Ole Wolf Demans a Refund

A copy of this letter was also sent to the CoS' attorney:


Aalborg, November 20, 2000

Blanche Barton Church of Satan
PMB #365
P. O. Box 390009
San Diego, CA 92149-0009
U. S. A.

Dear Blanche Barton:

Thank you for your letter regarding your termination of my membership of the C/S.

I would like to draw your attention to the following two facts:

Firstly, Peter Gilmore states specifically on the official C/S Web site, in A Map for the Misdirected, that:

The Church of Satan has always looked for knowledge to science, both Western and the "hidden sciences" of the East, much of which is encoded in what are called the "Dark Doctrines." We call this "Undefiled Wisdom," and this is the ever-deepening understanding of the nature of the beast-called-Man and the Universe in which he exists. We don't accept faith or mysticism. We demand bedrock knowledge--Understanding--which can come from outward research and observation as well as carnal intuition.

Secondly, you explained in The Cloven Hoof, issue 128, that:

Our philosophy can be traced directly back to the Pythagoreans (not only in their reverence for mathematics and angles and their correlation with musical harmony, but in their blending of the rational with the metaphorical) and the Epicureans, and later directly through the Alchemists (who were the scientists of their day), and down through all those heretics, kooks and iconoclasts who pushed the envelope of what we accept as fact.

Similar statements have been presented to me by C/S administrators Peggy Nadramia and Peter Gilmore, who have continuously supported my views regarding the dark doctrines since I first encountered these people on the Internet in 1996.

However, during the "Underground Panther" cult abuse accusations in late 1999, Peter Gilmore explained the dynamics of the supportive "form" emails that the C/S administration issues to prospective members of the C/S. Peter Gilmore's explanation revealed that the C/S attempts to coerce people into joining the C/S by passing the message to the prospective member that they are on a track that should lead to a C/S membership. In addition, the C/S administration sends requests to C/S members that they harass people that disagree with the C/S, as made clear in an email from Peter Gilmore of 5/3/1999. The C/S actively helps its members harass others by passing on membership and personal information about those to be harassed, as can be testified by other emails from Peter Gilmore and/or Peggy Nadramia that I have received. (I will provide proof of my claims if I need to pursue the situation, but for now I am simply listing facts that you are already well aware of, assuming that your "Council of Nine" has not neglected to pass certain of its policies on to you.)

Your letter to Hr. Vad terminating his membership makes it abundantly clear that both Peter Gilmore's and your own statements quoted above are falsifications of the C/S philosophy, and that the C/S does not derive its roots from anyone but Anton LaVey; yet it was on Peter Gilmore's and your original claims that I joined the C/S.

The methods employed by the C/S quoted above are commonly known as a sham, as fraud.

Since I have thus joined the C/S as a result of deliberately falsified information from the C/S administration, my membership fee of USD 100.00 was unjustly charged. Please reimburse my membership fee immediately by sending a bank-issued check of USD 100.00 to:

(Address withheld.)

Best regards,


Ole Wolf