dropping in.
[01:58] <Commissar> How you doing?  Where you from?
[01:58] <Blixa_Bargeld> dropping in and enjoying some peach cider.
[01:58] <Commissar> USA?
[01:58] <Metadromos> brb gonna get something to drink
[01:58] *** Metadromos is now known as Met[a]dromos
[01:59] <Commissar> Blixa - you from USA?
[01:59] <Blixa_Bargeld> Yes, the USA.  California.
[01:59] <Commissar> You COS?
[01:59] <Blixa_Bargeld> Yes, I am.
[01:59] <Commissar> me too.
[01:59] <Commissar> there was a netsplit.  half the ppl gone.
[02:00] <Commissar> dalnet doing it's good deeds....
[02:00] <Blixa_Bargeld> Yes, booted off of the servers.
[02:00] <Commissar> yup.
[02:00] <Commissar> They'll be back probably LATER.  This place was
packed uh, this morning, 5 and 6 am or so. LATE nighters.
[02:01] <Commissar> We had people from overseas here too.  
[02:01] <Commissar> Chat's amazing!
[02:01] <Commissar> Europeans, some countries, have to PAY to get in chat
[02:01] <Commissar> that sucks.
[02:02] <Commissar> You got a black screen or a white screen??
[02:02] *** Quits: Blixa_Bargeld (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by
peer )
[02:02] <Met[a]dromos> hmmm
[02:03] <Commissar> what?
[02:03] <Met[a]dromos> shit brb

Part 4, Ventrue Gets a rude email:

From: " "  Add to Address Book Add To Spam Block List
What have we here? 
Organization: My Deja Email (http://www.my-deja.com:80)
To: maninblack@prodigy.net, nadramia@panix.com, hpoelzig@ix.netcom.com, baalack@satannet.net
Reply To: tanijantsang@my-Deja.com

Well, what have we here? SEE BELOW, Jeff Gerber's email.

I lied to you Ventrue? OH? STATE SPECIFICS. Just WHAT do you think is a lie, eh? Come, tell us all.

Come on: 1. 2. 3. go ahead.

YOU LIED TO ME - convinced me to UNregister a chat room when there was NO REASON to. Oh yes you did. Whatever. You deal from FEAR, you are paranoid.

You love the hierarchy eh? PEGGY SAID, PEGGY SAID, PEGGY SAID - for Vad to MAKE the chat room. OUR rules are nothing like yours. Simple as that. PEGGY SAID ditto, "that's show business!" There are other COS member owned chatrooms too.

You are such a CRINGING COWARD that you come into the satanmuse room and pretend you are a computer newbie. DID YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SAW THERE? EH? BIG revelation eh? OOOOOO, big top secret shit going on, eh? phphphph puh-leese. Don't waste emailing it - I already did last night lol. PHPHPHPH. You people are a JOKE.

OH MY GOD, ooops, OH MY SATAN, Sir Chaos invited (gasp! shock! horror!) GM Dawg on my room and (gasp) I didn't boot him off. Why would I? He openly was himself. He was being friendly and not talking ORG SHIT (= bullshit). I am also welcome to go to HIS room to CHECK UP to see if his people are obeying his NEW RULES: "no more org bashing." HIS new rules. He said me or my friends can go there to check and if they break the rules - TELL HIM. No problem. He is SICK of the "Big Brother is Watching" paranoid poison too. Oh, he didn't tell me that in the chat room. Talking about orgs is BORING. So we don't.

OH, and you think Jeff Gerber is me? You are too used to SHIT, FECES, the likes of Liz Dictator playing PSI WAR mind games with COS members and even other officials? You are USED to this kind of paranoid Watcher fundie xian shit? Or what, the FUNDIES aren't regulating enough for you? They are not repressive enough for you? Would you like to talk to Gerber on the phone, maybe? You know, he offered to call Jill Panther too but she got all paranoid about it. Hell, Gerber is a nice man! Peter G saw him on tape with the Anti Racial Busing Campaign. (WE WON btw - Supreme court ruled it ILLEGAL now but you wouldn't know a thing about that, right?) Nice man. OK then, the next time anyone uses my computer (easily done, just turn it on! no passwords needed - they are auto) or I use theirs, we WON'T say if it's me or not. There are those that know me that would rather I DO pm them and at least tell them. No problem. :)

OH, and perhaps I should pull the same "small org petty tyrant" SHIT you pulled on Rosa and say "DO NOT ADDRESS ME unless you say Magistra." PHPHPHPHPHPH phoooey. Peggy SAID she might stop EVERYONE from using ANY COS title if this shit keeps up. FINE WITH ME.

Auf wieversehen, abschaum die menscheit ha ha ha

TJ Title: Tasmanian Devil.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR SELF TODAY! Oh, oops, forgot - one has to have a SELF first....

SEE THIS BELOW - everyone else WILL!!! :).

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That was me, not Radu. I'm working auxilliary again. I was CheKa.

What pieces of shit. I couldn't remember the name of your web room so I went to #Satannet. What pieces of shit. First they told me that NKVD was an unknown nick and I know that's one of your nicks. I couldn't find information on Comissar or Narodnick when I did the nickserv info using the slash/, but I was able to find NKVD which was correct. I know that's your nick. These pieces of shit told me that the nick was unknown. Then Rev. Ventrue tried to insist I was you. I didn't lie to him. What pieces of shit!

The next time I use your computer or this one, I'll tell them that I'm you. In fact I'll make a lot of nicks and go all over the place. What happens if we are both on there claiming to be Tani?

Please don't send e mails to Radu at his workplace. Send them to his anonymus.to account which is like mine. The woman who works here on days is a strict Christian that goes on the internet. She's often in web rooms where people chat, and she preaches. The news had a story on her. It's an open computer like the one you have and anyone can see the emails coming in. I deleted yours before she saw it.

Look at these pieces of shit! They think you are lying to them but they wouldn't recognize anything truthful if it was in front of their faces. Pieces of shit. These pieces of shit are liars.

Session Start: Sun Jun 04 02:08:12 2000
*** Now talking in #satannet
*** Topic is 'To view the chatrules visit http://www.satannet.net/chatrules.html '
*** Set by Rev_Schlesinger on Fri Jun 02 18:18:40
<Rev_Schlesinger> hmm..
<CheKa> Seen NKVD?
*tSNBot* SEEN: NKVD? -> unknown nick
<CheKa> Hi Iron.
<Rev_Ventrue> tani why are you trying to find yourself?
*** tSNBot sets mode: -b *!*@usr2-89.warsaw.kconline.com
<tSNBot> Infernal Greetings and Salutations CheKa
<CheKa> Not Tani. Sorry.
<CheKa> Tani has used this, yes. Shouldn't but.
<Rev_Ventrue> whatever....
<CheKa> nite.
<Rev_Ventrue> whatever
<CheKa> whatever what?
<Rev_Ventrue> You should stop lieing to me, I grow tired of it.
<CheKa> Who, me?
<Rev_Ventrue> Yes, Tani, you
*** sleepdirt (~Reallywir@user-2inisnu.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined #satannet
<CheKa> You do not grasp that 6 people use same computer. Sometimes, use wrong account.
*** Rev_Ventrue sets mode: +v sleepdirt
<sleepdirt> Danke.
Session Close: Sun Jun 04 02:13:04 2000

I sold the Avista and bought more Viatel.