Peter Gilmore Using the Dark Doctrines

This article, a new one from Gilmore, is at this address below. HOW DARE he use information he got from US - the DARK DOCTRINE PEOPLE? I quoted only the relevant portions where he is riding on MY coat tails. Mine, Jeff's and Phil's. NOW who is riding on who's coat tails?

Inserted into Gilmore's new article, are where he GOT IT FROM US - and there is no way in hell he'd have known this or been able to get it anywhere else. My notes are in [ ] in capital letters.

From under history.

The History of the Use of the Sigil of Baphomet in the Church of Satan

Peter wrote:

"The word "Baphomet" dates back to records of Templar trials, and there are ongoing discussions concerning its derivation and meaning. However, there is no clear evidence that the SYMBOL which we call "Baphomet" is derived similarly; it might be, it might not-the evidence, if any, has not yet been released in ANY public forum. [PUBLIC FORUM IS RIGHT]."

The pentagram (pentalpha) [OUR DOCTRINES EXPLAIN THIS, HE WOULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN THE WORD IF NOT FOR US] comes from the Pythagorean tradition [OUR DOCTRINES EXPLAIN THIS, COS NEVER KNEW ANY OF THIS]. The goat's or ram's head within it refers to the Goat of Mendes, a symbol of the Egyptian Neter Amon, who was called "the hidden one, he who abides in all things, the soul of all phenomena" and is thus the closest Neter to the Dark Force which permeates and motivates all nature. The two concentric circles which contain the word "Leviathan" written in Hebrew (starting at the lowermost point and moving counterclockwise) stem from the traditions of the Ophite (serpent) Jews, [OUR DOCTRINES EXPLAIN THIS HE NEVER KNEW OPHITES OR WHAT THEY WERE OR HAD BEFORE NOR DID COS] and this is the essence of the Dragon of the Abyss, sometimes symbolized as an ouroboros (serpent biting its own tail forming a circle) [ACTUALLY IT IS NOT THAT AT ALL, IT'S A STRIKING FORM OF THE SERPENT - BUT I NOTE NOW GILMORE IS RIDING ON EGAN'S COATTAILS]. Thus, in one sigil, we find a confluence of several cultures' approach to embodying what we call Satan. [OUR DOCTRINES EXPLAIN ALL THAT].

HOW DARE he use information he got from "TANI AND PHIL AND JEFF?" He has NO RIGHT to information we know of. NO permission to use it.