CoS Divulges Personal Membership Information

Peggy sent the following email to people engaged in a flame war with Max Barrons on alt.satanism. Would anyone want to send in the active affiliation questionnaire with personal information knowing that the information would be used like this?

Note also that Peggy uses the information from her Black Flame subscription information.

From: SMTP%"" 13-JUL-1996 07:56:56.76
To: Kevin Filan <>, Hr Vad <>, Scott Locklin <>
Subj: Newsflash?

Just found out via my periodic cruise of the Base of Set that Don Webb is now a Magus due to his "Re-Utterance of the Word Xeper" and is the High Priest of Set.

FYI: Maxwell S. Barrons, PO Box 836631, Richardson, TX 75083-6631, is a subscriber to TBF and joined the CoS last November -- however, he never filled out his Active Membership application.

Kevin: your message was very funny, your article on Armida was great, and I'll be getting back to you on another matter tomorrow.

Meiny: the CH is a publically-available mag now, but as you observed, if Barrons is such a CoS-hater, why should he care? Anton LaVey's brain is not a national resource! (as I would have said back in my days as a member of Students for a Libertarian Society). Besides, it would have been one thing for him to _merely_ dredge up the old dirt, but when he starts the old "washed-up, lonely old man" whose "followers are supporting his lies," we all know who's priming the pump, don't we?

More later, all!

H A I L   S A T A N !