Ole Wolf Revokes Rights

From: "Ole Wolf" <wolf@mail.dk&rt;
To: <satanicreds@my-deja.com>
Subject: Show council [was: FW: Expiring rights of use]
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 06:54:03 +0200

I'm revoking Peter's rights to use the translations that I worked on. If he has anything to complain about, I'll remind him he's gone to pains to explain to me that on-line business isn't relevant for Satanism.


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From: Ole Wolf [mailto:wolf@mail.dk]
Sent: 24. oktober 2000 06:53
To: Peter Gilmore
Subject: Expiring rights of use

Aalborg, October 24, 2000.

Dear Peter Gilmore:

Please note that as of November 24, 2000, (one month from today) all rights to use the Danish translations of the following articles, essays, and information on your Web site, www.churchofsatan.com, will expire:

- Danish translation of the welcoming article, "Official Church of Satan Website")

- Danish translation of the "From our High Priestess" welcome to the official Website statement.

- Danish translation of the Satanic Bunco Sheet.

- Danish translation of the Affiliation Information.

- Danish translation of the Nine Satanic Statements.

- Danish translation of Pentagonal Revisionism.

Your rights to use the Danish translations of the above articles, essays, and information will thus be revoked on November 24, 2000. Any use of the translations after November 24, 2000, will be a violation of copyright.

If you decide to use the above translations after November 24, 2000, I will charge a translation fee. My hourly fee as an independent consultant is $100. I have spent 25 hours on the translations, for a total fee of $100/hour times 25 hours = $2,500, payment due on December 24, 2000. All rights to the translations will be transferred to you on my receipt of the payment of the translation fee.

Copies of this email have been mailed via regular mail to your Hell's Kitchen Productions address and to the Church of Satan attourney, Scott Bassin.

Thank you.

Ole Wolf, M. Sc.